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Carly Revisited

Okay, it's almost a week later, and anytime I blog about the subject of Crystal Chappell returning to Days Of Our Lives, I am STILL getting the type of goose pimples Carrie Bradshaw had when she first spied Heaven on 5th! Michael Fairman has a mini interview with the ravishing beauty up as part of his new bi-weekly column Soapside. A full exclusive interview with Chappell will be published on Friday at Here's just a taste of what Chappell had to say to Fairman:


“I told our executive producer Ellen Wheeler, 'If she can get the show moved I will be there,' and the people at Procter and Gamble. I spoke to Jessica Leccia [Natalia] and we said, 'We would be willing to move, and we want to be Web stars. Is there any way we can move the show there?' I tried to think of everything I could, not just for the Otalia story line, but for the show. The day the news came out last Friday, I told my cast mates and they were unbelievably supportive and lovely. I think the thing that dawned on me at that moment was this was going to be the end of the character of Olivia. I kind of went through this little wallow over the weekend and went, 'Oh my God. This is so sad for me!' We all have known since April 1st that our show was canceled, and we have all known there was an end date. We all had hopes that the show would continue. But as far as I know, as of right now, we all finish taping August 7th. I would love for the show to continue, but unfortunately or fortunately I have to work. It became a practical decision.”

I haven't been this excited about a soap opera in a decade! DAYS had SO better not eff this return up!

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