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OLTL's Ron Carlivati Talks Kyle Sleeping With Fish(es)

One Life to Live head writer Ron Carlivati offers a bit of insight into Oliver Fish (Scott Evans) suddenly struggling with his sexuality to Michael Fairman for Soapside, Fairmain's new bi-weekly column for Here's how the talented Mr. C explains Fish going from banging town sluts and crushing on Layla to sharing awkward moments with frat brother Kyle (Brett Claywell).


"Oliver Fish (affectionately known as Fish) is a young police officer and self-described computer geek looking for a second chance to date his female roommate, Layla Williamson. But what is the secret behind his strained relationship with his former best friend and fraternity brother, medical student Kyle Lewis? As the truth about their past begins to come to light, we will go on the journey with Fish as he struggles to come to terms with who he really is.”

Be sure to check out this coming Monday for Fairmain's interview with Scott Evans, where they talk about his brother, movie star Chris Evans, discussing their relationship and little bro's sexuality last January in The Advocate.

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