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Sisterhood of the Traveling Rex on OLTL

Brian Frons will no doubt have on his 3D glasses next week when Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) screws Stacy (Crystal Hunt) on the floor like a wild dog before Gigi (Farah Fath) can tell him the heifer has been lying about saving their son. Carolyn Hinsey has this preview  from Lavoisier about the stomach-churning plot twist for New York Daily News.


Rex gives Stacy the keys to [his club] Ultra Violet so she can teach a ballet class to little girls," says Lavoisier. "Rex is downing a beer when Stacy turns on the charm: 'What do you want, Rex?' He looks at her and ... they wind up doing it on a dance mat that had just been used by a bunch of minors."

Okay, I have no problem with popular soap couples being torn apart by a surprise sibling, this happens all the time in soaps. When these types of stories are done right, the interloper is generally deliciously skilled at seducing (sometimes with the added benefit of man ruffies) his or her sibling's true love, while protesting innocence and/or or the abilty to "understand" their relation's lover better than their former bunk bed met can. Think Melrose Place's Sydney, DAYS' Sami, etc. We haven't seen any of that with this story. Instead we've had a set up so contrived it makes the entire run of Passions look like a BBC production, played out by three—yes I said three—actors who were too bored or uninspired to give a damn.

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I cannot believe this is the same Rex and Gigi I adored last year, or that Hunt ever so much as resided in Spaulding mansion on Guiding Light. A shameful, inorganic story brought out shameful, inorganic acting in three once-rising soap stars who we all know are capable of so much more. Thank God this story— much like Rex I'm afraid— is about to climax all over Ultra Violet. Paging Bitchy Bangs!