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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: It's Time for a Truce!

Previously on Days of Our Lives:


After a pit stop at the pub to pimp Cheerios and question Henderson, Bo and Hope went to the cemetery and saved Brady and Melanie. Meanwhile, Philip and Owen fought and Philip knocked Owen out, which allowed Bo and Hope to arrest him when they arrive in the morgue. Also, Kate almost told Lucas the truth about Chloe and Daniel again – but then of course changed her mind and decided framing Dr. Dan for poisoning Chloe would be a better way to go. Chelsea came back to see Max and he decided that he needs to move to London to be with her. Also, Nicole told EJ about Rafe’s plans to adopt Grace and then had to try to stop him from going over to Sami’s to confront them. Meanwhile, baby Grace got sick and Sami was helpless to do anything but watch her daughter die. Then, torn up with guilt, she decided to tell EJ that Grace was his and EJ went on the war path. Now on with today’s show…


Brady and Nicole run into each other at the Java Café. Brady tells her it looks like she wasn’t the only one lying to EJ about having his baby. He’s interrupted by a phone call about a fundraiser and Nicole wants to know how he can answer the phone after dropping a bomb on her like that. Brady sighs and tells her that when he heard about Sami’s baby he couldn’t help but think of Nicole. She asks him if he plans to tell on her and he tells her that he doesn’t, but that he knows that EJ is furious with Sami right now and worries what will happen to Nicole when EJ discovers the truth. Nicole keeps insisting that EJ won’t find out anything and that her marriage is solid right now because EJ despises Sami. Brady reminds her that her marriage is built on lies and all that is needed to make it fall apart is one wrong step - like a simple blood test.

Nicole reminds Brady that he told her to give up on this a long time ago, but so far she’s been able to make it work. Brady admits she has so far, but points out that Dr. Baker could ruin everything. Nicole tells him that Baker isn’t a problem anymore. Brady points out that Nicole has other people who could be a problem and one of them just walked through the door. Nicole turns around and sees Mia. Nicole insists that Mia isn’t a problem – she felt no connection to Sydney and just wants to be a normal teenager. Brady warns her that Mia is awfully close to Will these days. Then, he goes to make a phone call.

Mia walks over to Nicole and thanks her for helping her hold Grace before she died. She wonders why she didn’t feel the same connection with Sydney that she did with Grace. Nicole tells her some things are a mystery and then gets lucky that Brady comes back over and stops her from needing to lie some more. Mia excuses herself and heads to see the manager about getting a job.

Nicole tells Brady that she was right and Mia isn’t going to be a problem. She boasts that she’s really pulled this off. She says that she and EJ are in love and that they and Sydney are going to be a big, happy family. Brady scoffs, that love isn’t going to be on EJ’s mind when finds out the truth about Sydney. Nicole wonders if Brady hates her and he says he doesn’t and that he’s her friend. She asks if he really thinks she should tell EJ the truth and he tells her that she’s just lying to herself and he feels sorry for her. She wonders why, considering how perfect everything has turned out and she as built a life with the man she loves. She says she only lied because she was afraid of losing everything that mattered most to her. Brady asks her if she would do it all again and she admits she would.

Nicole tells him he just doesn’t understand what it’s like to lose a child or know that she’ll never be able to produce a child for EJ. Brady asks her who she’s going to turn to when it all goes wrong. She insists it won’t and that she and EJ are happy and that she made that happen and plans to continue making that happen. Brady tells her that love has nothing to with what she’s going through and deep down she knows that.

The Kiriakises and DiMeras Meeting:

Philip, Victor and their guards are waiting at the pier for Stefano and EJ, who are late for their meeting. Philip comments that he just wants this war over and EJ saunters over with his guards saying he couldn’t agree more. Victor says nothing can happen without Stefano. EJ says he can speak for the family. Philip interrupts saying that all he cares about is Owen. He wants Owen for kidnapping Stephanie. EJ refuses to tell them where Owen is. Philip tells EJ not to deny that they helped Owen escape from the police. EJ says that isn’t the point. Philip demands to get Owen for almost killing Stephanie and EJ assures him that when the DiMeras find Owen, he will be dealt with. Victor demands to know where Stefano is again and comments that he isn’t so sure that Stefano will agree to a truce. EJ replies that he doesn’t know his father then, and on that note, Stefano arrives.

