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DAYS' Molly Burnett Sings For Jesus on True Blood

Well I had a little talk with Jesus. Told him all about my troubles... Days of Our Lives star Molly Burnett (Melanie)is definitely leading a charmed life. After basically being handed the soap opera for most of 2008 and a good chunk of '09, Burnett, as previously reported, is now set to inhabit my new favorite prime time soap True Blood. Sigh. Here's what Burnett revealed to TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan about her role as a Christian pop singer on the vampire opera.


True Blood couldn’t be hotter—and cooler—so kudos on the gig! Are you a fan?

Before I did the role I didn’t have HBO—which has obviously changed now—so I didn’t know the show. Prior to the audition I went online to watch an episode. I just selected one at random and it was the one where this crazed naked vampire [Liam, played by Graham Shiels] is having sex with a woman who’s all tied up, and I was like, “Oh, my God! What kind of show am I auditioning for?” But my best friend, who watches True Blood, said, “It’s OK, Molly. Relax. It’s not all like that.

Now if you've been listening to the Daytime Confidential CBS/DAYS podcast, you know I've been the first person to admit that Burnett has come a loooong way since she first arrived in Salem. The show has smartly stopped trying to make her their young adult heroine and are instead tapping into Burnett's quirky sensibilities and utilizing her penchant for Jim Carrey-esque facial contortions to the character's advantage—here comes the but—True Blood is my new obsession, and you know how I get about shows I'm obsessed with! I watched the entire first season last Friday night in preparation of last Sunday's season two premiere, and to say this show has staked a place in my heart would be an undead understatment. To make a short story long, don't eff this one up Burnett, 'cause I'll be watching!

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