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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Hey kids! Mama's away for the day so the spoilers went up a tad bit earlier courtesy of auto post (love that thing!).


Adam/Rafe: Hellbent on clearing Estella's name, Rafe starts to investigate the strange occurrences at the Newman ranch. Adam is confronted by the legal eagle and he is adamant on searching his bedroom. In order to cover his tracks, Adam decides to play both sides of the fence by coming onto him and declaring his feelings. This latest stunt works on Rafe for the time being. After Rafe leaves the ranch he, calls Adam and also confesses to having feeling for him as well which leaves the schemer rocked to the core.

Still blown away by Rafe's admission, Adam invites Heather to the ranch where she notices he's acting a bit unnerved. Adam brushes off her concern and the duo end up making love. Later Heather informs Ashley of her quest to bring Estella to justice. Heather is still clueless about Adam's real persona and she also built a rapport with Ashley since she has been a champion of the relationship she has with Adam. Things start to get hard for Adam to outsmart his family, Heather and Rafe which makes some things will start to unravel.

At the GCAC, the high school sweethearts start to get passionate when Chloe swings by and announces Sharon is getting a DNA test done on her baby. Mac is blown away by this revelation and bolts from the suite. Mac returns to retrieve an item she left and ends up bumping into Chloe. Chloe and Mac talk about Billy where the fashionista informs her she loves Billy with all his flaws all while Mac loves Billy for what she can change him into. Mac doesn't want to change Billy, she knows he's a great person and wants to show that. Billy visits with Mac to inform her he's giving up on trying to rekindle their relationship which stuns her. While Billy is letting Mac go, Murphy yells for them to help Kay where she's rushed to the hospital. During Kay's ordeal, Mac starts to see the real Billy she fell in love with when he shows genuine concern for her grandmother's ordeal and is concentrating on her.

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When Mac finds out Katherine will be ok, she seeks out Billy and finds him in the hospital chapel where he is praying to God. Billy prays for Mac to have a wonderful life without him. Mac becomes moved by his prayer and starts to tear up. Billy's revelation drives Mac to confess her real feelings for him, where she reveals herself to him. Mac lets Billy know everyone has flaws and wants to rekindle their romance and cements it with a kiss..... The duo realize they have to keep their relationship under wraps for now until they get everything worked out in their lives.

Mary Jane:
For those under a rock, it will be revealed who she is.

Smilin' Jack finds out the real paternity of Sharon's baby.

Paul/Nikki: The couple will soon face a major hurdle with their wedding.

Lily: She assumes that she's with child.

Phillip III/Langley:
The Lazarus man comes home and must deal with the fallout from his family. Word is the scenes are riveting.

Adam/Ashley: Still on the war path, Adam continues tormenting Ashley and her mental stability starts to crack. Meanwhile when things start to catch up to him, will he drive his plan even harder?