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OLTL's Scott Evans Talks Fish Coming Out With Advocate

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It seems like One Life To Live is no longer keeping it in the closet with the revelation of Officer Oliver Fish (Scott Evans) being gay and having shared a sexual past in college with quasi bad boy Kyle Lewis (Brett Claywell). Evans spoke with Advocate'sMichael Fairman on what fans can expect on Fish and Kyle's upcoming storyline:


So Fish will be struggling with coming to terms with himself and his sexual identity?

Scott Evans: It’s going to be a struggle, and it’s been a struggle. We have been working on that the last couple of weeks, and coming up, he’s going to be working on it, and dealing with coming out and seeing where that goes.

Scott also discussed whats to come with the soon-to-be new gay couple of Llanview:

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What do you think gay soap fans can expect from this couple?

I think the journey for them is going to be what people should watch for. More than anything being so specific that it is only a gay story line… it’s a love story line, and a story about their journeys and dealing with it, and how they react with each other.

Sounds like love is back in the afternoon...