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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Karmic Justice!

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Since I didn't record enough of yesterday's show to recap I wanted to comment on the 15 minutes I did get to see since most of it agitated me to no end. First there was Heather who I have to tell you is a spiteful wench with no compassion when she gets in that courtroom. Then there's the joke who is Agent Aucker who as far as I'm concerned must have gotten his detective credentials from a Cracker Jack box. He didn't even investigate a sneeze before coming to the conclusion that Daniel was the mastermind with Jana as his cohort and there was no other possible solution. Add to that Victoria treating JT, who is her husband not her son, like a little peon who should bow down to her and I was just sick of it. She yelled at him asking why he was "challenging" her and how dare he do that. He's an adult and your husband whom you should respect and who's opinion you should respect Victoria that's why. Then move on to Nick and Sharon who irritate me on a good day but yesterday made me want to scream. First Sharon looked as if she wanted to laugh with glee at Daniel's misfortune. She may have some rights to be happy at Phyllis' pain but I thought she was fond of Daniel. And then Nick having more concern of whether or not he could trust Daniel to not run away then concern for whether Daniel was ok at all. I was glad to hear Phyllis call him on his garbage because that's all that comes out of his mouth anymore. So now that I've ranted and ya'll are probably sick of me hehe...I'll move on to today's recap.

Karma is in full effect today as Jana's past comes back to bite her in the form of Heather's spite and Adam's plots and machinations unknowningly seal his fate into darkness. Plus could some past misdeed of Amber's from her past be the reason Daniel is on trial for murder now? Everything is pretty tied up together today so I'm going to keep it all in one.

Adam gets bad news, Heather sticks it to Jana, and Abby shows her true colors:

Ashley went over to Restless Style to look for Abby who was doing a photoshoot. Abby came out all excited and Ashley told her she looked gorgeous.

Michael was at the jail to talk to Jana when Kevin showed up. She asked him how things went at the high school assembly and he said that they gave him a standing ovation. Kevin asked what the plan was to get Jana out of there and Michael said that it was completely unjust for Jana to be denied bail because of her past. Kevin asked how he could help and Michael asked him to get some of his silver chipmunk fans to write in on Jana's behalf. Kevin didn't think shining a light on his criminal past would help though. Michael left and Jana said she couldn't believe she was back there again. She looked sadly at her wedding finger and missed having the ring on it that she thought she'd be wearing for the rest of her life.

Eden told Noah to go to the photoshoot and let her get back to work. Noah said he wished she was the one he was doing the photoshoot with but Eden pointed out how much Abby hated her and wouldn't want her there. Noah left after making Eden promise to try and stop by and Eden went back to work.

Daniel told Amber he had to try and find out who was setting him up to clear both his and Jana's names. Amber handed him a piece of paper and said they needed to make a grudge list of anyone who might want to hurt them.

Heather went to the ranch to see Adam and Victor let her in. He asked her to make it a short visit because they were expecting a doctor to show up momentarily to look at Adam's eyes. Heather said she thought they'd already done that but Victor said this doctor would be running a special experiment that Adam would benefit from. The doctor showed up and Heather introduced herself to him. Victor asked her to go tell Adam the doctor was there and Victor thanked the doctor for coming. Adam was on the phone in his room trying to get more of the toxin to put in his eyes so Victor wouldn't know that he was faking his blindness. Heather showed up and Adam hung up claiming to be trying to call her. She told him the doctor was there and was happy the doctor might be able to help him. Adam snapped saying he'd seen lots of doctors and didn't want to go through this all again. Heather said she understood his frustration but Adam said she couldn't saying even the dog had more freedom then he did. Adam asked Heather if she loved him and she told him she did so he asked her to help him get free from that house and his father. (You know I find it interesting how unforgiving Heather can be towards Kevin, Jana, Amber, Daniel, and pretty much everyone else that comes into her courtroom, some who have been traumatized by abuse or physical conditions, yet she can be so appeasing to Adam who pretty much has no excuse for his actions. I personally can't wait to see her bad judgement in forgiving and forgetting where Adam is concerned blown up in her face.)

Daniel and Amber worked on the grudge list but couldn't come up with anyone who hated him enough to set him up for murder. Amber suggested that it was someone he didn't know who had some weird obsession with him but Daniel couldn't see some stalker being this extreme. She then asked him if maybe it could be a wrong time wrong place kinda thing or maybe the person setting him up was really after her. Daniel told her he didn't think the situation had anything to do with her and then it dawned on him that Alex might have something to do with it. Amber asked who Alex was but before Daniel could answer Kevin and Michael walked in. Daniel went over and apologized for Jana getting dragged into the whole thing and said he wouldn't blame Kevin if Kevin blamed him. Kevin said he could but he knew Daniel didn't ask for this either. Daniel mentioned how he thought he was being set up. Kevin asked if he had any idea who would do that and Daniel mentioned Alex. Kevin said he didn't think Alex could come up with something like this plus he knew that they still had security footage of him assaulting Jana. Amber asked who Alex was and Daniel said he was just some guy that he and Kevin got mixed up with a long time ago. Some students that were at the assembly Kevin spoke at came in and were obviously fans of his saying he was awesome.

