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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I actually liked everything Michael/Carly today. I thought Drew Garrett did a good job of showing us Michael's frustration, fear and anger towards his mother. I felt his pain and he came across more as a little boy lost than a lippy teenager. I didn't feel the urge to reach into my television and smack him one. Laura Wright showed the right amount anguish that she finally has her son back, but she can't connect with him. I thought Jax did a good job of explaining that Michael is reacting to her because she's his mother and she's the safe one who will love him unconditionally.


I hated Sonny basically brushing it all under the carpet. Get the boy some one on one time with Lainey for crying out loud.

Jason and Johnny working together was well done, but I kept thinking what was the point of the bullet proof vests if someone shot their heads off?

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I loved that Johnny went off on Claudia. He pointed out to her that these guys were shooting at him, as well as Jason and she was being too stupid to see it.

I wasn't thrilled with Olivia showing up and going all "girly" on Johnny. What I liked about JOlivia originally was the raw energy they had, but if they turn her into just another wimpy girl who has to hang onto the boy, I'll be seriously ticked. Having said that, they're still kind of hot together!

Hated everything Nikolas/Rebecca. It's way too creepy and icky at this point. I also don't understand that short Lulu/Lucky/Neb scene on the docks. If it wasn't for the purpose of having one of the Spencer siblings be shocked at how much Rebecca looked like Emily in that dress, then what was the point?

Interesting Jason/Jax scene. It's always weird to me when these two are civil together.

Is it just me or did the new guy remind anyone else of Peter Reckell of Days of our Lives? All I kept thinking was, "Why is Bo Brady running around in the woods and kidnapping Morgan?"