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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Doesn't Sonny have guards at both his house and Carly's? Because if he does, they need to be fired.....AGAIN! They didn't notice Michael or Morgan leaving Carly's house, nor were they there to go with Carly through the woods. The ones at Sonny's house didn't notice Michael go off or see the new guy show up. By the way, do we know new guy's name?


New guy's actually pretty cute, but I'm really hoping he's some sort of undercover FBI/DEA agent because if he's just another boring mob guy, well, that's just going to get boring.

Loved the Carly/M&M scene once new guy was gone. Who knew all Michael needed to do was give his mother a hug?

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Hey, did you know Claudia's having a baby? No really she is. Did you know Sonny doesn't believe it's his and thinks it's Ric's? No really, he does. Did you also know she's going to have an amnio to determine paternity? No really, she is. Eeeesh.

JOlivia were smoking hot today. I loved that she answered the phone when Sonny called and made it quite clear what he was interrupting. Poor, stupid Sonny's head almost exploded. Also, Lisa LoCicero has one smoking body (speaking as a heterosexual female).

I loved all things Scrubs again, when they are working together, trying to figure things out. I also liked Maxie's contribution to the scene, small as it was.

I liked the Ric/Andrea scenes, but I'm annoyed that they seem to finally be giving Rick Hearst a crumb of a story, just as he's leaving