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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Baby Grace's Funeral


Max finds Melanie at the hospital. He tells her that he’s there to drop out of med school. Melanie breaks it to him that she’s not going to London with him and tells him that she’s enrolled in Nursing School. Max is surprised at the news but supports her decision to do something good. Then, Nathan walks over to the nurse’s station behind them and Melanie reacts. Max looks over to see what she’s looking at and shakes his head smiling.


Nathan walks over to them and Melanie introduces them. Nathan finds out that she isn’t going to London anymore. Max smiles and says that he was just asking her why she changed her mind but that it seems like a mystery. Melanie insists that she doesn’t want to let Maggie down and that’s why she’s going to Nursing School. Nathan leaves. Melanie turns around a smacks Max telling him she could kill him for that.

Max points out that Melanie should really think about why she’s going to nursing school since she has a track record for making spur of the moment decisions because of a guy. He reminds her of how she acted when she met Philip. Melanie tells him that she can’t screw up Nathan’s life, but she could screw up Max’s if she goes with him.

Max gives Melanie an open ticket to London and tells her she’s invited anytime to visit or to stay. Melanie starts to cry and hugs him telling him he’s the dumbest brother in the world. Max chuckles and tells her that she’s the most interesting sister in the world. Nathan is working over at the nurses’ station. Max notices she’s staring behind him and asks her to keep him posted on the hunt for Nathan goes. She pretends she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Max points out that she’s been staring over his shoulder at him while they’ve been talking and that he doesn’t even have to look to see who it is.

Brady & Arianna Before the Funeral:

Brady and Arianna run into each other at the Java Café. They sit down and talk about how sad the day is. He asks how Rafe is doing but Arianna tells him she hasn’t seen a lot of Rafe because he’s been with Sami. Arianna worries about Rafe having told so many lies for Sami and Brady tells her that what she should really worry about is EJ.

St. Luke’s Church:

Sami and Roman enter the church and EJ glares at her in the vestibule. Roman steps between them and tells him, “Not now, not ever.” Bo steps between EJ and Roman and reminds them that this isn’t the time for this. EJ says he wouldn’t dream of disrespecting my daughter’s service. It wasn’t him who made her entire life a lie. Nicole tries to get EJ to head inside the church.

Meanwhile, inside the St. Luke’s, Father Matt is still counseling Rafe about his resentment towards God for taking Grace from them. Father Matt says it’s okay to be angry and that God understands. Rafe says he doesn’t understand how God took innocent Grace when the rest of the DiMeras are murderers, kidnappers, etc. He thinks God should have taken one of them instead. Father Matt continues to try to get him to calm down.

Will and Mia arrive. Will is still mad and makes a crack about Sami being there with Grace’s “father”. Roman tells him to stop. Will and Mia walk away and Will points out EJ to Mia and tells her that he is Grace’s biological father. Mia asks why he didn’t care enough to be around and Will explains that EJ didn’t know Grace was his. He says that while he hates all the lies Sami’s told, he kind of understands this one. He doesn’t think anybody should be raised in the DiMera house. Mia gulps and points out that Johnny seems okay. Will comments that he is okay for now.

Meanwhile, EJ tells Nicole that he has the papers with him. Nicole suggests he worries about the papers later and just takes this time to grieve. EJ hugs her. EJ notices Mia and asks why she’s there. Nicole looks like a deer caught in headlights but manages to explain that Mia used to baby sit Grace and is friends with Will. EJ gets upset again, that a perfect stranger knew is daughter better then he did.

Over at the front of the church, Sami and Rafe look at Grace’s picture. Sami says that Grace is what brought them together. Rafe turns to her and tells her that they still have each other and that it’s still the three of them against the world. They hug and he tells her that they’ll get through this. EJ looks over at them.

EJ tells Nicole he wants hang back in the vestibule for a moment to pray, so Nicole goes in without him. EJ takes out his cell phone and makes a call, asking if everything is ready. Just then, Stephanie walks in. EJ closes his phone and Stephanie walks over to him and confronts him about he did to her. She doesn’t care that they shouldn’t talk about it. She tells EJ that she pities Sami, because she loved Grace, but that EJ doesn’t even know what love is. EJ warns her to watch what she says and tells her that she’s lucky to be alive. Stephanie interrupts him with a slap to the face and warns him to never threaten her again. Just then, Philip walks in. As EJ takes a step forward, Philip walks in between them and demands to know what EJ is doing. EJ quips, “I’m getting slapped.” Then, he warns Stephanie to keep control of herself in the future and heads into the church. Philip tries to comfort Stephanie.