Michael complimented Eden on her good work at the coffee house. She asked how Jana was and said she could understand being freaked out as she was totally freaked out when she thought she was going to go to jail. Michael went on to compliment her on her grades coming up. Eden said she missed her dad but it was nice to have a real home. Michael said that he could guess Noah was helping and tried to ease into a sex talk. She shut him down but he told her she shouldn't be in a rush to grow up and he and Lauren were happy to have her around as long as she wanted to be there which made Eden smile.

Abby told Ashley to sit down and was worried about her being out of the house. Ashley told her she didn't have to worry because everything was fine. Abby continued to not believe Estella could do those things but Ashley quickly changed the subject saying all that was important was that she and Victor were proud of Abby. Just then Noah came out looking ridiculous I might add but hilareous. Abby said he looked fabulous but he said he felt like a dork. Before Abby and Noah left to go get the photo shoot done she told Ashley to be careful around Adam because he creeped her out.

Adam grabbed a huge knife and said they could use it to cut the ankle monitor off. Heather grabbed the knife out of his hand and told him the doctor might be able to help. Adam tried to grab it back but Heather asked him why he would risk going back to jail now when he finally had reason to hope. Adam told her she was right and he'd just been on edge after Victor accusing him of gaslighting Ashley and didn't like Victor not trusting him. Heather said Victor would realize how wrong he's been once the doctor examined him. She told Adam she was on his side and wished she could stay for the exam but needed to go to the courthouse. He promised her he'd give the new doctor a chance and she left just as Victor arrived. Adam asked Victor why he hated him and Victor asked him what he was talking about. Adam said this was just another way of setting him up to fail. Victor said he and Adam owed it to Hope to take advantage of the opportunity she didn't have. Victor told him to come downstairs and they'd be waiting.

Amber wanted to clarify that these girls were actually going to start a fan club for the chipmunk scandal and they said they were because they thought they were the only freaks but now know they aren't alone. Kevin seemed flattered but skeptical and they all chuckled as the girls left. Michael said he thought it was great. Eden came over and said they wanted to book him for another speech at a peace and wellness retreat which just proved Michael's point and would prove to the judge about Kevin's rehabilitation. Michael also thought it could help Jana's image but Kevin wasn't convinced, although he was starting to be.

Adam headed downstairs but hesitated when he heard Victor ask the doctor if it was possible for someone to fake Adam's condition. The doctor said he assumed it was possible but with his equipment there was zero margin for error and no way it could be faked to him. Adam flashed to what would happen if it was announced and proven that he was faking and how Victor would attack him. He started to head back upstairs but Victor caught him and asked him where he was going.

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Kevin got another call requesting him to come speak and Michael reiterated that all this could do was help Jana's case. Michael headed out to talk to the judge about Jana's case but Daniel asked for a moment of his time first. Amber said she was proud of Kevin but wished she could find some way to help Daniel. They brought up how there was no one to put on Daniel's grudge list. Kevin wondered if maybe they should be focusing on people who were trying to get to him or Amber. Amber said she just couldn't imagine who that could be. Daniel talked to Michael about finding information on Faux-Aucker's cell phone since that was how they tied Daniel to the case. Michael said they would find out eventually during discovery but there had been enough of people trying to take matters into their own hands and Daniel should stay out of it.

Ashley came home and Victor asked if she and the baby were ok. She put his hand on her belly to feel the baby but he said he couldn't feel anything. He asked how the photoshoot was going for Abby and Ashley said she loved the spotlight. She asked what was going on and Victor explained the new doctor was checking on Adam's condition to see if he could help. Victor asked the doctor how it was going and the doctor said it had been a waste of time since he had discovered something that didn't make any sense. Adam snapped at the doctor to just say it already and the doctor explained there were puncture wounds in the cornea. Victor asked what he was talking about and the doctor said it appeared Adam had been injecting something into his eyes.

Abby and Noah came out of the photoshoot and were told they did awesome. Abby said she could handle someone doing her hair and makeup everyday and they started a bit of a facetious tiff over which one of them was more spoiled. Noah asked her to keep a secret and said he was thinking of divorcing his parents.

Kevin went over to Amber and asked her what was going on because he knew that look on her face. She said there was nothing and took her laptop outside to check her email when Daniel came back in. Daniel told Kevin he had an idea on how to set Jana free which involved finding out who the other person in the alley was and needed Faux-Aucker's cell phone to do it. Kevin asked how they would get the phone and Daniel suggested Kevin could be the one to get it.

