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Julie Marie Berman: A Pilot and a Movie

What's the latest with General Hospital star Julie Marie Berman (Lulu Spencer)?  According to the actress's website a pilot and a movie.


Pilot: 22

Julie is currently filming the pilot presentation for the show called, "22," produced by Daniel Kellison. She continues to work on General Hospital around the filming of this project.

Film: Rachel's Return

Julie is scheduled to star in the upcoming film, Rachel's Return, playing the character of Rachel. Filming will begin July of '09 and end in August of '09. She is extremely grateful for General Hospital's flexibility in scheduling around this project, and will continue to play Lulu during these months as well. More details on the film to follow...

Does this mean we'll be seeing less Lulu in the coming months? Is GH trying to lighten the load by allowing their actors and actresses time off for outside projects? Berman's onscreen brother, Greg Vaughan, had told fans that GH was being more lienient by allowing the stars to pursue outside work.

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