Caroline enters and sees Will and heads over to him and Mia. She asks if she can speak with him for a moment. Will goes with her and Nicole takes the opportunity to sit near Mia for moment. She puts her hand on Mia’s shoulder and tells her that she should be there for Grace.

Later, Caroline goes over to Sami and hugs her. Caroline tells her she just talked to Will. Sami asks if Will is willing to sit with her. Caroline explains she didn’t ask him that but she can if Sami would like. Sami tells her it’s okay and agrees to give Will some space. Sami thinks that everyone blames her for what happened to Grace. Caroline tells her nobody blames her. Sami glances over at EJ and tells her that’s another lie.

Brady and Arianna eventually show up. They run into Nicole. Brady tries to introduce them but they tell him they’ve already met. Arianna excuses herself. Brady tells Nicole that maybe she should have had a service for her baby. She begs him not to talk about this right now.

Roman goes over and sits in the pew in front of EJ. Bo and Hope look on as, he leans in and tells EJ that if EJ hurts another member of his family he’ll trade in his badge and take care of EJ the way a DiMera would, ruthlessly and without mercy. Then, he gets up and walks away. EJ takes the legal documents out of his jacket and looks them over. He flashes back to Stephanie accusing him of pretending not to be a horrible person just like his father. EJ puts the papers away and sighs.

Stephanie continues looking at EJ and telling Philip that it isn’t right that he didn’t pay for what he did. She doesn’t understand how he can play grieving father after everything he’s done. Philip tells her that you learn. Stephanie replies that she never wants to end up like that. He tells her that she never could and hugs her.

Arianna goes over to Rafe and tells him that she shouldn’t have faulted him for helping Sami. Then, she gives him a hug.

Meanwhile, Sami’s family takes turns consoling her. Brady walks up her and says he’s sorry for her loss. She apologizes for feeling like she couldn’t tell him the truth. He tells her that he was a jerk than for making her feel that she couldn’t. He says that any sane person would want to keep their kid from becoming a DiMera. Sami is surprised and grateful for how understanding he is and they hug.

Then, Hope and Bo come over to Rafe and Sami to offer their condolences. Bo adds that if Sami needs anything, to let them know--day or night. She thanks Bo, admitting that she thought he would be angry with her. Bo smiles reassuringly and says she knows that he can never stay mad at her for long. Hope adds that they are here for Rafe, too.

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Meanwhile, Nicole stands in front of Grace’s photo and sobs, saying she was the first one to hold her, and that she will never, ever forget her. Then, Father Matt asks everyone to take their seats, and begins the funeral service.

First, Caroline goes up and does a reading. Then, Will stands up and shares a story about Grace laughing and smiling with them, but breaks off near the end of it because he’s over come by sadness. Will sits down. Then, EJ stands up and says he has something to say. EJ goes over to the altar and tells everyone that he is here to grieve for his daughter. He says that the Lord causes great pain, but it is in children that one can see His finest work. He says that everyone loves children before they even really know them, as they are all so precious and unique. He glares at Sami and Rafe and tells them to take comfort in the memories they have of Grace--because he has nothing. Then, he glances at Grace’s photo sadly and pauses for a moment before he heads back to his pew.

Afterwards, Father Matt if anyone else would like to say something. Mia says she doesn’t have something to say and instead begins singing ‘Amazing Grace.’ Caroline stands up and joins in, walking to the front of the church, then everyone one by one joins in singing. Sami starts crying inconsolably on Rafe’s shoulder.

Father Matt says a prayer. Then, everyone lines up and one at time puts a rose in a basket for Grace. While everyone’s up, EJ sits behind Sami and tells her he hopes she’s been to confession lately to confess her sins. Sami keeps looking straight ahead and replies that at least she’s sorry for her sins. EJ gets up and walks away.

Meanwhile, Mia pulls Will aside and tells him that she has to get back to work while she still has a job. She tells him to remember that Grace wouldn’t want him to be mad at his mom. Then, she leaves.

Finally, Sami and Rafe line up to drop their roses. Rafe tells Grace that they will always love her. Sami sobs, and Rafe comforts her as the two of them take their seats. Then EJ and Nicole drop their roses for Grace last. EJ whispers that Grace will never be forgotten and Nicole agrees. After they go sit down, Father Matt leads everyone in a final prayer.

After the service, Stephanie hugs Sami and tells her how sorry she is for her loss. Sami thanks her for coming, saying she knows how hard it must have been for her. Stephanie says it wasn’t anything compared to what Sami is going through. Sami starts to tell her that she’s been through a lot as well, but gets cut off as Stephanie sees EJ and excuses herself.

