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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 06.25.09


Alexis… her deep dark secrets come into the light of day and there’s one little tumultuous teen who ain’t interested in forgiving mommy. What will the DA do when the Mayor tries to take some of the heat off him by putting it on her?

Kristina… what’s up with her and the newbie mobster? Is Dominic her brother? Will he be with her in the Quartermaine boathouse when Tracy catches the teen with her “pants down?” How much longer will Alexis buy her innocent act? Just how close will she and Dominic get?

Is Dominic Dante? That SEEMS to be what’s happening. The mags (although they don’t always get it right) are reporting that Dominic is Dante. So what’s in store for Sonny’s eldest child now that he’s finally made it to Port Chuckles? Olivia will still try to keep her kid away from his father despite his apparent chosen career path. For now, we’ll just call him Dominic who starts working for Sonny. Will he be Kristina’s guard as previously RUMORED? Wouldn’t Jason be looking into this dude before he gets the gig? Are they determined to ruin Jason Morgan for me?

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Claudia… I mentioned Jax blackmailing the mob moll but really is that a good plot point? Who hasn’t tried to blackmail Claudia over this shooting? And didn’t most of them fail miserably at it? Claudia can’t pull off a mob hit and no one can successfully blackmail her.

Who murdered Brianna Hughes? I’m sure I would be more into this story if I had actually known who Brianna Hughes was. Hell I’d take more about the Mayor prior to this to pique my interests. Not that I’m advocating the death of a well known character but couldn’t this have been a murder mystery about a character we have more time invested in? So who killed the mistress? Andrea? Robin and Patrick are on the case but Robin is the one with super spy blood running through her veins. I love Robin and love that this storyline is somewhat focused on the hospital but how about Mac cracks the case? Guza’s beloved mobsters stay intact and the PCPD actually solves something for a change. But that would mean someone would have to let go of their endless need to make law enforcement look like idiots. Who APPEARS to be the prime suspect and who will Robin try to prove isn’t the killer? Could Robin’s quest for the truth put her in harm’s way?

The Con and the look-a-like… NotEmily and Ethan have a deal but were feelings ever factored in? Will they be able to get out of Helena’s clutches? Will Rebecca have to choose between Nikolas and Ethan? Will Ethan make an idle threat to blow Rebecca out of the harbor?

RANDOM and CRAZY … With Frons wanting the Carly, err Claudia – Sonny pairing will we really see an attempt at Sonny and Olivia? Sam and Jason on an adventure? It’s been out there and what has them hitting the road? The teens they’ve been reduced to babysitting. Spixie fans… this MAY be your summer. Jerry’s return- short term… ZaCrazy’s MAY be for only one episode. What’s CRAZY about that is that it’s only one ep! Will Carly catch a clue about her Mr. Man? Andrea plants evidence.

Holiday… Anyone else have Madonna singing in their head? LOL… With the Fourth of July weekend coming up, next Friday’s GH is a rerun.