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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 06.17.09

Alexis… Getting a teenage hellion is doing wonders for the character. But it’s her affair with the Mayor that’s making headlines. Is too much ever a bad thing? When a character like Alexis Davis has been essentially backburnered since her not so fantastic cancer storyline, I’ll take the overload with a big smile on my face. That Kristina has her mother snowed. Alexis feels Michael is a bad influence on his baby sis. Will Kristina only get worse when her mother’s affair with the Mayor is out in the open? What other information might Kristina learn from her mother’s public humiliation? Will Kristina be able to forgive her mother? Nope!


How is Morgan grabbed? Following in big brother’s footsteps. Morgan sneaks out of the house ala Michael and tries to pay a surprise visit to dad. Too bad the new baddie Dominic is also en route to Casa Corinthos. Michael and Carly team up to save Morgan. Carly tries to talk their way out of a sticky situation and Michael once again tries to duke it out with his brother’s captor. It doesn’t bode well for Michael who still doesn’t have his strength back after being laid up in a coma for a year. How does Kristina fit in? Remember, when the casting of Dominic was first announced, Kristina’s name was mentioned.

Taste of the mob life? Michael gets an even closer look at the life his father leads when he goes up against Dominic. Is this what has him wanting in? What happened to the days of kids dreaming of becoming doctors or pilots?

Is it Carly who sends Michael to live with the Quartermaines? Michael doesn’t want to live with his mom and Jax. Carly doesn’t want him living it up at mob central with Sonny and Claudia. Is the only other option the Quartermaine Mansion? Hey, anything that gets more Q Family drama on my screen is a good thing and with the camera focused on Michael roughly 85% of the time, I’d say the Q’s have a good shot of gracing our screens. Heck, this would be the perfect time to beef up the Quartermaines with some returns. Will Michael go quietly into the Q Mansion? He’s not thrilled but he apparently moves in and it’s not too bad of a set up. It’s his family so his interests are piqued but the Q’s are similar to Sonny, power and money just without the always present violence.

Fanfic? Pulling at a fan base’s heart strings? I mentioned that there MAY be a scene with Jason and Jake. The RUMORS say that Jason walks into Kelly’s and almost trips over his kid. He picks him up and hands him off to Elizabeth all while Lucky is watching.

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Medical Mystery Storyline… Whose story is it? RUMORED to be more of Matt’s story is it really a Scrubs story? Will Matt play second fiddle to Robin and Patrick?

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Jax should stick to corporate raiding… remember those days? RUMOR has it he attempts to blackmail Claudia. Here’s a tip Jax, when half the town knows the truth, it might be a little difficult to pull off a successful blackmail. Does Olivia think Johnny’s in the dark about his sister? Ethan watches Rebecca and Nikolas. Speaking of… why is Rebecca in a white gown with Nikolas sporting a monkey suit? Are they trying to make us think she’s Cinderella? Is there a girl fight coming? Who’s catching Rebecca and Ethan doing the deed? Rebecca pays her sister a visit. Jax and Jason stuff coming up. Will they discuss Michael or Claudia? Is Tracy going after Ethan? She suspects there is something going on between Ethan and Emily’s “twin.” Will she catch them red handed? What else is coming up for Tracy? RUMORS that she has a few scenes with the first lady of PC. CRAZIEST RUMOR out there recently... Jax is getting a sister.

Lack of originality? Two newbies are set to appear on GH. Dominic Zamprogna who is playing "Dominic" and Ronnie Marmo who is playing "Ronnie." Can’t they even come up with character names for these new characters? They’re using the actor’s real names? Coincidence?


Going dark again… It looks like the GH set is going dark once again for two weeks in July. Usually three weeks ahead in filming, the GOSSIP mill says GH was four to five weeks ahead of schedule when they took a week off in May. Now the cast gets a two week summer vacay.

Steve's Contract... I get more questions about Steve Burton's contract. He had said his decision would be announced in June. Well it's June 17th and so far, no official announcement. Some say he's already signed on the dotted line. Others say he's still working on his deal. Trust me, when we know, you'll know.