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Wishful Casting: Jessica Leccia as Rafe's Sister Arianna on DAYS

In Michael Fairman's new interview with Crystal Chappell for he mentions how awesome it would be for Days of Our Lives ot snap up the other half of the insanely popular Otalia, Jessica Leccia.


You told Jessica you were going to go back to Days. How did that go?

I did tell Jessica, and she texted me back and said, Yay! Employment. You know, that is what we all wish for each other. It was funny. I had this wonderful news breaking last Friday. I am so lucky as an actor to have a job these days, but I really thought it hit me hard. I am the first one to announce: Hey, I’m going over here, and you could kind of see that people were so happy for me, but there was a weight that fell on the group. I kind of felt it all weekend. I am vacillating between extreme relief and joy and excitement about going back and trying something old and making it new again. At the same time I was feeling devastated. So, it was this weird emotional breakup at some level.

Perhaps Days could capitalize on the popularity of Otalia and have Jessica come over to join you.

Why not?

I don't know about you guys, but I certainly wouldn't be crushed if they recast Rafe's (Galen Gering) sister Arianna with Jessica! Then Arianna and the soon-to-be-returning Carly could be BFF's. But hands off Ari, I want my Carly/Bo/Hope love triangle smackdown before Katerina even thinks about any Hello Kitty! If the show is stuck on the actress it has, why not resurrect the character of April Ramirez, Mike Horton's former flame, and while we're at it, why not cast Grant Aleksander as Mike? Hey a boy can wish(ful) cast!

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