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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Secrets, Lies and Stray Teddy Bears

Nicole and Brady at the Java Café:

Nicole and Brady run into each other at the Java Café and chat together at one of the tables. Brady asks what’s wrong and she tells him nothing is wrong. Then, Nicole informs Brady that EJ got temporary full-custody of Johnny and won’t let Sami see him. Brady can’t believe EJ did that and Nicole explains he’s punishing Sami for lying about Grace. He asks Nicole if she’s okay with this arrangement and Nicole asks him not to tell anybody, but she’s going to help Sami see Johnny.


Brady wonders if Nicole is being nice to Sami because she’s still afraid that Mia will tell the truth and take Sydney from her. Nicole insists that she’s not doing this because of Mia. Brady sighs and says that he isn’t going to lecture her again, he just wants her to be happy. Nicole says she is happy and thanks Brady for caring. Then, Brady leaves to attend a meeting at St. Luke’s.

St. Luke’s:

Mia arrives at St. Luke’s and looks at the picture of Grace. Rafe shows up and sees her and they hug. Mia insists she’s okay and that she was just sad because she was thinking about Grace. Rafe has to go run some errands but tells Mia that they’ll talk later. Then, he leaves.

Father Matt walks in and finds Mia looking at the picture again. He introduces himself and remembers her from singing at Grace’s wedding. Then, he also remembers her from stopping Nicole’s wedding. Mia is taken aback by this, but manages to tell Father Matt that Rafe was just there and he was looking for him.

Mia takes another look at Grace’s picture and starts to leave. On the way out she runs into Brady who tells her that he’s there for an AA meeting. They talk for a bit and Mia tells him that she misses Grace and talks about the mysterious bond she had with her. She also tells Brady that she worries about Sydney being with the DiMeras. Brady hugs her and reassures her that Nicole will never let anything happen to Sydney. He tells her Nicole could use some reassurance from her about Sydney.

Rafe walks up and wants to know what’s going on and how they know each other. Mia explains that she met Brady at an AA meeting. Rafe doesn’t seem to buy it and asks if they’re hiding something. Brady tells him to back off and not act like Mia is a suspect in a case. Then, he leaves to go to his AA meeting.

Rafe starts questioning Mia. He wants to know who the “she” was that Mia and Brady were talking about. Mia says that she and Brady were talking about Nicole. He wants to know how she knows Nicole and she says she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it. Mia is saved from having to deal with Rafe when Father Matt comes in. Mia takes the opportunity to escape questioning and leaves.

Rafe asks father Matt what he knows about Mia. Father Matt explains he doesn’t know much about her, except that she sang at Grace’s funeral and interrupted Nicole’s wedding. Father Matt tells him he’ll give Rafe a few minutes before he locks up and then leaves. Rafe wonders why Mia would interrupt Nicole’s wedding.

Philip/Victor/Bo/Stephanie/Dr. Dan:

At the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie gets dizzy and faints. Dr. Dan comes by looking for Victor and finds her unconscious on the terrace. When he can’t wake her and sees blood he calls for an ambulance. While he’s waiting, he finds Stephanie’s pills and shakes his head.

Philip makes a deal on the docks. The mysterious person he’s talking to leaves and Victor arrives and walks over to Philip. Victor tells him he doesn’t like him meeting this guy alone. He also tells Philip that he’s doing a good a job. Philip thanks him. Then he tells Victor that he wants to talk about Stephanie. He tells Victor he wants to hire her on at Titan heading up PR. He lists Stephanie’s qualifications and asks Victor what he thinks. Before Victor can really say anything, the two of them are interrupted by Bo.

Bo shakes his head and asks what the two of them are up to at the docks. Victor and Philip are cryptic and Bo reminds them that the law can’t work for them if they work outside the law. Philip cracks that he’ll keep that in mind the next time he gets shot or almost smothered and the police are useless. Lexie calls and tells Philip he should get down to the hospital because Stephanie had an accident.

At the hospital, Stephanie comes to and Dr. Dan tells her that she’s lucky, she just has a concussion. He also explains that he knows about the pills and that she collapsed because she overdosed. He lectures her on over using the meds and Stephanie tells him that she’s ashamed about taking too many pills and promises she doesn’t need them anymore.

