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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Poison Vials and Confessions

Chloe/Daniel/Father Matt:

Daniel runs into Chloe while out for a run. Chloe fantasizes about kissing him. She eventually snaps out of it and they discuss whether he plans on doing the medical segment with Kate and he tells her that he isn’t because of her. She informs him that she is no longer having second thoughts about breaking it off.


She tells him that she was just feeling weak before but now things are good with Lucas. She thanks him for always being there for her and says that she will always admire him when she thinks of him. Chloe has another flashback. When she snaps out of it, she asks if he knows who Kate got to replace him but he tells her he doesn’t know. She tells him that they’ll just have to settle for second best then. They shake hands and Chloe leaves. Daniel sits down, and gets summoned to the Java Café by Kate.

Meanwhile, Chloe ends up at St. Luke’s and prays for help and guidance. Father Matt enters and asks her what’s wrong. She tells him that she’s cheating on her husband. She clarifies that she doesn’t mean physically, but that she can’t stop thinking about another man and she has stop because she’s hurting everyone, including Daniel. Father Matt tells her that as long as she knows her actions are hurting people and doesn’t act on her fanatasies, and does what she think is right, she will be okay. Chloe comments that it’s a good thing Daniel’s not doing the talk show with her.


Kate summons Chris to the Java Café. He presents her with some doctors as options for the talk show, but Kate reams him out about it because she wants Daniel. Chris asks what she wants to do if they can’t get Daniel to agree in time to tape today and Kate tells him that it shouldn’t be a problem if he dug up the information she told him to. Chris says he hasn’t been able to find the information she wants. She blasts him for it so he gets to work on his laptop until he finds what she wants. Then, he shows her the information on Daniel’s wife’s death and a smug Kate calls Daniel and tells him to get over to Java.

Daniel arrives at Java and asks Kate what is so important. Kate tells him that she knows he doesn’t really want to do the show but she thinks she has an offer he can’t refuse. Daniel is skeptical. Kate tells him that if he does the show, she’ll donate the same amount he makes at the hospital to a breast cancer charity of his choice in honor of his late wife. Daniel tells her he doesn’t remember telling her that Rebecca died of breast cancer, but Kate insists he must have. Daniel shrugs and wonders why Kate wants him to do this so badly. Kate tells him that it’s because he’s the best. He tells her to find another doctor. She gives him a final pitch and then leaves.

Maggie walks over to Daniel after overhearing the end of his conversation with Kate and asks him if he’s seriously considering doing the show with Chloe. Daniel explains about the huge donation Kate wants to make, but tells her that he’s not sure that he can do the show and hide his feelings for Chloe. Maggie tells him to do what ever he thinks is right. She tells him that he should consider doing the show and that he might be stronger than he thinks.

Later, Kate calls Chris and tells him to get the medical segment ready. Chris asks about Daniel and Kate tells him she’s sure that Daniel will do it. Shortly after, Daniel calls Kate and tells her he will do the show. She tells him to meet her at the Kiriakis terrace. When she gets off the phone, Kate takes out her vial of poison and says, “"Deadly poison. Absolutely untraceable. Goodbye Chloe. Goodbye Daniel. It will all be over soon."


At the hospital, Melanie looks at a pamphlet for London and ponders whether should she go. Her supervisor comes over and tells her to get to work. Melanie tells her that she has a better idea and quits. Then, when she goes to walk past the nurse’s station she bumps into a guy. They apologize to each other and he asks her if she knows where the administration office is, Melanie nervously stammers that she does and eventually gets out the directions. He thanks her and leaves.

Brady, who witnessed the exchange, walks over and teases Melanie that she seems to have fallen hard for the guy. She denies it, but he continues to tease her about it for a bit. Then, she tells him about her plans to move to London with Max and Brady tries to talk her out of it. She tells him that Max was the only reason she stayed in Salem in the first place, so it doesn’t make much sense for her to stick around when he leaves. Brady goes through a list of reasons of why she should stay and promises to play big brother when Max is gone. However, Melanie still isn’t convinced and tells him he has to give her one good reason to stay. Brady counters with, “How 'bout that guy that you were just talking to?” Melanie says she has no idea who that was. Brady gives up and tells her not to go with out saying goodbye first and then he leaves.

