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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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This show has a strange habit of casting actors as siblings, who would make better romantic partners. Claudia and Johnny have a weird chemisty. Lulu has shown more chemistry with Ethan than any of her previous partners. And now Kristina and Michael are showing me some wacky vibes. The look Kristina was giving Micheal, at home, before Alexis pulled her away, was very Romeo and Juliet-ish. Is it just me, or is anyone else seeing that?


Again, the guy in the bar is an idiot. "Hey Kristina, even though I just punched out your sick brother, why don't you leave him here to bleed on the floor and come with me". Memo to all teenage boys out there, the way into a girl's pants is not by beating the crap out of her brother, who just came out of a year long coma after being shot in the head. Just saying.

I was glad to see Alexis show up at the bar. That she'd been given a heads up about Kristina. Although both Corinthos' children are becoming quite good at lying.

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I liked the Carly/Lulu scene.

Weird and awkward Lulu/Olivia scene. When Olivia is with Johnny, I don't really see the age difference, but standing next to Johnny's ex, who is sooo much younger, it just made Olivia seem much older by comparison.

I had to fast forward the whole Nikbecca garbage. It was way too creepy having him buy her a dress that looks almost exactly like the wedding dress that Emily died in. Maybe I'm mis-remembering that dress (how could I, we saw her die in it eleventy billion times), but that's what it reminded me of.

Maybe it was the mood I was in, but Johnny yapping in the woods to Jason was some of the funnier stuff I've seen in awhile. I'm seriously loving Johnny lately. Of course, since Claudia can't order a hit to save her life, I'm guessing the shooter will miss Jason and get Johnny instead.