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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I've spent years listening to Carly harp, shriek and biatch at my girl Alexis and now that she is almost, sort of, kind of, being civil towards Alexis, I have to listen to Claudia harp, shriek and biatch at her? UGH. I was so hoping Alexis would remember who her father and step mother are, and go all Cassadine on Claudia's butt. Shut up Claudia. It might be your house, but it's Alexis' daughter and she chooses how to raise her and who she hangs out with. Then when Sonny shows up and Alexis mentions that Michael was at Jake's, Claudia actually has the audacity to say that it's ok with her, as though she has any say in how Michael is raised. Man oh man, I'm actually starting to hate Claudia more than I hate Sonny, and I didn't think that was possible.


Another thing I hate, is the way they are portraying Alexis (again) as a neurotic mother. She has a plan for Kristina which involves school and good behaviour and somehow that's a bad thing. Double UGH. And I hated that Sonny had no problem with Micheal being at Jake's. That he was all, "he's a kid, he's playing pool", even when Alexis pointed out that it's illegal for Michael to be at a bar. Of course, Sonny wouldn't care about illegal things, since that's what his entire life is about.

How old was Jason when he had the accident? Because I'm seriously tired of Micheal throwing that out there, that Jason got to choose to go work for Sonny. Jason and Johnny both pointed out that the brain damage is what made the decision, but Jason also wasn't a teenager. Someone needs to remind Michael that he's still a kid, despite his desire to be a grown up.

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Is it just me, or is Johnny the voice of reason (and the voice of the fans) lately? Love him!!

I hate when Mrs Mayor gets all uppity and declares that "if this goes to court, it will destroy my husband's career". Well, here's a crazy thought. If Mr Mayor wanted so badly to become governor some day, maybe he should have kept his pants zipped and his secretary out of the shower. I think it's more that Mrs Mayor wants to someday be Mrs Governor so she doesn't want the poop to hit the fan.

I wish Robin would go to Mac and tell him what's going on, so that Mac could be in this story too.

Good-bye my honey Ric Lansing/Rick Hearst. At least you didn't leave in a body bag!!