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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Adam and Rafe So It Begins!



Today we had more of the annoying Cassie prediction tirade which ended in the reveal of whose the daddy. Adam and Rafe start down the road many of our readers have been itching for. Mac and Billy give into their feelings. And Mary Jane goes from being one of my favorite looney tunes to crossing the line into a character I hate. I'm sorry but you don't mess with children there's no redemption after that. But with that said here's today's recap....

Whose the Daddy? Cassie apparently knew from beyond the grave:

Nick and Sharon were still at the club waiting anxiously for the time to come when they would find out the results of the paternity test. Sharon freaked out a bit wondering why they had to see her in person and not just tell her on the phone. Nick told her to take it easy because it would only be another couple of hours and reminded her he wanted to know just as bad as she did. Sharon admitted she was worried Nick would be disappointed and he told her not to be because no matter who the father was he was entirely committed to her and the baby 150%. Sharon gushed that they were so lucky to have this second chance and Nick said he thought it was a sign that they were finding out about the baby that day since it was the anniversary of the first time he'd asked her to marry him. Sharon said they were so young and in love back then and they were still in love they just hit a few detours along the way. Nick finished by saying that they were coming back together just like it was always supposed to be.

Sharon returned to the table to find Nick on the phone with Victoria. After he hung up she confessed that she had hoped he was on the phone with Noah and that Noah had changed his mind about things. Nick said Noah would be happy once they were all settled. Sharon told Nick she wished they could do all this without hurting anyone and Nick agreed bringing up how Summer was freaking out. Sharon admitted she was worried Summer would resent this baby for taking her daddy away and Nick assured her Summer would love her new sibling and it would all work out. Nick said he wished he could go back and change things but Sharon said it was time to look forward not back and Nick agreed.

Nick and Sharon remained all giddy over by the bar at the club when Victor showed up. He asked them if they were all set for the meeting. Nick said he was very interested in what they had to say and Victor said he was too. Victor then commented that Sharon looked wonderful and was glowing just like Ashley. Sharon said things were a lot better and thanked Victor for not judging her. Victor said she would always be a member of their family and in times of crisis families pulled together. Nick told Victor they were getting the results of the paternity test shortly and Victor said he should have told him that and he would have gone to the meeting by himself. Sharon said that wasn't necessary because she had some errands to run and would meet up with Nick at the hospital later.

Victor and Nick returned to the bar after the meeting and Victor was impressed with his son's focus. Nick told Victor about that stupid dream he had where Cassie showed them their future daughter. Victor warned him that dreams can be powerful but aren't always the truth. Nick said he knew he wasn't Cassie's biological father but she couldn't have been more his daughter and that's how he felt about this new baby no matter what the test said. Victor said he had faith in Nick and Nick thanked him before taking off.

Sharon called Nick in the car and said her doctor got called in for an emergency C-Section but the nurse went over some of the results and told her the baby was healthy. Nick asked about the paternity and she said it was in the envelope the nurse gave her but she didn't open it because she wanted to wait for him. Nick said he was on his way and would see her soon and she told him she was in the hospital chapel.

Sharon looked anxiously at the envelope and couldn't wait anymore. She tore it open and read the result that Nick was the father and said Cassie's prediction was true. She said this must be a sign that Cassie was happy and at peace and she felt so blessed this was happening.

Mary Jane crosses the line to get back at Phyllis:

Mary Jane walked into the Restless Style office just in time to see Phyllis pick up and look at a picture of her and Nick. She told Phyllis that they looked very happy in that picture and Phyllis said they were. Phyllis said it was nutty how they started this magazine so they could work together and be together and now they were doing a family issue while hers was falling apart. Mary Jane commented that you never know what the future will bring but Phyllis said she knew, she'd read the tea leaves and looked into the future, and it didn't look good. Summer came in with her babysitter to surprise Phyllis with her arts and crafts that she did at camp. Summer reached for cookies and Phyllis flipped out reminding Summer that she couldn't just eat something without checking to see if they had peanuts in them because they made her sick. Mary Jane seemed intrigued by this information as Phyllis threw out the cookies because they in deed had nuts in them. Jack showed up and commented how big Summer was getting. Phyllis started to talk business but Jack said he had something else he wanted to talk to her about and pulled her aside to speak privately. Jack told Phyllis that Sharon was getting the paternity test results that day.

