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OLTL's John-Paul Lavoisier Says Stacy Storyline "Hard to Play"

John-Paul Lavoisier (The Character Formerly Known as Rex Balsom) talked with Michael Fairman for Michael Fairman Soaps, revealing that the Morasco Fiasco storyline starring Crystal Hunt, as Stacy, has pretty much been just as hard for him and real life lady love Farrah Fath to play, as it has been for we the viewers to watch. 


Michael Fairman:
Has this storyline with Stacy been hard for you to play, JP?

Johhn-Paul Lavoisier: It’s incredibly hard for me to play because it’s far-fetched.  Rex sleeps with Stacy and it’s such a mistake, and it’s what’s written.  It’s where Rex’s head is at the moment. 

So, I have to commit to the material, but it is hard to play.  I want Rex to see through what Stacy is doing, but right now the way it is being written,

he is not.  Stacy is winning and Stacy is able to fake him out at least for a moment.  It probably is going to ruin his life down the line, and even more so with the aftermath of the sex.  I am doing my best.

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Here's another telling quote about how Lavoisier and Fath are dealing with the story, via drinks and Poker:

MF:You and your on-screen love interest Farah Fath (Gigi) are a couple in real life. During the storyline, were there times when the two of you were at home together, when you were just like, “Now what can happen with this story?”

JPL: It’s gotten to the point where we look at each other and give, “I know, I know” looks, and we make a drink and play poker. (He laughs)

Well I hope Brian Frons is happy he now. He almost ruined one of his network's best pairings in years with the walking hot mess that is Stacy Morasco—although I did get a chuckle when Stacy told those little ballerinas-in-training their dreams wouldn't come true and they would end up as strippers last week— and he's driven these poor young stars to drinking and gambling!  Help me Jesus!

Thank the Soap Gods we started to see characters who resembled our Rex and Gigi this past week, now that Stacy's lame, plot driven motivation for almost letting a child die was revealed. I was five seconds from Wishful Casting Fath back to a finally revitalized DAYS as my dear, darling Meems, with Lavoisier as Eric Brady!