Stefano tells Victor that he trusts his son to act in the best interests of his family – unlike Victor. Victor quips that if Stefano is going to pretend that EJ’s in charge that this is all a sham and that he and Philip should go. EJ stops them by saying that he lost someone close to him yesterday and just wants this violence to stop. He insists that any further arguing about Tony’s death will just lead to more violence and that he’s here to broker a truce. Victor says that it’s interesting, but EJ tells him he’s not there to talk to him, he’s there to talk to Philip. Victor insists that if EJ wants to deal with the Kiriakis family than he has to go through him.

Philip pulls Victor aside and tells him that this isn’t about him, it’s about the changing of the guard and that Victor needs to step back and let him do this. Victor doesn’t like it. Philip reminds him about all the times Victor’s fired him and tells him that he either has to fire him now and let him out of the business once and for all, or step back and let him deal with this. Victor says he doesn’t like EJ and Philip says he doesn’t either but this is about the future of their families and that Victor and Stefano need to stay out of it.

Meanwhile, Stefano asks EJ if he’s sure about this and EJ nods, saying this isn’t about Stefano’s history with Victor, it’s about the future of his family. Stefano tells him he’s sorry about what Sami’s done and EJ tells him they’ll talk about it later. He says that for now, all Stefano needs to know is that he’s not going to let anyone control his life ever again.

Philip steps forward and asks EJ what the terms of the truce are and EJ tells him that he just wants things to go back to how they were before. They agree to the same boundaries and agreements as before and that there will be no more surprise attacks. Then they shake on it.

Max and Melanie:

Melanie arrives at the pub to see Max. She says she got his message about going to London and asks how long he’ll be gone. Max tells her that he’s probably not coming back and a surprised Melanie tells him he can’t go. He tells her that he wasn’t asking for permission. Melanie asks him who’s going to stand up for her when things go wrong. Max reminds her that she and Brady are friends and that Stephanie and Philip have been nice to her lately. Melanie tells him they have to be after what happened. Max asks what she means and Melanie realizes that he doesn’t know about Stephanie being kidnapped and tells him everything. Max asks if Stephanie is alright and Melanie explains that she’s fine. He tells Melanie that she took too many risks and could have been killed. Melanie chuckles and says risks help keep the adrenaline pumping.

Then, Max asks Melanie if she would consider moving to London with him. Melanie scoffs that Chelsea would just love that. Max tells her that he’ll deal with Chelsea and Melanie agrees to think about it. Then, she gets up and leaves.

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Maggie shows Mia around her house and tells her that she hopes Mia will be comfortable there. Mia says she’s not sure she can stay there and tells Maggie that she shouldn’t be so nice to her because she isn’t a very nice person. Maggie tries to calm her down and tells her to just take it one day at a time. Mia tells her that she’s not afraid of relapsing; it’s just that everyone’s such a nice person to her there and she hasn’t done some very nice things. Maggie reminds Mia that everyone has their own demons to face – even her.

Maggie explains that she was all alone when she first came to Salem and people reached out to her and helped her, so now she’s going to do the same for Mia. She tells Mia that she can stay for as long as she likes, even if it’s only for a little while. Mia thanks her and promises to pay her back once she has a job. Maggie tells her to just do what she can. Mia hugs Maggie and tells her that she’s the nicest person she’s ever known. At that moment, Melanie walks in.

When Melanie and Maggie are alone, Melanie complains that Maggie didn’t warn her. Maggie tells her she left a message for her on her phone. Melanie complains about having to share a bathroom with Mia and Maggie tells her to be nice. She reminds Melanie that she needed help too and to give Mia a chance. She tells Melanie to be appreciative of what she has. Melanie admits that she is, but that she’s jealous of the new girl. Maggie hugs her and tells her that Melanie has a special place in her heart. She also reminds Melanie that nursing school applications are due, so she’d better go get hers in if that’s what she wants to do. Then, Maggie leaves to call Mickey. Melanie talks to herself and mutters that maybe London isn’t looking so bad after all.


At the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie finds a note from Philip saying that he has a meeting but will back soon. Then, turns around and has vision of Owen being in front of her and threatening to take her with him. She snaps out of her hallucination when Henderson enters the terrace, bringing out some coffee and asking if she would like some breakfast. Stephanie tells her that she’s okay for now. He leaves her alone and she takes out some of her prescription pills and takes them.

