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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: The Beginning of a Sad, Sad Day

Maggie’s House:

Melanie freaks out about Nathan being in the house and takes out her cell phone to call the police, but he stops her when he grabs it from her. Melanie tells him that she doesn’t need the phone because she can scream. Melanie goes on to keep insulting him until Maggie arrives home and she discovers that Nathan is her grandson.


Nathan teases Melanie for thinking he was a pervert and asks Maggie to vouch for him. Maggie chuckles at them. She tells Melanie that Nathan’s staying with them while he does his internship at the hospital and that they’ll be seeing a lot of each other at home and at work. Melanie tells her that they won’t, because she’s going to move to London with Max.

Maggie is disappointed to hear she’s leaving, but Melanie points out that the only reason she stayed in Salem was because of Max. Maggie says she understands that family is important to her, she just hopes that she is moving towards something and not running away.

The Hospital:

At the hospital, Melanie tries to unquit her job. Her supervisor wants to know what or who changed her mind. Just then, Nathan walks over to the desk.

The Java Café:

Mia talks to her new boss asking to be able to go to the funeral even though it’s first day. He tells her that it’ll make him short staffed for the lunch rush. Mia tells him that she’s going to the funeral and he can fire her if he wants. Will walks in and tells her she doesn’t have to go just for him and she tells him that she isn’t, she’s going for herself. Her boss agrees to cover for her and Mia apologizes for losing it on him.

Then, she notices that Will forgot his tie. While she’s telling him, his phone rings. He sees that it’s Sami, so he doesn’t answer it. Mia takes his phone and sees that Will has 5 voicemails from her. She scolds him that he should talk to his mother, but he scoffs at the idea and says that she has no idea who is mother is.

While Mia’s working, Kinsey shows up. Mia makes her drink as Kinsey tells her that Chad’s been asking about her. Mia drops the cup in her hands and Will comes over and asks what’s going on.

Will asks Kinsey if she knows what he and Mia are doing today. He angrily tells her that later, he and Mia will be attending his sister’s funeral. He says that it makes him furious that she is up here slinging around this stupid, mean crap on a day like this. He glares, at Kinsey and tells her that he wishes he had a baseball bat right about now. Mia rushes over, asking him to stop. Mia’s comes over, asking if anything is wrong. Mia says there isn’t, but Kinsey disagrees.

Will takes the blame for the arguing and says Mia was just trying to stop them. Her boss accepts this and walks away. Will starts warning Kinsey again, but Mia stops him and sends him home to get his tie. When he’s gone, Kinsey asks Mia why she got so nervous when she brought up Chad. Mia tries to pretend she doesn’t even know who Chad is but Kinsey isn’t buying it.

Sami’s Place:

Sami is upset that the newspaper doesn’t list Rafe as Grace’s father. Rafe is more concerned with the fact that she hasn’t eaten since Grace’s death and tries to get her to eat, but Sami breaks down crying instead.

Once again, Rafe tries to get Sami to eat something. She promises to eat something later. He asks her if she wants him to go talk to EJ and tell him not to come to the service, but she insists that EJ has every right to be there. Sami makes him promise that he won’t go behind her back and talk to EJ. He tells her that he doesn’t think EJ being at the funeral is a good idea. Sami tells him that they just have to get through this and they hug. She tells him that she knows this is hard on him too and that she loves him. He cries and says he can’t believe this is real. Sami says it is real and they hug again, consoling each other.

Sami tries to call Will again, but is disappointed when it goes to email. Rafe offers to go talk to him, but Sami tells him to just let Will be because he has a right to be upset with her. Sami thinks Rafe just wants something to do. Then, the door bell rings. Rafe reluctantly answers it and finds Roman on the other side. Roman rushes right past him and hugs a crying Sami.

Sami tells Roman she’s sure that he’s mad at her for what she did, but Roman says they aren’t going to talk about that today. Sami cries, saying she knows everyone is angry at her for the horrible thing she has done. Roman tells her that he’s sure Sami was under a lot of pressure, and wasn’t thinking straight. Roman glares at Rafe and says he also knows she got some bad advice. Johnny cries from the twin’s room. Sami says she has to go check on him, but begs Roman not to be mad at Rafe. Roman says he can’t promise that. Sami goes to check on Johnny. Rafe tells Roman that they need to talk. Roman scoffs, asking if Rafe is going to try to tell him he didn’t manipulate Sami. Rafe sighs, saying Sami is going to be back soon, and it’s important they talk. He tells Roman that he is worried about today--and about EJ.

Rafe explains to Roman that he is worried that EJ is going to show up and make things worse for Sami. He adds that he told Sami he would talk to EJ for her. Roman looks at Rafe in disbelief and tells him that he thinks Rafe is about the last person EJ wants to take advice from, and Rafe agrees. Rafe says that’s why he was wondering if Roman could help. Roman assures Rafe that EJ won’t be bothering Sami.

