Crystal Chappell and Wally Kurth Come Full Circle


In an interview with Carolyn Hinsey at New York Daily News Crystal Chappell talks about how her return to Days of Our Lives is like coming full circle.


"I am curious to see where Carly has been for 16 years. I imagine I would be part of a story with Bo and Hope. The only thing I know is that Wally Kurth is also coming back [as Justin], so I imagine I'll work with him."

Which will make it old home week for them both.

"My first day on 'Days,' I took my top off for Wally, so it's full circle," she says with a laugh. "I was so new, I would have said yes to anything. 'Would you mind taking your top off?' 'Sure. Six years of Catholic school? I'm good.' I was totally not prepared for that!"