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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 06.16.09


I may be too depressed to write these today… my only hope for a resurgence of the Quartermaines just went back to Days of Our Lives. If you haven’t heard, Wally Kurth is reprising his role as Justin Kiraikis on the NBC soap. Now, I know he’s not the only Q in the family vault that GH COULD pull out but he’s the one I wanted back. What’s a GH fan to do, especially one who’s taken a vow of positivity when one of her faves signs on with another soap? How in the world do I stay positive after that one? Ned had so much potential and an offspring! On to the scoop… be warned, the vow of positivity may be taking a mini-vacay today (not like I was really sticking to it anyways).

Morgan… RUMORS of his distress. What’s the haps? Of course its mob related and MAY have something to do with that botched hit Claudia orders on Jason. COULD this Dominic character be the hired gun? Will he need an insurance policy when the hit goes bad? Is Morgan that insurance policy? I have a question for Mr. Guza – or any GH writer for that matter – are all kids part of mob violence in your world? Do all pregnancies have dire straits? And who exactly was forever scarred by law enforcement? Some of these answers MAY explain so much. Whatever their reasons, that's quite the welcome for nuMorgan. Throw him right into the middle of your mob mess!

What’s Dominic’s next move? Surely he’ll need Claudia to help him out, right? She was the one to hire him. Oh here we go again… another hit ordered by Claudia. Let’s see how long it takes Jason to figure this one out. Dominic MAY be injured, so not only does Claudia have to deal with yet another botched hit but the hired gun needs some medical attention.

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Sex hospital… SHOULD we add Ethan and Rebecca to the ever growing list? Is this love in the afternoon or just soft porn?

More hospital storylines… Will the medical mystery surrounding the Mayor’s mistress be it? RUMORS suggest that an elderly patient hits the hospital halls and he/she MAY be looking for a little euthanasia. WOULD/COULD General Hospital tackle such a controversial storyline and do it justice? Remember, it’s just a RUMOR right now but IF penned properly this COULD be interesting. My advice if they’re really going this route, develop the patient a bit first, then go in for the kill. The Mayor’s mistress, she’s dead and I honestly don’t care. Yeah, I like the Mayor when he gets his thirty seconds but that’s not enough for me to care that his mistress is dead. Go back and watch Stacy’s story on NightShift Season One. The character was properly developed over a few episodes and the story after her death worked for me.

Alexis and Diane had a Girls Night Out… and it made me long for the GNO’s (the podcast and the one’s the GH ladies would have at Jake’s). RUMOR has it another GNO COULD be coming our way. My question, who would attend? Kelly Lee has been getting a few scenes thanks to being the only OB/GYN in town but where has Lainey been? They can’t break her out for a GNO, could they? So it would be who? Elizabeth, Robin and Kelly? Elizabeth is no fan of Rebecca’s so I don’t see her getting an invite. Would a GNO fall a little flat if it’s only a trio? On a side note: I loved the Jake's scenes yesterday!

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Is someone else knocked up? Kristina’s getting in over her head. Michael wants a mobtastic life, will he try his hand at something again? IF and when Dante arrives who will he set his sights on? Will brothers team up to save dear old dad? Why are teenagers hanging out in bars? Again, I ask, is Kelly’s not good enough for the spoiled Corinthos Crop? Nikolas dreams of Emily. Michael and Carly head out in search of a missing Morgan. What’s Andrea Floyd’s connection to Dominic? Your son is acting out so what do you do? Buy him a nice new shiny car! Sonny Corinthos should get father of the year. Will Mac arrest the Mayor for murder? What’s Michael’s next move?