Sami comes out and breaks down as she tells Roman that Johnny was asking about Grace. He hugs her and tries to calm her down. She takes a breath and tells Rafe that she thinks he can do something for her. She tells him that Father Matt has a lot of questions that she doesn’t think she can answer, so she was hoping Rafe could go down there to talk to him. He agrees and hugs Sami. She thanks him, and Rafe leaves. Roman smiles and assures Sami he wasn’t going to hit Rafe or anything, but she says she saw him glaring at Rafe. She tells her father that Rafe’s only crime was understanding why she didn’t want Grace raised by EJ. Roman says he can understand that too, but he doesn’t get why Rafe and Sami kept it from him. She sighs and reminds Roman that he likes to do things by the book. She also tells him that she just doesn’t have a lot of faith in the legal system right now. Sami admits that she knows EJ is going to come after her. She says she’s sad for her little girl, but she’s scared of what EJ will do. She tells him that she’s still glad she did what she did, though.

Sami starts packing up some of Grace’s things. Roman tells her that she doesn’t have to do this and asks her if she’s sure she wouldn’t rather he and her grandmother do this for her later. Sami explains that she just wants to get it over with. Roman looks at Sami sadly and tells her that there is a rookie cop down at the station with a new baby, who’s shifts have been cut a lot recently because of the economy. He’s sure he and his wife would love these things. Sami fights back tears and says that she’s glad that Grace’s clothes can go to a child that needs them. Roman reminds her they ought to head off to the church now. Sami stands up and cries, telling herself that she can do this.

Sami tells Roman that she has made so many mistakes. Roman assures her she was just under pressure, but Sami says that she isn’t sure Will is ever going to forgive her. Roman asks her to let him handle Will, but Sami says that Will has a right to be angry. She adds that she was hardly a perfect mother before this. Roman says that no one is perfect, but Will can’t ever say that his mom didn’t put him first. Sami isn’t so sure that Will will see things that way, and adds that she thinks her lie about Grace was the last straw for him. Just then, Will walks in. Sami and Roman look over at him. He stops in the door, glares at Sami. He says that he just came back for his tie and walks right past Sami. Roman calls after him. Will calls out a “Hi Grandpa.” And keeps on walking. Sami looks over at Roman and sadly says that Will won’t even look at her.

Sami leaves the twins rooms and calls out for Johnny to be good for the babysitter. Johnny runs out of the bedroom after Sami. She kneels down tearfully, promising that later, he and his sister and mommy will all play together for the rest of the afternoon. Johnny nods and smiles at her. Roman reminds her it’s time to go. Johnny waves goodbye and rushes off to the bedroom. Sami starts to cry again.

The DiMera Mansion:

EJ is also reading the newspaper and is upset that he isn’t mentioned as Grace’s father. He tosses the newspaper across the desk in anger. Stefano and Nicole watch him from the foyer. Stefano tells her she should be with EJ right now, but Nicole says he only wants Sydney right now. Stefano says he can’t believe that the one time Sami decides to tell the truth, is the one time she should have kept her mouth shut. Nicole points out that EJ is grieving for a child that isn’t even his. Stefano replies, that Sami is too, thanks to Nicole. Nicole isn’t sure that’s an accomplishment she should be proud of. Nicole doesn’t think she can let EJ keep grieving like this, but Stefano reminds her there will be a lot more grief if EJ finds out the truth.

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Nicole goes into the living room and tries to comfort EJ. She wishes Sami had never told him the truth. EJ tells it her doesn’t matter whether Sami told him the truth or not – his daughter is still dead. Nicole starts to tell him that Grace wasn’t his – but stops herself. Instead she tells him he shouldn’t upset himself like this because he never bonded with Grace. EJ gets upset and thinks she doesn’t think Grace was worth mourning. Nicole tries to tell him that’s not what she means and points out that he still has Sydney. EJ tells her that one daughter does not replace another. EJ tells her that one of the reasons he is so angry is that Sami made sure he never got to spend anytime with his daughter – that he never got to know her. He says that nothing he or Stefano has done holds a candle to what Sami has done here. Nicole says she’s sorry and EJ tells her that the only person who has something to feel sorry for is Sami, and she will be sorry for the rest of her life.

EJ hands Nicole’s some papers and she looks at them. He asks her if she’s on board with it. She tells him that she is. Then she sighs and says that Sami’s life really is going to be a living hell.

EJ tells Nicole to get Sydney ready for the funeral. Nicole tells him that Sydney isn’t going anywhere. They argue about it but Nicole is firm on the fact that it’s not fair to Sydney or to him. She tells him that he can’t use Sydney as a pawn to get back at Sami. EJ says that he just can’t bear to have her out of his sight right now. Nicole tells him that he’s just going to have to. She tells him that he’s going to have to deal with Sami after the service anyway and that he’ll need to have all his focus for that. He reluctantly agrees. Then, she hugs him and says that soon Sami will be out of their lives forever and it will just be the three of them.

