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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Mary Jane Promises Not to Boil Jack's Bunny!

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Chloe and Mac both rip off Billy's shirt and Raul returns:

Chloe told Delia that smart girls make things happen but first you need info. She confessed to her daughter that she went through Mac's stuff but it was for a good cause so it wasn't snooping. She continued saying she found out that Mac was just as hung up on Billy as he was on her back in high school. She told Delia not to worry because Mac couldn't have him, he was theirs, and she had to get cracking on making them a family again for keeps this time.

Meanwhile Mac and Billy continued making out at Jimmy's. He pulled away because he wasn't sure if he should stop or not, but she pulled him back to her again kissing him.

Billy and Mac continued to go at it and she ripped open his shirt and started on his belt. There was a knock at the door which they planned to ignore until they realized it was Raul. 

Billy and Mac put themselves back together and took a deep breath before letting Raul in. Billy said he had to go and left. After Billy was gone Raul asked Mac if she was ok. She asked him why he was there and Raul responded that Chloe called him and said Mac needed him.

Chloe returned to the pool house and started looking for something to use as an excuse for her being there to see him. She rehearsed their conversation in anticipation for the real thing. Now Mary Jane talking to her stuffed dearly departed kitty cat is one thing but having a conversation with thin air is quite another. Maybe the two of them could share that padded cell together and commisserate about their relationships with the Abbott men. 

Raul said as soon as Chloe called he got the first flight out there. Mac told him Chloe shouldn't have done that. He asked if she meant calling him and she said Chloe shouldn't have worried him. She asked him if his flight was ok and he backtracked once again asking her if she was ok because Chloe didn't give him any details. Mac said it was good Chloe called him because they needed to talk.

Billy returned to the pool house to find Chloe still there. She said she came by to get Delia's hat but Billy saw right through that excuse. She asked him if he thought she enjoyed these awkward moments. Chloe reminded him of how good they were together once but now wanted to burn any shred of evidence that they'd even been together. She asked him why he wasn't at the bar pining after Mac and Billy told her Raul showed up. Chloe said she was sorry and Billy said it is what it is. Chloe then chided herself for feeling sorry for him. She said she had to go and didn't know why she was there but Billy told her to stay.

Mac said Raul must be tired and he reminded her of how tired they would get in Darfour. He said that there was this woman who was amazing and when she turned around he found that amazing woman was his friend and listed all her amazing qualities. He told her she got him through it all and he hadn't planned on falling in love over there but being with her he had no choice but to love her and he always would. She told him to stop.

Billy told Chloe she didn't have to go because Delia would be fine. He could tell she was nervous and said he didn't think she could be nervous. She said she wasn't nervous she was annoyed. He started kissing her neck and then turned her around to plant a kiss on her lips. She pushed him away and said she wasn't his consolation prize. He said he knew her and he knew she wanted him. He kissed her again and she kicked the door shut.

Mac told Raul that how he felt about Darfour, barely able to make it through the day, was how she felt here sometimes. She told him he didn't want to know how much thought she put into that shirt like it was life or death. She said she knew who she was in Darfour but half the things she did here didn't make sense to her and wouldn't make sense to him. Raul reminded her that she just came back from violence, hunger, and death and it would just take time to get over it. She told him it had been months but he offered to help her through it just like she helped him and they could do it all together. He asked her if she loved him and she said yes.

Billy and Chloe took their make out session to the bed and Chloe ripped open his shirt. It's a good thing that shirt has snaps and not buttons because the way these women are ripping it apart the Abbott seamstress would probably have a hard time putting it all back together again. He flashed back to making out with Mac at the bar and pulled away. Chloe asked him what was wrong and he said he was sorry. She realized he couldn't make love to her because of Mac which his silence confirmed. 

Mac felt her engagement ring and looked deep in thought. Raul told her they loved each other and if they could survive Darfour they could survive anything. She said Chloe was right she did need him and hugged him.

Billy buttoned up his shirt once again and Chloe was baffled because he obviously wanted her but stopped himself. She said it was obviously because of Mac. Billy said she was a great girl and she snapped saying she wasn't a one night stand or some girl she was his wife. He said he needed some time but Chloe said she didn't care. She said he was moping around whining about what he couldn't have all the while not recognizing what he did have. And she was sick of him pining over some girl that probably had no qualms about having sex with her own fiance. She said she was so done with him and he asked her if she really was done because they always did this. She threw her wedding ring at him and said they were done and left. Looks like Billy's on his own, shut down twice, and in serious need of a cold shower.