Phyllis told Jack what goes around comes around and said this reminded her of the time they were waiting to hear who the father of Summer was and said karma was a bitch. Jack said they should just hope things worked out in his favor this time for both of their sakes. Phyllis apologized for making it all about her when he had so much as stake and Jack said it would be what it would be and they just had to hope for the best.

Mary Jane told Summer that Nick needed to go home to her and Phyllis so Phyllis wouldn't have to cry on Jack's shoulder anymore and she needed to figure out how that was going to happen.

Phyllis said she should have been prepared for this but didn't want to see the signs. She told Jack about going to see Nick to get the money for Daniel's bail and feeling like a complete idiot. Jack responded that she should have gone to him for the money but Phyllis said she just needed Nick to sign off on it because they had a joint account. Jack told her she didn't need to put herself through that as Mary Jane eavesdropped. Phyllis thanked him for being such a great friend and said she didn't know what she would do without him. Jack told her she could always count on him no matter what she needed which didn't make Mary Jane too happy. She flashed back to seeing Phyllis and Jack making love and snuck over to the garbage can to get the cookies Phyllis had thrown away and put them in her purse.

Summer showed Phyllis a picture she drew for her and Jack went over to talk to Mary Jane. Mary Jane told him she really felt for Phyllis and wished there was something she could do and Jack said he did too. She suggested they go to dinner and figure out a way to help her and Jack was all for it. Jack stopped and told Phyllis to call him if she needed anything and he'd drop whatever he was doing and come running. Mary Jane ate a bunch of the cookies with the peanuts in them and gave Summer a big kiss goodbye.

Jack and Mary Jane showed up at the club and said hello to Victor. Jack quipped about Victor causing any more banks to go under and Victor sniped back that Jack should tell him where all his money was and he'd make sure that bank was the next one to fail. Jack asked if Victor remembered Mary Jane and he pretended not to know her well at all. She called him by his first name and asked him if he minded since they'd ran into each other recently and had quite the chat. Victor pretended not to know what she was talking about so she brought up them talking about a whistle blower who exposed a corrupt CEO and Victor flipped it saying he'd also reminded her not to get into something she couldn't afford. Jack seemed confused, Mary Jane got uncomfortable, and Victor left.

Phyllis came out and told Summer it was time to go but didn't get a response from her. She saw Summer on the floor unconscious and ran to her side yelling for someone to help her.

Phyllis called Nick in the car and told him Summer must have eaten the peanut butter cookies she threw away because she stopped breathing and was unconscious. She said she used the epi pen but she didn't think it worked. He told her to call 911 and she said she did and the paramedics were there but Summer wasn't breathing. She told him they were taking Summer to the hospital and Nick said he'd meet her there.

Jack and Mary Jane went up to her room for a little late night hanky panky. She sent him out for ice so they could have a drink and she took that opportunity to call Victor. She told him she thought he'd like to know that she had Jack right where she wanted him. Victor told her that her little attempt at a power play earlier wasn't the best idea she'd ever had and reminded her he'd brought her to town to get Jack where HE wanted him to be and nowhere else and hung up.

Adam and Rafe...So it begins:

Adam was on the phone with the club inquiring about Mary Jane claiming he had her phone and needed to find her to return it. He wasn't getting anywhere and hung up when Victor walked into his room. Victor asked Adam if he needed anything from town and Adam said he was fine but asked how the arraignment went. Victor said Estella was out on bail but the restraining order was still in effect. Adam asked if it was Victor he heard outside his window earlier and asked who he was with because it sounded like he was talking to someone. Victor said he was taking a walk but was by himself so Adam was mistaken. Adam asked if Ashley was at home and Victor said she was in town having dinner with Abby and Noah. Victor asked if Adam would be alright being there alone and Adam told him not to worry. Victor told Adam he would see him later and left.

