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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 06.26.09

Thank God it’s Friday! It’s been a long week with far too many sad stories. Which is exactly why I look to my guilty pleasure to uplift me, not bring me down any further. Can GH pull itself out of its slump to pull the fans out from theirs?


They could have started by giving Rick Hearst a better send off… Can we even call what we got a send off? Ric mentioning to Claudia and Diane that he’s leaving town for an offer he couldn’t refuse in LA. Is that how you write out an Emmy winning actor? I know, I know, there wasn’t enough time is their excuse. There was plenty of time. The minute Hearst was dropped to recurring an exit should have been prepared. They didn’t seriously think another show wasn’t going to come and snatch him up, did they? GH isn’t that full of themselves, are they? I’m sorry, this fan is bitter. Was that parting line of “I’ll be back” supposed to ease our pain or toy with our emotions? I’m not sure if there are enough words to describe just how disappointed I am in this sendoff.

More Coleman? It was nice to see Coleman back behind the bar at Jake’s and the bar SEEMS to be getting a resurgence of scenes. It bothered me when some day player filled in the other day but it LOOKS like Coleman will be making another appearance soon. YAY!

Who’s Robin’s suspect? Robin thinks she knows who really killed Brianna Hughes. Will Andrea Floyd overhear Dr. Scorpio’s suspicions? What will the first lady of PC do with that info? But will there be more to this story? Like Robin clearing the name of someone she cares about?

So I already mentioned a few times that the Mayor is taking Alexis down with him. Why? He wants to take some of the heat and press off of him by putting it on Alexis. Apparently, an affair with the Mayor means the DA can’t do her job. So what does an arrest for murder mean for the Mayor? But is the Mayor’s intention to get the charges dropped by claiming that Alexis is just a jealous ex-lover? Kristina is mortified when the news of her mother’s indiscretion hits the news. All bets are off and apparently so is Kristina’s good girl act.

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It’s weird to not be dishing about the usual suspects being dragged into the PCPD. Hey it’s still weird to me that we hardly see the PCPD anymore. It used to just be the fans having to dispel reality enough to believe that criminals walk free in Guza’s world. Now, they don’t even bother to show the PCPD anymore. But they must have used the set while they had it rolled out. There are RUMORS of Jason being brought in for questioning. What’s Diane to do? She took a high profile medical malpractice suit because Corinthos – Morgan have been “unusually law abiding.” Will Jason’s “questioning” take her away from the big case?

Michael, Michael Motorcycle… No! Just feeding into everyone’s insistence that Michael is Jason’s biological son. As previously SCOOPED, Sonny buys his boy a sports car and apparently he didn’t clear it with Carly first who is even more convinced that Michael should move in with the Q’s. Now, I love the Quartermaines and while I would love nothing more than to see them get some much deserved story, IF written properly, the Q’s are hardly a moral compass. Yes their business is legit but the Q’s have historically not been on the up and up where business or personal matters are concerned. This is where Jax’s blackmail of Claudia comes in. He wants her to help persuade Sonny that the Q Mansion is the best place for Michael to reside. Jason is initially against the idea but agrees that at the very least, Michael will be safe. Will Michael have the old man snowed too? RUMOR has it Edward is a little too permissive with his great – grandson and despite Michael being upset with Jason and Sonny for agreeing with Carly, he may be changing his mind when he has Edward giving in to his every wish.

Spixie Stall? Not in that sense. Maxie is ready to go all steam ahead and Spinelli puts on the breaks. Why? He wants to court her properly. Awwww, now that’s a love story. And now that I’ve said that, they’ll screw it up.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Ethan’s spying… Will he blow Rebecca’s cover? Will Ethan be a jealous lover or worried that Rebecca is going to back out on their con and leave him hanging? My new favorite duo, Johnny and Jason will be working together again. Who is Johnny loyal to? Not his sister apparently as Dominic wants him to help but Johnny refuses to aid the newbie in taking Sonny down. But Johnny MAY have his own issues with Sonny as he thinks Olivia isn’t as over Sonny as she proclaims to be.

How about a little fun on a Friday afternoon? Fanfic? Spoiler? Who is part of a hit and run? Who is the driver? Passenger? Victim? What MAY the victim try to spill from their hospital bed? Will they make it? Discuss...

Ask ‘em if you got ‘em… I’ll do my best.