Victor asked Adam what he'd been doing and the doctor explained it had to have been done by a needle. Victor grabbed him up by his shirt and snapped at him asking if the reason he didn't want to see the doctor was because he would be caught for doing this to himself. Adam denied it all and Victor yelled at him asking what kind of sick monster he was. He accused Adam of being the one doing all these things to Ashley. Adam again said it wasn't true and Victor asked what was true then. The doctor said he had seen addicts try to hide their addiction this way. Adam said he wasn't a drug addict and Victor continued to snap demanding Adam tell him what this was then or he'd have him thrown back in prison. Adam said that's where it happened was in prison. Victor told him not to B.S. him but Adam insisted that the sick animals he was forced to live with attacked him and he felt this sharp pain in his eyes. Victor asked why he hadn't mentioned this before and Adam said it was because Victor always demanded that he not show any weakness. Victor asked the doctor if Adam could have injected something into his eyes to fool other doctors and his response was that his tests indicated Adam had been suffering from the disease for some time now.

Heather told Michael she'd save him a trip because the judge had already looked over Jana's medical history and the condition that made them vacate her previous charges was no longer an issue. Michael said that case was closed over a year ago and Heather informed him it was now reopened. Michael asserted that they should just try to get through this new case and if she ended up being found guilty which she wouldn't be then they could look at her past history. He walked off leaving Heather with a smug look on her face.

Abby asked Noah why he wanted to be emancipated and he stated he was sick of the back and forth. Abby said she understood how much it sucked to be bounced around but it was better then digging through garbage cans out on the street. Noah said he wouldn't be homeless and Abby said then he'd be in a tacky one bedroom apartment eating nasty ramen noodles. Noah said maybe he'd like those ramen noodles and Abby replied with a very snobbish, "no way." (For the record I love ramen noodles and a tacky one bedroom apartment is not a horrible thing. This little girl needs a wake up call to the real world when you don't have mommy and daddy's money to bail you out.) Noah said he didn't need a chef to make his meals or a driver to take him to school everyday and would probably be better off without it. Abby said this was all Eden's idea just as Eden came in and asked what she was talking about. Abby accused her of shoving her hippie I wanna be free ideals onto Noah and convincing him to leave his parents so he could go play house with her in some nasty commune. Noah pushed Abby into the elevator as she continued to diss Eden and tell him Eden was ruining his life. And then to my shock Eden made a comment that made me like her for the first time ever. As Abby was going on about the poverty of a commune or what not Eden sniped under her breath, "oh my God no electricity? Where am I going to plug in my flatiron?" Good question...oh wait Abby doesn't do her own hair that would be too common for her. After Abby was gone he told Eden not to listen to her and Eden laughed at what he was wearing...have to say so was I. It kinda looked like he was vieing for a role as a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz or trying to get on a box of Lucky Charms as the local leprachaun.

Victor asked for confirmation that Adam had the same disease his mother did. The doctor said he absolutely did but the damage done due to the needles made it impossible for him to participate in the experiment. From the look on Adam's face you could tell that he had no idea he'd just sealed his own fate. Victor asked what would happen and the doctor said the disease would run its course and the result would be permanent blindness. The doctor said he was sorry as Victor sat next to Adam and placed his hand on his shoulder saying he was too.

Amber searched herself on the internet and said she had no idea she was such an internet celebrity. She looked through some of the search results and found a lot of it came from the same email address. Amber texted Allie and said she might have a cyberstalker and asked her if she'd been targeted too since they did a lot of the cyber stuff together.

Kevin asked why he should be the one to get the phone and Daniel said it was his thing reminding him of the pawn shop deal. Kevin said if he got arrested it wouldn't help Jana. Daniel guilt tripped him telling him what Jana did for him during the whole chipmunk deal and wondered why Kevin wouldn't do the same for her.

Michael went to see Jana and told her that the judge was leaning towards reopening the murder case. Jana couldn't believe it and Michael said Heather was doing this to assure a conviction this time around. Jana felt like this was karmic justice for what she'd done but Michael tried to convince her of all the good she'd done and that it had to mean something. Jana said she was lucky to have him and Kevin in her life but Michael said they were the lucky ones and he was going to pull out every trick in the book to make sure Heather didn't succeed.

Ashley tried to comfort Victor who told her that Adam didn't want to see the doctor because he was afraid of being let down again. Ashley said at least this meant he was telling the truth and didn't send the statue head and couldn't have done those other things either. Victor said he should have seen to it that he got out of prison earlier because he saw what the other inmates were doing to him and now his son was paying for his mistake.

Adam picked up a photo album and threw it across the room. Ashley came in and picked it up and said she and Victor were so sorry about everything. She assured him he would get through this just like his mom did and they would help him. She told him she would have never gotten through the past few months without him and asked him to let her be there for him now. She hugged him and he broke down in her arms.

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