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Melody Thomas Scott Update

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TV Guide Canada'sNelson Branco has an update on Melody Thomas Scott's status at The Young and the Restless in the latest Suds Report.

In this week’s issue, Soap Opera Weekly is reporting exactly what The Suds Report revealed a few weeks back — Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) has hit an impasse with the CBS sudser during her contract negotiations. Her character has already been written out, but should MTS and Y&R reach an agreement, Nikki can easily be written back in. However, according to TV Guide Magazine’sMichael Logan’s sources, MTS is still working “on her own terms.” Several Y&R insiders inform The Suds Report that that intel is “not true. MTS isn’t dictating anything at this point — and her character will be written out even if it’s just for a few weeks.”

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