Adam pulled out some stuff from under his bed and saw the picture of his mom on the nightstand. He sat down on the bed and looked at the picture closely asking his mom how she coped and remained unbitter about her blindness. He commented how strong she was and what an inspiration she was to everyone and said he was such a disappointment in comparison. He attested that he only messed with Ashley's mind to get back at Victor for the way he treated him but he never meant to hurt Ashley's baby. He asked Hope why she put him back in touch with Victor because she always tried to see the good in people but in this case she was wrong. He brought up how just that day Victor had lied to him about going for a walk alone when he specifically heard him talking to someone about plotting against Jack. He went on to say that if Victor could do that when he claimed to be in love with Jack's sister then he obviously didn't know the meaning of the word love. He continued by saying that the sick, twisted, and warped part of him was his inheritance from Victor. He pulled the disguise he wore when he dressed up as Sabrina out of a paper bag and said that he was now forbidden to lock his door so Victor could walk in on him anytime he pleased. He put the disguise in a box and said he'd have to put it in a safer place. He started to walk to the door when there was a knock at it and Rafe called out to him from the other side.

Adam told Rafe to hold on a second and scrambled to hide the box under his bed. He knocked over his mom's picture and was trying to put it back in place when Rafe came in and asked him if he was alright. Adam said he was fine, Rafe just startled him because he was resting. Adam asked Rafe what he was doing there since he wasn't his lawyer anymore and asked if this was a social call to come see the blind guy. Rafe told him he needed to talk to him about Estella. Adam said it was so hard to believe Estella did those things to Ashley and Rafe asserted that she didn't do it. Adam asked how he could explain the evidence and Rafe said someone was setting her up and explained how that happened. Adam asked who would do that to her and Rafe asked Adam to be the one to tell him.

Adam asked Rafe if he really thought he was the one who had set up his aunt. Rafe said he wasn't the only one and Adam guessed it was either Nick or Victoria but Rafe confirmed it was Nikki. Rafe said all the Newmans had it out for him and Rafe couldn't possibly believe anything they were saying especially since he couldn't even see his hands in front of his face and Victor had brought in another specialist who confirmed his eyesight was failing. Rafe said he was sorry to hear that and Adam said Rafe knew him and wondered how he could believe he was capable of doing these things to Ashley. Rafe's response was that his Aunt wasn't capable of doing those things. Adam brought up all the things he would have had to have done to pull this off being blind and said he must have super powers or something. Rafe said he wouldn't need super powers if he had someone helping him. Adam asked who that could be because the only other person who came to see him was Heather who just so happened to be the assistant DA. Rafe said maybe it was someone who Adam met in prison and Adam laughed that off as ridiculous. Rafe said he could have paid them and Adam asked with what because he had nothing. Adam told Rafe if this kind of evidence came up with someone he was defending it would get laughed out of the courtroom. Rafe said if Adam didn't have anything to hide then he wouldn't object to him looking around. Rafe started to look around his room and Adam hovered around the box under the bed looking frantic to find a way out of this one.

Adam told Rafe to stop because this was ridiculous. Rafe said he needed to know the truth and started to ransack the room again. Adam stopped him fingering his tie and said he couldn't believe Rafe of all people wouldn't trust him. He took Rafe's hand and said it hurt to think Rafe thought these things of him and that he thought they knew each other better than that. He said that it was more then a client attorney thing and there was something there that was deeper and special. He inched closer and ran his thumb over Rafe's lower lip saying that he had feelings and asked if Rafe did too, at that point holding Rafe's face in both of his hands.

Mac gives into Billy but Chloe interrupts the fun:

Chloe was at Crimson Lights with Delia and was joking with her about ballet fashion. She commented that she wondered what Billy would think about the photos for Restless Style and which one he would like best. She debated whether or not she should call him and decided to go for it but hung up when she got his voicemail.

Mac showed up at Billy's room after getting a text from him that sounded urgent. She asked him what the emergency was and he told her if she hadn't come quick their food would have gotten cold. She asked him if this was all a trick to get her into his hotel room and he promised her he just wanted her there to talk. He showed her all her favorite foods that he ordered for her and she seemed pleased by this and agreed to stay.

