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The Young and The Restless Spoilers

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Victor: The impossible happens, The Black Knight is blackmailed!


Mary Jane/Jack/Sharon/Nick/Phyllis: Hell hath no fury like a PR nut job scorned! To get back at Phyllis for sleeping with Jack, Mary Jane poisons Summer! Meanwhile Sharon gets the results of the paternity test and the baby is Nick's as reported earlier. She decides to let him know but, spots Nick and Phyllis at the hospital in a close moment dealing with Summer and decides to name Jack as the father.

Ashley: Rafe and Estella show up at the Newman ranch to prove the ex-housekeeper is not responsible for Ashley's gaslighting. Ash agrees to hear them out. Ashley starts to waver on her stance with Estella but, the tables turn once a package is delivered. Ashley freaks at the contents. Inside is the head of the baby from the mother and child statue Victor had commissioned for Sabrina!

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Victor calls the cops. Ash then starts to deduce its Estella since she happened to be present when the package was delivered. Once Det. Wallace shows up, Victor has him match up the prints with Estella's, Adam's and Rafe's. Things don't look good for Estella. The tests comes back with Estella as a match. Ashley is relieved at the results because she has been saying all along it was Estella and this disproves Adam was behind it. Poor Estella's taken into custody while Estella continuing to protest her innocence.

Later on during Estella's court hearing, Victor has Ashley promise him she will not show up the arraignment. Unfortunately for Victor, Ash decides that she will show up after all. Ashley feels she has to see Estella finally brought to justice. Ash spies Nikki and Estella and decides to confront them both. She lets Estella know she's hip to her game and tells her to watch her back. Nikki comes to Estella's defense,  saying she believes Adam had a hand in the events going on at the ranch. Ashley defends him by stressing the fact of Adam being blind and unable to pull off the gaslighting.

Mac: She makes a decision on her relationship with Billy.

Cane: When he gets word that Phillip III's body is being dug up for DNA testing he starts to think about leaving Genoa City, especially when wife Lily finds out about his duplicity. Meanwhile, at the Chancellor estate, Jill, Kay and Nina discover Phillip's body isn't inside his coffin! Jill heads over to Jimmy's and informs Cane about the situation and asks him to take another DNA test. Cane doesn't want to, but realizes the game he's playing could be up for him. The the weight of his lies, are starting to get to him but still agrees to take the test.

Later Lily lets Cane know regardless of the test she will always love him. Cane starts to think about all the lies he's told Lily and the guilt starts to get to him again. After his talk with Lily, Cane heads to the freezer and takes out vials of blood marked, "Langley," and decides to use them for the DNA testing. Viewers will start to get a glimpse of the real Cane. They will see where he comes from and why he's taken the path he's on. They will also see who Langley is and how he fits into the equation. Cane wonders if he should continue on with his facade. More explosive things to come with this storyline.