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Stacy Haiduk, Y&R's Lastest Superstar?

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In this week's Nelson RatingsTV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco discusses the knack The Young and the Restless has for taking All My Children actors and turning them into superstars.


Y&R has a knack for taking former AMC actors and turning them into superstars. As Mary Jane, Stacy Haiduk has proven herself to be one of the most skilled and crazy-talented actresses on soaps. M-J could have easily become a cartoonish character, but under the capable hands of the very beautiful and sexy Haiduk, Patty Williams could possibly become the most multi-dimensional, root-able psycho in Genoa City history. In fact, I rewind several of her scenes to dissect and bask in the glory of her brilliant, awe-inspiring acting choices. Her line delivery, diction, and unparalleled ability to convey subtext without a batting an eyelash is akin to watching a master class in acting. Her most astonishing accomplishment? Stealing scenes from the master, Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) — which is no easy feat.

Is Stacy Haiduk the latest All My Children actor turned The Young and the Restless superstar?

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