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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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This mayor/Matt story is rather strange. Part of me is glad that there’s a new story that doesn’t involve Michael, the mob or Michael and the mob, but the other part of me is confused that this story came out of nowhere. We haven’t seen the mayor since when? He wasn’t around for the hospital burning if I recall, so it’s been awhile. Matt, we haven’t seen since he helped Patrick operate on Michael a month ago. Now, we have the mayor cheating on his wife; the mistress banging her head; Matt operating on her; her dying; Matt getting sued, then going crazy drunk. Patrick was named in the lawsuit and it basically happened all in the same day. Oookay.


I don’t understand Michael’s logic. He doesn’t want to live with Carly because he feels that they’ve moved on with their lives and are even having a baby, but he’s willing to live with his dad, even though he’s moved on and is having a baby. Also, he keeps going back and forth between accepting to stay with CarJax and then being annoyed that he’s being forced to live with CarJax.

I’m annoyed with Claudia and her fountain of tears. If she hates the way Sonny treats her, then move out. I’m glad we saw two minutes of Ric today, so I can get my fix in before Rick Hearst leaves me!

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I’m liking the Jason/Sam friendship, so long as it stays a friendship. Although, I wish these writers would let Sam defend herself rather than have Jason come to her rescue.

Ethan/Rebecca is annoying and tedious and I want it to end.