Phyllis tries to play matchmaker with Jack and the Crazy:

Phyllis went to Restless Style frantic to find another location for the photo shoot. She was on the phone with the location trying to figure out the confusion about who cancelled it. She told them she needed to figure this out fast so she could get back home to her kid.

Jack entered Phyllis' house where Mary Jane was babysitting Summer. Summer ran over and gave Jack a hug. He asked her what they were up to and she said they were coloring.

Jack was looking at Summer's drawings when Mary Jane came back downstairs and said Summer was asleep. She asked Jack if the reason he left before was for Phyllis and Jack tried to change the subject. She told him she wasn't going to "boil his bunny" so he didn't have to make up excuses for why he wanted to leave. He told her that was fair enough and said that since Mary Jane and Phyllis had gotten to know each other pretty well she had to know Phyllis was not having an easy time of things. She said she knew Nick moved out which was pretty brutal loving someone you can't have no matter how strong you are. Jack said then she must understand why it's important for him to check on Phyllis from time to time to make sure she felt supported. Mary Jane asked him if he was this considerate with all his ex-loves. He told her no because some of them wanted nothing to do with him but for those who did he always tried to help. He asked her if she was friends with her exes and she said no because it was too messy and listed bad scenarios as to why. One of those reasons she said is risking falling back into bed with them. She asked Jack if that ever happened to him and flashed back to seeing him and Phyllis having sex. Jack said they were all adults and had moved on so the answer was no. Before Mary Jane could respond to that Summer called out for Jack and ran over to him to show him the butterfly she made. Mary Jane asked Summer if she thought Jack shouldn't leave so they could make a whole swarm of butterflies and Jack gave her a confused look.

Jack told Mary Jane to tell Phyllis he stopped by but Phyllis came home before he could leave. She told Jack about the location situation and hugged Summer. Mary Jane said she had to go take care of some business and left. Phyllis asked Summer if she should tell Uncle Jack or if Summer should tell Uncle Jack that Mary Jane is a keeper. 

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Jack and Phyllis came downstairs after putting Summer to bed again. Jack commented that Summer had beautiful eyes and Phyllis said she had a beautiful pout too. Phyllis sarcastically said she did a bang up job of keeping her family together but Jack stopped her saying it wasn't her fault. Phyllis brought up how Summer's dad was gone and pretty soon would be kissing and hugging a new baby. Jack once again tried to stop her but she asked him how he would feel if the baby were his and Nick was rocking them to sleep every night. Jack hinted that he wanted to change the subject which somehow ended up back on Mary Jane and Phyllis saying she would be good for him. Jack said she was an interesting lady and Phyllis said that was the last thing a woman wanted to hear from a man who had seen her naked. Jack said he and Mary Jane had a kick together and she was easy to be with but there wasn't anything serious going on because neither of them wanted anything intense. Phyllis said he didn't know that but Jack said he did know that because she lied about having a husband when she first met him. Jack said they both wanted to keep it casual but Phyllis didn't agree and said she thought Mary Jane wanted more than that and she herself didn't think that would be a bad idea either.

Mary Jane once again was talking to her cat and told it about Jack leaving her bed to go see Phyllis and then lied to her saying he never crossed the line with exes. Then she wondered if he lied because he regretted it and Phyllis had seduced him. She said they were happy together and when there was a knock at the door she said that was him and hid the stuffed kitty before answering the door to Victor.

Victor asked Mary Jane how she was doing and she said she was fine. She said she knew he wanted to leave but it paid off because Nick and Sharon were back together. Victor told her his family was none of her business. She said this was a good thing because Jack was free to be with her now. Victor said that was good news and she reminded him that he told her she could win Jack and was right she just needed time. Victor said he was afraid if he gave her more time she'd continue to make mistakes. He said she had made several missteps which made him think she was going to fail.

Mary Jane told him that Jack was there in her bed and that's what Victor wanted. He asked her about the things he didn't want such as charging Paul with harassment and getting the restraining order against him. She told him about the things Paul found on her and Victor said she shouldn't have provoked Paul but should have come to him. She told him she didn't feel like she could go to him after he fired her. Victor said since he brought her to town he felt it was his obligation to help her. He said she could take care of the situation with Paul by talking to the judge and dropping the restraining order. She said that Paul would just come at her again but Victor said he wouldn't have the chance if she went and apologized to him first. She said he knew she couldn't face Paul but Victor told her she was a very capable woman and was sure she would find a way. He said if she could do that then they could resume their working relationship. She reminded him that he wanted her to leave town. His response was if he wanted her gone she would be gone. She asked him what was going to happen to her and Jack once this was all over and he said everyone would get their happy ending, then he left.

