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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I know he's just being a teenager with attitude, but I hate when Michael gets all snotty with CarJax, especially since Carly's only crime was that she wanted to drive him to his appointment. Instead he's going to take a cab? And they let him? Without a fight? I know he's getting over a coma, but the boy needs a good smack and a reminder that he's still a child (even though he's apparently aged a year since he woke up)! Did anyone else notice that Carly said he was 17, when just two weeks ago Claudia mentioned that he was 16?


I hate when people invoke the Corinthos name to throw their weight around. Claudia does it all the time. Now Michael's doing it and expecting the moon from it. I can't believe the bartender actually gave him the beer, then gave Kristina and her date alcohol as well. I don't care how good those fake IDs were, there's no way someone can look at Kristina and think she's 21. I kept thinking that bartender was going to get Coleman in serious trouble.

That Kristina can sure pick them, cant' she? Why would the boyfriend (guy she was with) say anything nasty about Michael anyway? I could understand if there were a bunch of boys and he wanted to look like a hard ass in front of them, so he decided to make fun of Michael and his surgery. Is that really the way to score points with a girl nowadays? By picking on her recently injured brother? Who also happens to be connected? LAME!

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I don't mind Martha Byrne, but I also kind of resent her a little. She's a big name and yet they're capable of bringing her in and writing a story around her, yet they leave Rick Hearst and Megan Ward out in the cold. So, it makes me kind of hate Mrs. Floyd. Having gotten that off my chest, I'm not sure why she thought Patrick would just take a deal, just because she asked. Why would he voluntarily accept malpractice? Just so the mayor and his wife don't get embarrased by the bad activities that the mayor was into? Also, why haven't the hospital and the family done an autopsy on Brianna Hughes?

The editing was pretty bad in this episode. Johnny starts off at the shop, then goes to Jake's for a scene with Michael, but is back at the shop a nanosecond later for his scene with Claudia. Rebecca is at the crypt, but a nanosecond later she's at work and a nanosecond later she's at Windemere. I got tired just watching them all get around town in two seconds.

Kill me now, but I liked the Olivia/Carly friendship scene. It seems very real to me.

I'm still loving my Scrubs and their easy conversations now.