Stephanie heads over to EJ and starts laying into him. She sarcastically says how heart-warming it was to see him twist a knife into the heart of a woman who has already lost her child. Philip tries to stop her, but Stephanie looks at Nicole and tells her to remember how much blood EJ has on his hands the next time he holds her child. Then, Stephanie storms off. EJ warns Philip to keep control of his woman. Philip warns EJ to stay far away from both of them. Philip goes to catch up with Stephanie.

Arianna talks to Rafe as Brady comforts Sami in front of Graces photo. Rafe tells Arianna that he is worried about Sami, but Arianna says she has a strong family behind her, and that she’s worried about him. She asks if he thinks it was a mistake not telling EJ, but Rafe says that he thinks it was a mistake to ever tell him the truth at all. Arianna starts to tell him not to take the responsibility of protecting Sami from EJ all on himself, but stops her self and says there’s no point in finishing the sentence since she can tell she is talking to a brick wall. She hugs Rafe, and she and Brady leave.

EJ looks over at Sami and Rafe and fumes that Sami actually had the gull to name his child after Rafe. Nicole tries to calm him, but stops herself, tells him that she knows nothing she can say to EJ that will matter.

Then, Roman, Hope, and Bo all go over to Sami and comfort her, telling her to call if she needs anything. They exchange hugs again and then the three of them leave. Rafe hugs Sami, saying that they should go home. Sami looks at the photo of Grace and leans on Rafe sobbing. She says that planning this funeral kept her mind off of things for a little while, but what will she do now? Rafe reminds her that she gets to take care of Johnny and Allie. Sami cries and thanks God for the twins as EJ glares at her from the back of the church.

Then, Nicole heads out to the vestibule and EJ walks over to Sami and Rafe, clearing his throat. He hands Sami the legal documents. Sami ask EJ what the papers are and reads them over. EJ say this is just the beginning. Sami gasps, and tells Rafe that EJ is going to take Johnny away from her. EJ nods and tells her that is exactly what she did to him with Grace, and he believes in ‘an eye for an eye.’

Meanwhile, as Nicole waits out in the vestibule. Father Matt comes in saying how glad he is the sisters from the convent of the Holy Cross could make it. A nervous Nicole asks what he means and Father Matt explains they had a flat tire and couldn’t make it to the funeral, but he knows they would want to see Sami. Nicole flashes back to scamming Sister Teresa to get information about Sami. Nicole snaps out of it and starts to freak out.

Mia at Java Café:

Mia’s back working at the Java Café, when a guy walks over to the counter and says, “Long time, no see.” She turns around in shock and says, “Chad.”

The Kiriakis Mansion:

Philip and Stephanie return home and end up out on the terrace. Philip tells her she did the right thing confronting EJ. He tells her that he knows she’s been through a lot but that it’s all over now. He heads in to the house to get them some lunch. Stephanie looks over and sees the newspaper with Owen on it and reaches into her purse for some pills.

On the next episode of Days of Our Lives:

Will calls Lucas and tells him, “Listen, we need to talk. Now, right now, okay? This--this can't wait.”

Kate tells Daniel and Chloe, “Those little appetizers are tasty. ‘To die for’ tasty.”

Sami yells at EJ and Nicole, “I will see you both in hell for this.”

Just a few thoughts:

Everyone was fantastic today. I cried my eyes out for the whole thing. The tension between Sami and EJ was so thick I thought everyone in the church might choke on it. I also thought everyone singing Amazing Grace at the end was nice touch – even though some people weren’t exactly in key –lol!

I do a few complaints though. One, why was Max at the hospital with Melanie and not at Grace’s funeral? It really didn’t make any sense. Heck, I think he spent more time with her at the pub than most of Sami’s family – except for maybe Caroline and Will. He should have been there instead of teasing Melanie about a boy. I get they often want us to forget he’s a Brady because he likes to date his nieces, but it was just wrong.

Secondly, why wasn’t Lucas there? I am an EJami fan and even I thought it was weird. He’s Will’s father and the kid probably could have used the support. I know he and EJ don’t get along and he shot EJ, but Sami’s entire family hates EJ and was threatening him in this episode, so really what’s one more person at this point.

Oh, and the most glaring omissions of all - I can’t believe they didn’t even bother mentioning where Marlena, John, Eric and Belle were and why they couldn’t be there. Sure, it’s not the season for Colorado or Swiss snow storms, but any lame excuse would have been better than none.

Anyway, the face off about custody of Johnny on Monday looks like it will be intense. I also can’t wait to see how Nicole squirms her way out being busted by the nuns. Looks like Monday’s show should be good.

Have a good weekend everyone!