Chloe started to get frustrated that she hadn't heard from Billy yet. Her phone rang but it was Esther saying she would be there shortly. Chloe told Delia Esther was coming to take her home so she could go to the club and work out and maybe stay and treat herself to a nice dinner and maybe meet some fabulous man at the bar which would make Billy jealous.

Mac and Billy talked about his stint as a bartender in Miami and he said at least he would have that to fall back on if the thing at Jabot fell through. Mac joked that Billy was wasting his talent and should ask Cane for a job so Billy quipped back that she was the one wasting her talent working at a dive bar. They both admitted they took on bartending jobs to do something very uncomplicated after living through relief work in Darfour and with Hurricane Katrina. Billy told Mac that he hadn't been able to stop thinking about her since the other night when they danced and missed having her in his life because she was the only friend he had who didn't have an agenda or wasn't playing some game. Mac started to get uncomfortable with the situation so Billy assured her he didn't want to hurt her or Raul because if Raul made her happy then that's what he wanted too because he just wanted her to be happy. Mac blurted out that she broke off the engagement when Raul was in town. Billy asked her why she was still wearing the ring and she said it was because she wasn't ready to tell anyone and then saw him with Chloe and Delia and got scared. Billy asked her what she was scared of and her response was of what he might do and what she might do. She took off the engagement ring and put it on the table right in front of Billy.

Billy told Mac he didn't know what to say because he didn't want them to be hurt but he wasn't sorry it was over. She brought up the first night she came home and said she tried to put him out of her mind and he said he wasn't able to put her out of his either. She said it was too late because now he was a husband and a father but Billy reminded her how Chloe had told him it was over and gave him the ring back. Billy asked her if she loved Raul and she said she did just not...but didn't finish so Billy finished for her that she didn't love Raul the way she loved him. She said she didn't say that but Billy said she was about to say that. She asked him not to do this to her and he asked not to do what ask her for the truth? He asked her to come clean with him so she told him that even though she tried to deny it, ever since she came home it was always him. He responded by instantly pulling her into a kiss.

Mary Jane asked Jack to order for her and he asked what she was in the mood for but she remained silent. Chloe came in and Jack asked her how Delia was. Chloe said she was good and Jack confessed he missed having her around. Chloe told him to come see Delia anytime. Jack asked her if she'd talked to Billy because he was trying to reach him. She said she wasn't her husband's keeper and suggested he try Jimmy's. Jack said he wasn't there and Chloe said she was sorry she couldn't help then. Jack asked her to tell Billy if she saw him that the paternity test results were in. Chloe said she would if she saw him and asked Jack to tell her how that turned out. She told Mary Jane she'd see her tomorrow and went over to the bar. She ordered a water and then overheard another waiter saying he just scored a major tip from Mr. Abbott in room 437.

Mac pulled back from Billy and said that he needed to give his marriage a chance for his baby and the fact that he took vows. He said he made vows with her too and as far as he was concerned his committment and vows were to her. She said it didn't work that way but he disagreed and begged her to see that all those things that stood in their way were gone now and this was their do over. She told him it was so hard walking away and she didn't want to feel anything ever again and she was still scared. He said he was scared it would be taken away again too but was more afraid to not even try. He asked how they or anyone for that matter could walk away from the chance to be with the one person they were meant to be with. She was the one to pull him into a kiss this time.

Mac and Billy ended up on the bed making out and starting to undress when there was a knock at the door. Billy told her to ignore it but the knocking continued. He told her not to move and he would be right back. He opened the door to Chloe who asked why he wasn't picking up his phone because Jack was looking for him. She came into the room and Mac jumped off the bed buttoning up her shirt. Chloe snarked that she was sorry to interrupt but thought Billy had a right to know that he was about to find out if Delia was going to have a little brother or sister. Mac asked if Chloe was pregnant again and she said no and then said Billy must not have filled her in that he may be expecting a baby with his brother's ex-wife Sharon.

Coming up tomorrow....

Phyllis tells Nick that Summer is in a coma.

Billy stutters trying to explain to Mac and stop her from leaving and Chloe finishes that he just tripped and fell on top of Sharon naked.

Rafe calls Adam and tells him that the feelings that he talked about weren't just him because Rafe felt them too.