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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Miss Kitty Miss Kitty, Oh What a Pity!

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I'm starting to wonder if everyone in Victor's life is inherently self involved and more spoiled then I've ever seen. First Abby's tirade yesterday, Ashley being a wench of all wenches towards Estella, Victoria pitching a fit over Victor supposedly brushing off Sabrina's memory plus going off on JT for challenging her, Adam continuing to blame everyone for his problems when he so obviously brought them on himself, Nick expecting everyone to forgive all the crap he's put everyone through, and on and on and on. The only people who seem to be semi quasi normal and whom I can stand in this family are Nikki, Noah, Summer and Phyllis. But I is today's recap. Again it all pretty much tied together so it's all in one.

Victor investigates and makes an offer to appease Victoria, Estella is arraigned, and Jack has sex with Mary Jane under the watchful eye of Miss Kitty Fantastico:

Victor called Victoria and asked her to come out to the ranch. Ashley joined him in the livingroom and told Victor that she was going out for a bit. He was worried about her overdoing stuff and getting upset if things didn't go the way she hoped they would regarding Estella. Ashley said she thought things would go exactly the way they wanted, but Victor wasn't so sure. Victor wasn't sure how airtight the case was, but Ashley brought up all the evidence against her. Ashley asked him who else it could be and Victor said that's what he was thinking about. Adam entered the house (in the form of the recast actor) and Victor asked him what he was doing outside. Adam said he was getting some fresh air because even though he couldn't go far sometimes it felt like the walls were closing in. Victor asked if he'd gotten any sleep and Adam responded that he'd dozed off around 3 am. Victor told him how sorry he was that the doctor was not able to admit Adam into the experiment. Adam said he was disappointed, but accepted the facts and knew it was possible he would go blind and nothing could stop it. Victor assured him he would leave no stone unturned in trying to find a way to help him and that Adam wasn't alone.

Nikki met with Victoria and JT and told them about Victor having Estella arrested. She also stayed firm to her claim that Adam set Estella up and Victoria was in agreement that the scenario was a definite possibility. Nikki said Adam got off way to easy for what he tried to do to Victor and this time he was going to pay.

Noah ran into Rafe at the coffee house and asked him for some advice on becoming an emancipated minor. Rafe asked him if he knew what was involved and Noah said he didn't. Rafe informed him that he would have to prove that he could support himself and had somewhere to live. Noah asked him if he could figure that stuff out would Rafe help him. Rafe told him to get some stuff together and meet up with him later but right then he had to go to the courthouse. Rafe left and Noah got a call from Nick asking him to meet them at the club. Nick and Sharon sat down at a table and talked about their new house and how excited they were. Nick remained firm that the paternity test results would go their way and be their "Cassie predicted" baby. (I swear if I have to hear about the predicted baby one more time from the most boring couple in Genoa City I may scream and jump on the train with Noah to divorce these two).

Mary Jane talked to Miss Kitty Fantastico, whose head seemed twisted differently than it was the other day, which wigged me out and told her that she and Jack were soulmates and he would realize it if he wasn't so distracted, but sometimes all men needed was a little nudging. (Of course she could just stuff Jack and put a collar on his neck with a little bell to keep him in line just like her kitty). There was a knock at the door, so she put the kitty down and opened it to Jack. He asked her what the business was that they needed to discuss and she started to strip in front of him. He said he thought it was a business matter, but her response was to kiss him and start taking his clothes off too. He didn't seem too opposed to that idea. (Better be careful Jacky boy, kitty is watching).

Victoria, JT and Nikki discussed the possibilities of Adam pulling off everything. They speculated about him having an accomplice. Victoria couldn't handle the conversation anymore and left to get a refill asking them to change the topic before she got back. JT told Nikki about Victoria having issues regarding Sabrina and Victor removing any remnants of her from the ranch. (AKA Vicki throwing a fit like a 5 year-old for not getting her way). 