Stefano walks into the room and EJ tells him he should get ready for the funeral. Stefano says that there is no reason for him to and he’s not going. EJ is surprised. Stefano explains that it’s too soon after Tony’s death and he can’t deal with it. He adds that there are going to be too many sanctimonious Brady’s around for his liking. Nicole says she understands. Stefano says he sent a condolence card to Samantha instead. EJ is surprised he did that and gets upset about it. Stefano tells him that he knows too well what it feels like to lose a child. Then he looks at Sydney and picks her up saying, he would prefer to concentrate on the future.

The Kiriakis Mansion:

Out on the terrace, Stephanie finishes reading the article about Grace in the newspaper and closes it. She finds herself looking at Owen’s photo and the headline about his escape. She throws it down and starts shaking.

Caroline arrives to see Stephanie. She tells her she’s worried about her but Stephanie argues she should be worrying about Sami right now. Caroline tells her she can worry about both of them. Caroline isn’t too keen on the idea of Stephanie going to the funeral and is even less impressed that Philip might not be able to go with her because he went to Chicago on business.

Stephanie tells Caroline that she can’t keep going on about Philip. Caroline wants to know what he and Victor are doing about Owen. Stephanie tells her that they’ve doubled security and assured her that she’s safe. Caroline scoffs at that. Stephanie once again mentions that she should be worrying about Sami. Caroline tries to talk her out of going to the service again, but Stephanie is intent on going. Caroline asks what she thinks it will do to Sami to see Stephanie face off with EJ at the funeral. Stephanie says she needs to go and face EJ.

Caroline sarcastically says that EJ didn’t have anything to with the kidnapping and Stephanie qualifies that she needs to face him just in case he did.

Caroline asks Stephanie if she is really up for this funeral, reminding her that she has been through a terrible ordeal and shouldn’t minimize her feelings. Stephanie assures Caroline that everything is fine and that the DiMera and Kiriakis families have put the feud to rest. Even Brady thinks the truce will last. Caroline prays she is right. Stephanie does, too.

St. Luke’s Church:

Bo and Hope are there early. Hope picks up the picture of Grace and Bo asks if she’s sure she can do this. She puts the picture down and sighs. She admits that Zach’s funeral was all a blur because she was just in a daze. She tells him it was like a horrible dream and she isn’t even sure if she was alive that day. However, she can still remember everyone who came and where they sat. She remembers how important it was to her that everyone was here. She tells him that Sami needs to see that they are here for her. She needs to see that she can survive this. Bo starts to choke up, and says that he hopes that God will help Sami get through the day.

Rafe arrives at the church and sees that Bo and Hope are there. Bo glares at him and leaves making a lame excuse that he wants to double check security since the DiMeras will be there. Hope apologizes for Bo and explains that he’s just worried about Sami. She also informs him about Zach’s death and tells him that she and Bo know how he and Sami feel right now. She tells him that Sami needs him right now. Rafe wonders why she’s on his side and Hope explains it’s because she saw how much he loved Grace when he walked into the church today.

Once alone, Rafe walks up to the altar to pray, but breaks down sobbing and starts hitting the armrest. Father Matt walks in and Rafe tells him he’s struggling right now because he doesn’t understand how God could take Grace from them and doesn’t think he can forgive God for that.

EJ and Nicole show up at the church. He looks at the framed photo of Rafe, Sami and Grace in the vestibule and gets angry. He vows that Sami is going to pay. Nicole tries to calm him, but can’t. EJ flies into a rage, saying that he can’t even remember what his baby girl looked at. He points at the photo, and angrily says that this is all he has. Just then, Sami and Roman walk in. Sami cries. EJ glares at her.

On the Next Days of Our Lives:

At the hospital, Melanie says, “Max, I don't think I'm gonna go to London.”

At the church, Nicole tells Brady, “What I did was right for EJ and for Sydney.”

Rafe tells Sami, “You can make it through this, ok? I'm here for you.”

In the vestibule, EJ tells Stephanie, “You're lucky to be alive.” She slaps him, “Don't you ever even think of threatening me again!” Philip walks in behind them.

Just a few thoughts:

I have to say, I loved when Will was defending Mia and told Kinsey he wished he had a baseball bat. He was certainly being his mother’s son there!

Once again, Alison Sweeneywas acting her heart out. When Sami cried because Johnny had asked for Grace, I balled. And then, before she left, when Johnny ran out to hug her – and she clung to him, that was just too sad for words.

Bo and Hope also broke my heart remembering Zack and deciding they have to be there for Sami to show her that she can survive Grace’s death. If I wasn’t already crying, that certainly pushed me right over.

Oh, and you gotta love Stefano. I can’t believe he sent Sami a condolence card. Sigh. Nobody said the Pheonix wasn’t ballsy!

Tomorrow’s gonna be another tearjerker and it should be pretty intense with the EJ and Sami face off that looked like it was about to begin at the end of today’s show.