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Pelphrey on General Hospital: "It's Something That I'm not Looking to do Right Now"

We Love Soaps' Roger Newcomb may have finally put to rest some of the most buzzed about speculation in recent soapdom—no, not which iron Ken Corday prefers. Is Tom Pelphrey going to General Hospital or not?


We Love Soaps: Whenever a young, dynamic male character has been cast on soaps over the past couple of years, your name has been mentioned at the top of the list of possibilities every single time. Have you actually been close to signing on for another soap role? GH is the show where your name tends to come up the most.

Tom Pelphrey: It's something that I'm not looking to do right now. There have been discussions in the past. The bottom line is that when I was working on GUIDING LIGHT I was very happy. I love it and I loved the people there, and loved being able to work every day. I was grateful to be able to make a living as an actor. I would never say a bad thing at all about working on a soap. But it's something right now I'm not exactly looking to do.

Well I guess that settles that! For the rest of Newcomb's interview with the daytime superstar go here. After you do that, check out Newcomb's soaptastic indie flick Manhattanites, starring some of your favorite daytime stars like Forbes March, Ilene Kristen, David Fumero, Aiden Turner and others.

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