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DAYS Flashback: House Swap With Justin, Adrienne & Carly

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FINALLY, Days of Our Lives have pulled out the stops and announced that fan favourite characters, some also tinkering on veteran status, are making a comeback to the shows canvas. Announcements that Crystal Chappell and Wally Kurth are coming back to Salem as Dr Carly Manning and Justin Kiriakis respectively, have sent extreme waves of excitement throughout every DAYS fanbase around the globe.

First it was Carly Manning, the highly prolific medico from Salem University, Bo's second biggest love interest and heir to the Von Leuschner fortune. Salem will never be the same again once Carly finally comes face to face with Bo Brady for the first time in 15 years. Hope will not know what hit her This could be DAYS finest hour if the team of writers can come together and utilise each character with upmost creativity and give the soap hungry audience what we have been craving for so long. I'm torn. Carly Manning was the perfect replacement for Hope during the time Kristian Alfonso was off the show and Hope was presumed dead, but now the entire scene has changed. Where will DAYS go with this?

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As for Wally Kurth, Justin Kiriakis was heir, and to me still is, heir to the Kiriakis Empire. Just wait till you see the embrace between Victor and nephew Justin when he sets foot back into the Kiriakis mansion. However, his return is incomplete if Adrienne can not be by his side. It will be difficult for Days writers to come up with creative storyline without Judi Evans. There's nothing left to say to Days exec's except to bring back Judi Evans and Louise Sorel as Vivian Alamain, then we will have one hell of a ball game!

To give writers a head start, I fished out this video from the 1990 archive. It is where it all began for Carly, Justin and Adrienne. Tahiti, 1990, at the agreement of one handshake, Justin and Adrienne made a deal with Carly that they would 'house swap'. Justin and Adrienne would remain in Tahiti while Carly would move to Salem...over to you Gary Tomlin.