Victor told Ashley about the day Hope found out she was pregnant and how happy she was. He admitted he worried all along that Adam would get the disease and go blind. Ashley was baffled by what Adam went through in prison being attacked and Victor said he felt like he failed to protect Adam like he promised Hope he would. Ashley said that was nonsense and brought up all the things Victor had done to try and help Adam's condition. Victor wasn't feeling any consolation for that though but Ashley kept insisting that Adam was strong and a fighter and medical breakthroughs happened everyday.

Heather came to see Adam and said she was scared after hearing him on the phone. Adam asked if Victor gave her a hard time for visiting and she said she snuck in the back way but couldn't stay long because she was due in court for Estella's arraignment. Adam apologized for his behavior the day before and explained he was right to worry about seeing the doctor because he confirmed Adam was going blind and was no longer a candidate for a procedure that could have helped him. Heather asked why and Adam said it was because Victor didn't get him out of prison before he got attacked by other inmates who stuck needles in his eyes. (He seemed to genuinely believe this tirade which made me utter, "uh dude guy, you did that yourself you moron.") He went off about Victor not trusting him and how horrible Victor was and pitched a fit. (Not going to lie I don't like this new Adam so far..not buying him in the role at all but I'll give it some more time).

Victoria and JT went to see Victor and he thanked them for stopping by. He told Victoria he didn't mean to hurt her and she said it was hard to see him take Sabrina's portrait down. Victor tried to get her to see how hard it was on Ashley to see that portrait everyday and Victoria's response was, "whatever." (yeah real grown up there Vicki). Victor brushed off her immature behavior and asked her to take over rebuilding his art collection where Sabrina left off. This seemed to please her and Victor said it was a way to keep Sabrina's legacy alive.

Estella told Nikki this seemed so unreal, like a nightmare she couldn't wake up from. Nikki said she hated that Estella had to go through this. Estella said she and Sabrina were always so kind to her and she loved being a part of that household. Nikki said she was a treasured member of that family and Ashley was just frightened and misguided. Estella said she tried to be a good person and wanted to know why Ashley was doing this to her. Ashley walked in at that moment and said it was because Estella was trying to drive her insane and make her believe Sabrina was haunting her. Estella said she didn't do that, but Ashley responded that the evidence said otherwise. Nikki suggested Estella go in and wait with Rafe then as soon as she was alone with Ashley she asked her if she thought it was wise being there in her condition. Ashley said she hadn't intended on being there, but decided it would be much more stressful if she didn't come. Nikki asked her what she meant and Ashley said that Estella had tried to ruin her life and she needed to make sure she was being dealt with so she could get back to her life. Nikki reaffirmed to Ashley that she was certain Estella was being set up by Adam, but Ashley copped an attitude and brushed off Nikki's thoughts saying Adam had been there for her for months and she wouldn't hear another bad word against him.

Adam said everytime he thought things couldn't get any worse they did. Heather told him he needed to scream and yell or just get it out and pull himself together because he couldn't let this destroy him. He said thanks to Victor he was ticking down until he would be completely alone in the dark. Heather said no matter how much he hated his father he had a comfortable home with the best medical care. Adam whined that he was a prisoner and Heather told him someday he would get paroled and she would be waiting for him with open arms. Adam asked her why she would want him when he's useless and she responded that he was a beautiful talented young man who she wanted because she loved him. Adam felt her face with his fingers and kissed her.

Jack and Mary Jane basked in the afterglow of their latest romp and she told him she was falling for him and asked him if there was a chance for them. He told her Sharon was with Nick now and he and Phyllis were just friends so she was the only woman he wanted to be with. Apparently that was all a fantasy because she snapped out of it and said she was going to go take a bath. Jack's phone rang and he said it was Ashley cancelling their lunch date. Mary Jane had assumed it was Phyllis so Jack asked her why she thought that. She said it was because he'd been spending so much time with her, but before he could get more suspicious she suggested they have a little less talk and a lot more action (Toby Keith would be proud of that one). Jack stopped her obviously disturbed by something she'd said.

