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Tabloid Says Y&R's Phillip is Gay and Will be Paired With Rafe!

The cat is out of the closet. The Globe has revealed the reason Phillip Chancellor III (Thom Bierdz) faked his death on The Young and the Restless. He's gay and could no longer handle the pressures of keeping it a secret to Nina (Tricia Cast) and the Chancellors. This totally lines up with all the spoilers and rumors we've been hearing i.e. every Lauralee Bell interview given recently. Smart move whoever leaked the story to The Globe though. The same old ladies who used to watch Y&R in the 80's read those rags. I know my Grandma did, every week!


"Boy run up there to the Books-a-Million and get my books!" she used to say about her Soap Opera Weekly,Soap Opera Digest,Soap Opera Update, National Enquirer,Examiner, Star and Globe (Is it any wonder I do what I do?)

I predict even the God Made Adam and Eve'rs will have to tune in for the reveal of a gay Chancellor heir! The tabloid also claims Phillip will be paired with Yani Gellman's Rafe. Hmm, so will Phillip ride in, wearing his white Trojan brand horse ,and save Rafe from Adam (Michael Muhney)? A better question is how will Phillip III's Iraqi war vet son Phillip IV (John Driscoll) react to a gay dad. Don't ask, do tell! 

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