Phyllis told Jack Mary Jane was gutsy and tough and could go toe to toe with him which was a big deal. Jack said as great as Mary Jane was his affections were directed elsewhere at the moment. Phyllis said the same was with her too but backtracked and said again that Mary Jane liked Jack. He said that he and Mary Jane had a conversation about no strings but Phyllis said it would be bad of him to lead her on. He said he wasn't doing that because he learned his lesson about that in his past. He told her about being shot by one of his exes in the past and said this current romantic disaster was by no means his biggest as his biggest was leading an innocent woman to attempted murder.

Jack said he couldn't press charges against the woman who tried to kill him because all she wanted to do was take care of him and he treated her badly and said it was sad watching his brother make the same mistakes. Phyllis told him he had every right to be mad at Billy and Jack admitted he was but wanted to tell him he knew what it was like to be selfish and stupid. Phyllis couldn't believe he hadn't told her about his ex before but he said he liked to think he was a better man now then back then.

Mary Jane talked to her kitty again about making love to Jack and how wonderful it was. She said she didn't see Phyllis and Jack having sex again but if they did she had a plan which involved Summer. She was also happy that Victor was on her side again and wanted her and Jack to have their happy ending. 

Olivia and Victor approve of the new doctor:

Dr. Taylor got a text message from Adam reminding him of the blackmail he had on him and what he had to do to keep it quiet. Victor and Ashley greeted him and thanked him for coming. Victor told him it was important that he know the physician who would be taking care of Ashley. Dr. Taylor responded that he would be more than happy to answer any questions Victor had for him.

Victor, Ashley, and Dr. Taylor sat down at a table and he asked her how she was feeling. She said she was fine and Victor thought it would be a good idea for her to get out of the house for a bit. Dr. Taylor agreed saying the club was a familiar place with no surprises or physical activity so Victor's instincts about a change in environment were good ones. Victor told Dr. Taylor his credentials were impressive. Olivia came over to their table and said she only knew Dr. Taylor by his reputation and told Ashley she couldn't be in better hands because he was an amazing doctor.

Olivia continued to praise Dr. Taylor's career and said she was surprised to see him there with her friends. Victor said that he assumed then Olivia approved of their choice. Ashley took that to mean that Victor approved as well. Olivia asked if he was treating Ashley there and he said he treated his patients wherever they needed him to be. Olivia offered to fax him Ashley's file in the morning and to call her if he needed anything. Ashley thanked her and Olivia said Ashley and her baby's health was the most important thing to her. Victor thanked Dr. Taylor for stopping by and said he was happy Ashley was in good hands. Dr. Taylor said it was his pleasure and told them to call him anytime if they had any questions or concerns.

After he left the table Dr. Taylor called Adam and told him he did all the things Adam wanted him to but didn't seem very happy about it. Ashley and Victor agreed that they liked and trusted the new doctor and with Olivia's approval were even happier with the situation. Victor left and Ashley stayed to spend some time with Olivia.

Olivia went on about how happy she was that Dr. Taylor as taking care of Ashley. Ashley was surprised Olivia was taking the fact that she had been replaced by this guy. Olivia admitted it made her jealous but only because he'd been able to get Ashley to relax and be happy. They buried the hatchet and agreed to talk to each other again as friends. Olivia asked her what strings Victor had to pull to get Dr. Taylor to be her doctor. Ashley told her it wasn't Victor it was her who got him after it was suggested to her. Olivia was happy to see Ashley back to her old self and Ashley said that her old self was always there. Ashley told her not to be worried because Victor was giving her everything she wanted and Olivia promised not to give her any flack for it anymore and would try not to worry and stay out of her business. 

Victor asked Ashley if she and Olivia had a good time and she said they did but Olivia got a call from the hospital and had to leave. He asked her if she was ready to go home and she said she was but was happy they had gone out. He told her she was glowing and she said she was happy and had been thinking about baby names. She said it felt like it was going to be a girl and would like to call her Hope unless he objected. Victor said the baby was made from hope so it was fitting.

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Paul tells Nina that he did some more digging on Violet Montgomery and she wasn't going to believe what he found out.

Katherine asks Cane what the problem is and he says it's Nina who keeps trying to drag him into the past and won't stop digging until she proves that she's right.

Victor tells someone that he assumes they are there because they've found out they're the father of Sharon's baby.  

Question for today....

Who do you think is the most insane?

A. Mary Jane...hello stuffed kitty that she killed and now talks to

B. Chloe...who talks to thin air and can't decide whether she wants to take Billy back or not

C. Ashley...who even though is being gaslighted by Adam still has crazy dreams and talks to statues of her fiance's dead wife

D. other