Noah met up with his parents at the club and they told him they understood why he was skeptical about them getting back together, but this time they were in it for the long haul. Nick added they were buying a house where they could all be back together again so they could have a fresh start. Noah said the house sounded grea,t but he wasn't moving in because he couldn't live with them and forget everything that had happened. Nick said they understood there was some things that needed to be ironed out, but Noah snapped that one of those things was Summer's visitation schedule and he didn't want to see her go through the same things he did. Nick said he would see her all the time, but Noah reminded him it wouldn't be the same. Sharon said he was their son and belonged with them, but Noah said he would take care of himself and was filing for emancipation.

Nick asked if he'd filed yet, which Noah said he hadn't, but he did talk to a lawyer. Sharon reminded him he hadn't been abused and had two parents who loved him, so wondered if family counseling would help. Nick asked if this was about his issues with them or him wanting to be with his girlfriend. Noah said it wasn't about Eden, but if she did want to move in with him he'd be for it because she got him which his parents obviously didn't.

Adam said he knew he didn't always act like it, but he loved her too and she was the only person in the world that he trusted and didn't know what he would do without her. She said he would never have to find out and was sorry about all the pain he was going through. He said not many people would stand by him the way she did.

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Ashley said Estella had means and motive and outside of a confession it all pointed to her and asked Nikki what more she wanted. Rafe came by and said he wanted justice for his aunt and the so called evidence was a joke. Ashley brought up the box with her fingerprint on it and Rafe said it was the same box she'd brought by with Victor's stuff in it two days before it all happened and obviously someone was setting her up. Ashley said he would have to prove it and he said he would and would have the charges thrown out of court but nothing would compensate her for the humiliation that she and Victor had put Estella through.

Victoria apologized for blowing up at him over getting rid of Sabrina's portrait and Victor reminded her that things weren't always as they seemed. Victoria said the gesture about the art foundation showed her he really understood and she would make Sabrina proud. She got a call and left the room to take it. JT thanked Victor for his gesture towards Victoria and said it would make her happy. Victor said he hoped so and hoped things would calm down around there. He brought up Estella and JT mentioned that Nikki thought she was framed by Adam. Victor said it may have been someone who didn't live on the ranch. JT asked him if he had any ideas and Victor brought up Mary Jane Benson. JT admitted that he wasn't so sure all of Mary Jane's stories added up and told Victor about her reaction to Paul. Victor asked him to check it out so JT made a call to have the visitor log checked for Mary Jane's visits. JT said that she'd been a regular visitor for some time and asked if Victor wanted him to check it out further but Victor said he'd handle it from there.

Mary Jane suggested Jack stay there and they could work together but Jack said she was too big of a distraction. Jack told her he thought she was terrific but wanted to make sure she understood that their relationship was about fun and games or better than that sex. She said she knew that and knew he didn't want to get serious about it. He said he didn't want her to get hurt and she said she had no intention of getting hurt. She told him she had a meeting at Restless Style but asked him if she'd see him later. He told her sure and left. As soon as he was gone she pulled out kitty and told her she could feel it happening but needed to take things slow until Jack realized he couldn't live without her.

Nick asked Noah if giving them the silent treatment was a way to prove he could live on his own. Noah asked what the point was of talking to them if all they were going to do was make fun of him. Sharon said that wasn't what they were doing but Noah said they weren't taking him seriously just like they never took his relationship with Eden seriously. Nick said that wasn't true but Noah said they were hypocrites saying they'd gotten married as teenagers. They said they wished they'd waited till they were older and Nick begged Noah to not try and grow up too fast. Noah reminded Sharon she had a baby at his age and she said she'd never regret having Cassie but she wasn't ready just like he's not ready now to move out on his own. Nick said being an adult is hard and they knew that he was disappointed in them but he still needed his parents. Jack walked up just as Noah snapped that they were too screwed up to take care of their own lives let alone his.

