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Eden Riegel (And her Boobies) Coming This Friday to a Theater Near You!

Check out oh-so-ready-for-primetime-and-film player Eden Riegel, Monday night at the world premiere of Year One at Lincoln Square in New York. if you've seen the theatrical trailers for the movie, or if Imaginary Bitches stars Catherine and Heather constantly leak you information on Riegel, i.e. sex tapes, prescriptions, diary excerpts, etc., you already know the actress appears in the Jack Black/Michael Cera biblical laffer as Lilith.


When I interviewed Riegel earlier this year, the saucy, little minx revealed not only does Lilith have a LOT in common with Riegel's All My Children character Bianca (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), but Riegel also shows off her mammaries in the R-rated flick! That sound you hear is every BAM fan in the country—and no doubt certain daytime executives— rushing to their computers to pre-order tickets for this Friday's opening of Year One across the country! Photo by AP.

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