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Daniel comes back with Stephanie’s test results and tells her that they look okay. He tries to get her talk about why she was taking the pills but Stephanie just begs him not to tell Philip about the overdose because he’ll blame himself for it. Then, Philip rushes in and hugs her asking her if she’s okay. Stephanie insists she’s fine and that she just slipped and hit her head. Daniel tells him that the test results look okay, so she just needs to take it easy for a couple of days, and she should be okay. He leaves the two of them alone.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie overhears Philip and Victor talking. Victor tells Philip that Stephanie can’t know everything about the family business. Philip agrees. Stephanie doesn’t look to happy about it.


Bo, Hope and Ciara leave the pub and Arianna runs out to give Ciara her bear. Bo has a flashback about his vision of finding the bear in the woods and looking for Ciara. Bo tells Hope he as to go do something important but he’ll catch up with them later. He tells her not to let Ciara out of her sight. Hope looks like she wants to know what’s up, but leaves with Ciara anyway.

At Maggie’s house, Maggie asks Melanie if she could help clean out the Horton Cabin and get it ready for summer. Melanie tries to make excuses to get out of it, but when Maggie mentions Nathan helping, Melanie’s all for it. Melanie leaves.

Then, Hope and Ciara arrive at Maggie’s to see Nathan. They’re talking and catching up. Nathan brings up how it is living with Mia and Melanie. When the conversation turns to Melanie, Hope sees that Nathan likes her and brings up how weird it must be because Nick’s his cousin. It takes Nathan a few seconds to realize that Melanie is the Melanie who was involved with Nick.

Then, Maggie walks in with the newspaper and shows Hope that she’s in the paper about her donation to the autism fund. Hope isn’t too happy about it and heads to the hospital to talk to Lexie.

Melanie arrives home and starts being flirty with Nathan about fixing up the cabin and going out that night. Nathan isn’t flirty back this time and turns around and tells her that he isn’t free that night or any other. Melanie wants to know what’s going on and Nathan brings up Nick. Melanie freaks out and runs out of the room.

At the hospital, she asks Lexie how the leak happened. Lexie says she doesn’t know, but she’ll look into it. Hope says it’s too late to do anything about it. Maggie is confused about why she is really upset about it being in the paper and comments that at least people will know how generous she was.

Bo and Hope meet up at the cemetery to visit Zach. Ciara puts flowers on the grave and they look on and thank god for Ciara because they don’t think they would have made it past Zach’s death with out her. They comment on how sad it is that the two of them never met and that they miss Zach. They think about Sami for a minute and wonder how she’s going to get through grace’s death without Johnny. They get ready to leave but Bo tells her to go on without him for a second. He walks over to the grave and kneels down. Then he has another vision of Zach, who hands him Ciara’s teddy bear and tells him to make sure that she doesn’t lose it because if she does something bad will happen. Then, Zach disappears, leaving a worried Bo alone.

At the Java Café, some mysterious man is looking at Hope’s picture in the paper and comments on how she’s rich and sweet.

Arianna/Nicole/Brady at the Pub:

Nicole arrives at the pub and orders a coffee from Arianna. Nicole asks about Arianna and Brady. Arianna thinks that Nicole is jealous but Nicole insists she’s not. She tells her that if Brady’s happy with Arianna than that’s great. Brady arrives and isn’t too happy to see them discussing his love life with each other and confronts Nicole about it. Nicole leaves and Brady tells Arianna to just ignore anything Nicole says.

Just a few thoughts:

Bo and Hope are getting a story!!!! Bo and Hope are getting a story!!! YAY!!!! Well, at least it looks that way. I hope the writers aren’t psyching us out here. I also hope it isn’t completely centered around some stupid psychic visions but I guess I’ll have to take what I can get with this show. So, is this mysterious man from Hope’s missing past, or is he something else? I don’t know, but I’m all for bringing back anything that has to do with her Princess Gina past!

Oh, and hey, someone remembered Nick. It’s nice to know that someone does! Although, I do find it a little weird that Nathan wasn’t able to put two and two together about Melanie on his own. You’d think someone going to med school would be able to figure that out. I swear this show has something against good-looking guys having brains!