Rafe asked the judge to consider that Estella had limited means and was not a flight risk and the evidence was circumstancial at best. The judge asked Heather for her take on the situation and she said she had no argument to minimum bail as long as Estella respected the restraining order. The judge asked her if she could do that and she said she would so the judge set the bail at $5,000. Rafe said he would post her bond and she'd be out within the hour so to stay strong. Nikki offered her support but as Estella was being taken away Ashley stopped her to snipe at her that she may be free for now but not to try anything because she was onto her. (I can NOT WAIT until that wench finds out her supposed best friend at the ranch Adam has been the one doing all this and Estella has been innocent all along. With all the crap she's thrown at Estella I don't feel sorry for Ashley in the least.)

Meanwhile Victor was on the phone telling someone he wanted to see them immediately as Adam lurked listening in.

Jack told Noah that being an emancipated minor was pretty serious stuff. Noah said he wished he'd never told them but Sharon acknowledged they'd been through a lot lately but they could work through this. Jack asked to speak to Noah alone and promised not to make any big speeches. Jack told Noah that most kids would be happy to have their parents back together again but Noah said most kids don't have parents that are total flakes. Jack said they may have made some mistakes but they loved him. Noah said loving him didn't give them a free pass to ruin so many people's lives like Jack's. Jack said Sharon loved him in her own way and didn't mean to hurt him. Noah said he just wanted to get as far away from them as possible and didn't understand how Jack could be so forgiving. Jack said he felt Noah's pain but asked Noah to wait a few weeks to see if he would feel things differently.

Victoria and JT returned to the coffee house and talked about her excitement over this new opportunity. JT said there were some new rules such as no meeting up with strangers in dark alleys. She promised her days of spying were over. She talked about the first art piece she was planning to acquire that Sabrina had wanted to get all along but was never able to.

Ashley asked Heather why she didn't oppose bail and Heather explained Rafe was right on all his points about her chances of being a flight risk and the evidence being circumstancial aside from the fact that she had no priors. Ashley had a little relief that there was a restraining order and Heather said if she broke it she'd be back in jail right away. After Heather left Nikki approached Ashley and said it was a travesty this was happening at all because Estella was innocent and Ashley and Victor couldn't see past the obvious.

Mary Jane met with Victor at the ranch and asked why he wanted to meet there. He said she'd broken boundaries in the past and he was afraid she was doing it again. She said she had no idea what he was talking about so Victor brought up her wandering around his property and insinuating herself into his family and asked if she thought she was going to get away with it.

Victoria made a call on the art piece she wanted to acquire to a mysterious man.

Nikki told Rafe that she felt strongly someone was setting Estella up and thought it was Adam. Rafe said there was no way with his blindness but Nikki insisted he could have had some help and brought up how Adam had lied to her about Ashley's whereabouts. Rafe said that was weird but didn't mean he was guilty. Nikki reminded him of how Adam had worked his way into Ashley's good graces and how the other day Sabrina's voice boomed out of Adam's computer and Adam said it was someone trying to put it all on him. Rafe said that when Victor asked for his and Estella's fingerprints he also asked for Adam's and asked if that was why and Nikki said yes. Nikki asked Rafe if after defending Adam in the forgery case he could really rule Adam out as the one who was gaslighting Ashley.

Victor asked Mary Jane if that place looked familiar to her especially the statue that used to be there. She asked what statue and he told her it was of his former wife and unborn child and said it was mutilated. She asked if he suspected her and asked why he would think she would do that. He said he asked her there to remind her that the only reason she was there was to keep an eye on Jack Abbott. Adam listened on and smiled at what he heard.

Jack asked Noah to promise to think about what he said and Noah asked him to tell his parents he had to take off. Sharon got a call from the nurse that the test results were in and she wanted to see them as soon as they could get there. Nick asked how it went with Noah and Jack said he thought he got through to him. He went on to say he knew they hoped Nick was the father and hoped they would get their wish.

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