Melanie asks the nurse if she know who the guy she ran into was and the nurse tells her to ask him herself. She turns around and sees that he’s standing right behind her. They finally introduce themselves to each other and he tells her that his name is Nathan. He explains that he just arrived in town from Nashville and hopes that the hospital will be able to give him the break he needs. She nervously offers to show him around, but they are interrupted by his cell phone and he leaves.

Later, Maggie shows up at the hospital with Melanie’s wallet because she forgot it home. She apologizes for springing Mia on Melanie and tells her that they need to talk about the living arrangements at home. Melanie tells her she forgives her about Mia, but they’ll have to talk later because she’s late. She runs off leaving Maggie standing there.

When Melanie arrives home, she hears someone behind her and starts apologizing thinking it’s Mia, but when she turns around, she discovers it’s Nathan and he’s wearing nothing but a towel. She asks him what he’s doing in her house.

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At the Kiriakis Mansion, Stephanie reads the paper she took from Philip and is embarrassed when she discovers that it is a note saying there is a car in the driveway for her. She apologizes to Philip, who tells her not to worry about it. He tells her he was trying to surprise her with her graduation gift. After a lot of apologizing and Philip reassuring her that it’s okay, Stephanie finally smiles and asks to see the car. So, they go out to take a look it.

When they come back to the terrace, Stephanie tells Philip that she isn’t sure she can accept the car. Philip tells her he wants her to have something nice. She tells him that she isn’t marrying him for his money and he replies that he knows that. After some back and forth about the car, she finally accepts it. Then, he informs her about the truce with DiMeras and tells her everything should be back to normal now. He tells her he has another surprise for her and that he’ll be right back.

While he’s gone, Stephanie decides to take some more anti-anxiety medication. When Philip comes back with champagne, she isn’t sure about drinking some since just took the meds, but decides to go for it anyway. She ends up a little tipsy and practically starts ripping Philip’s clothes off on the terrace. While they’re getting hot and heavy, Brady walks in looking for Victor. He apologizes for interrupting them. Philip tells him the good news about the truce with the DiMeras. Brady hopes that the truce sticks. Then, Philip gets a business call and has to go inside to take it.

While they’re alone, Stephanie asks Brady if he thinks that the truce is real. Brady tells her that he hopes it is and that Philip seems really convinced. He adds that the DiMeras are big on honor, so if they gave their word, it will probably stick. Then, he says that they probably have other things on their minds right now anyway. Stephanie asks what he means and he tells her about Grace really being EJ’s. A surprised Stephanie tells Brady that she would have lied about the baby too if she were Sami. Brady thinks that EJ will probably show up at the funeral. Stephanie seems spooked about the idea and Brady suggests that it might be better if she not go. Stephanie insists that she’s going no matter what.

Philip returns and Brady leaves them alone. Philip tells Stephanie that he might not be able to go to the funeral with her because he might have to fly to Chicago on business.

On the Next Days of Our Lives:

Nathan tells a surprised Melanie, "You're pretty but you're a real idiot."

Mia tells Will, "She needs you right now." Will says, "OK, look you don't... know her. You don't know my mom at all."

Nicole tells EJ, "Sami's life is going to be a living hell."

Sami says, "I'm scared about what he's going to do."

Just a few thoughts:

I guess anti-anxiety pills should come with a warning that when you mix them with alcohol, they may cause you to want to rip the clothes off of good-looking rich guys and make out with them! Where can I get me some of those? Lol! Stephanie really is a mess right now and she was shaking when she heard that EJ was Grace’s father and would probably be at the funeral. It’ll be interesting to see if she does something crazy, especially if she goes without Philip. Well, this funeral is definitely not going to be boring!

I really think Kate thinks she is stuck in a bad rip off of some Shakespeare play or fairy tale, the way she keeps stroking that vial. I half-expect her to start saying, “Double, Double toil and trouble…” lol! All she’s missing is a pointy hat and a wart at this point!

Anyway, tomorrow looks like another tear jerker, so get those tissues ready!