Stephanie goes over to the pub, and runs into Max who asks her if she’s okay. She insists that she’s fine but Max isn’t buying it. Max tells her he ‘told her so’ about something like this happening. He tells her that she and Philip aren’t a good match and Stephanie demands to know why he thinks this is any of his business. He tells her that he’s just worried about her and that this time she got lucky. Stephanie insists there won’t be a next time, but Max tells there will be if she stays with Philip. Stephanie insists that it really is over this time. She tells him that she loves Philip and is miserable without him and that right now, the only thing she cares about are her feelings. She points out that he knows how that feels, since he’s moving to London to be with Chelsea. He’s surprised that she knows but she explains that Chelsea emailed her. She says she’s happy for them and is going to miss both of them. Max tells her that he’ll miss her too and warns her to be careful.

Stephanie returns home and goes out on the terrace, where Philip finds her and tells her he has some good news. She asks if they caught Owen. Philip tells her that Owen is probably long gone since everyone is looking for him. He also reminds her that he upped security and they know to look out for him. Henderson interrupts them and delivers a note to Philip. Stephanie asks what it says and Philip brushes it off as just business. Stephanie flips out and demands to know the truth. She thinks he’s lying again to protect her and that it’s about Owen. Philip tries to calm her down and insists it isn’t, but Stephanie doesn’t believe him and grabs the paper and reads it.

Stefano and EJ:

Back at the DiMera mansion, Stefano tells EJ he knows this business with Sami has hurt him deeply. EJ admits that it’s partly his fault for not questioning the adoption when Sami came back. Stefano reminds him that he had other things on his mind. EJ flies into a rage about Sami keeping Grace from him for 5 months and how he never even got to hold her. Stefano tries to calm him down and tells him that at least he chose Nicole over Sami and that Nicole really has his best interests at heart. EJ agrees and says that Nicole is loyal, nothing like Sami, who isn’t even human. He asks Stefano what kind of person keeps a father from their child and only tells him about her after she’s dead. Stefano agrees that Sami’s despicable. EJ comments on how he can’t believe he let Sami treat Nicole the way she has and that he will not allow it anymore. From now on, Sami will treat Nicole with respect. After all, Nicole is loving, caring and doesn’t lie about children. Stefano grins.

Stefano tells EJ that he has never seen him this angry before, and wonders if he has a plan to make sure Sami pays. EJ nods and hands Stefano a piece of paper. Stefano looks it over and tells EJ his idea is brilliant. EJ nods, saying that Sami is never going to know what hit her.

On the Next Days of Our Lives:

Kate tells someone over the phone, “What we have to talk about is going to change everything.”

Philip tells Stephanie, “I've got news that may turn things around.”

Melanie tells Brady, “Unless you can give me a really tiny reason to stay--” Brady replies, “How about that guy that you were just talking to?”

Father Matt asks Chloe, “My goodness, what's wrong?” Chloe replies, “I'm cheating on my husband.”

Just a Few Thoughts:

To start, I just want to apologize for not recapping for the last couple of weeks. I have not had the best luck with technology lately, but now everything seems to be working just fine – yay!! Of course, this all happens as things pick up on Days and it’s getting interesting to watch again. Figures! What a powerful couple of weeks with Grace’s illness and death. Everyone was giving such heart wrenching performances – especially Alison Sweeney. She better get an Emmy nod next year for this one!! I’m sure there’s some more powerful stuff to come.

On to today’s episode, it was nice to see Brady and Nicole share scenes together today. I know she doesn’t like it when he plays her Jiminy Cricket, but she needs someone around her that’s not feeding into her delusions and is actually trying to get her to see reality – even if it is like talking to a brick wall!

I also found the Kiriakis/DiMera truce interesting. Yes, Philip and EJ seem to want to play nice – but why am I not so sure that Victor and Stefano completely agree. Maybe it was the glares they gave each other –lol!

Anyway, we’ll just have to see just how long it lasts.

It’s also nice to see EJ’s getting his back bone back. It’s too bad that in his anger, he’s going after Sami and putting Nicole on such a high pedestal. He’s really going to feel it when he discovers what Nicole’s done and that Stefano knew about it. Hopefully, Sami’s going to be able to fight back – or at least want too, if she’s not too busy wanting to be punished for Grace’s death. I think the next stage of this story is going to be extremely intense.

Tomorrow’s show looks interesting. Is Melanie about to get an age appropriate love interest, so she no longer has to make out with 30 year olds? What a novel idea! And what is Kate up to next in her revenge plan? I guess we’ll have to tune in to see!