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Last Week's B&B: Nick Throws A Mantrum; Pill-Popping Ridge Gets His Freak On With Taylor

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Nick’s proposal to Bridget was preceded by this less-than-romantic declaration: “I have been a beast. I don’t know if I could sink any lower than I already have.” Well, he said it. She accepted gratefully, thrilled to re-marry a man who was obsessed with her mother. Romance isn’t dead.


Owen followed suit and gave Jackie an engagement ring. When Nicky boy found out about it he blew a gasket, going so far as to push some papers off his desk and let his hair get all messy. He carried on his tiresome rant about Owen using Jackie.

He just can’t put a sock in it – foreplay for Nick and Bridget now consists of him wittering on about his mother’s love-life. Yuck. They’re talking about the guy who nearly slipped it in Bridget the other week, and his relationship with Nick’s mother. It would all be gross, but Jackie and Owen were as adorable as ever.  

Jackie informed petulant Nick that Owen was not fired from Jackie M after all. Nick gave her another ultimatum – it’s him or me. Jackie called his bluff and said, “I’ll miss having you here.” It doesn’t look like either one is going anywhere. Later, Nick told Owen there was going to be no wedding. He was real mad. 

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Pam and Donna had a campy escapade at The Price Is Right. They tried to secure a spot for Forrester Creations to be featured, but their meeting with producers fell through. They said to hell with it, and went to watch the show being filmed instead. Guess what? Donna was a called to Come On Down as a contestant, much to Pammy’s dismay. The items Donna had to guess the price of were dog food, lemon bar mix and honey. Donna won a holiday to Hawaii. They both overacted. Kind of fun, kind of lame.

Steffy and Rick had yet another conversation about their relationship. Poor, tortured, borderline-incestuous fools. It was every bit as boring as you’d expect – if Rick messes up, he’s out the door. Frankly: who cares?


Stephanie continued to pimp Ridge out to Taylor. Taylor cooked for him, while Stephanie went to head off Brooke at the pass. She convinced the Brookester to stay home and then called Taylor, telling her to “keep working your magic.” I threw up a little bit when she said that. Then the sly old bat told Taylor to turn off his cell phone, and Taylor dutifully obliged. She then topped up his wine and listened to him moan about Rick and Brooke.

Ridge continued stealing anti-anxiety pills from Taylor’s handbag and popping them like M&M’s. Off his head on pills and booze, he muttered, “I think it’s time to go to the bedroom... let’s uh, let’s go lie down.” All Taylor’s Christmases had come at once as she confessed, “I’ve waited for this moment for so long.” The romance on this show is killing me.  

So, they did it together for the first time in years. Ridge was into it, although he was pretty much collapsed. He was still the randy ‘loveable rogue’ we know and love. Or hate, pathologically... maybe that’s just me.


From where I’m sitting, stale, dull Taylor and Ridge is every bit as un-engaging as stale, dull Brooke and Ridge. At least Ridge is less obnoxious all pilled up. I hope that twit stays zonked out for quite some time.