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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Lies, Plots and Misunderstandings

The Pier:


Lucas and Chloe are walking on the pier, when Daniel accidentally runs into Chloe. Chloe and Daniel gaze at each other for a moment, while an oblivious Lucas merely tells Daniel to walk where he’s going. Daniel apologizes and asks why they’re carrying so many bags and Lucas informs him that they just went shopping for their new house. He tells Daniel he should drop by sometime and is surprised when Daniel refuses. Daniel covers saying he can’t because of work. Lucas remembers he has to go meet Philip and leaves.

Daniel apologizes to Chloe for almost arousing Lucas’ suspicions. Chloe tells him he could come by sometime if it were a group thing. They are interrupted by a phone call from Kate, summoning Chloe to the Java Café. Chloe decides she doesn’t feel like dealing with Kate and tells Kate she can’t right now. Kate isn’t too happy about it but agrees to meet later. Chloe closes her phone and tells Daniel that she has to go to the Kiriakis mansion to get something for Lucas. Daniel offers to do it for her so she can avoid Victor, but she says Vic’s out of town. Then, she thanks him for always sticking up for her with Victor and Kate.

Maggie’s House:

Melanie is looking at the pill bottle she found by Stephanie’s hospital bed, when Nathan walks in and asks her about the pills. Melanie quickly puts the pills in her purse and tells him it’s none of his business. Maggie walks in and Melanie storms off. Nathan gets mad and yells at Maggie for letting Melanie live there.

Maggie asks Nathan why Melanie left and she tells him that she’s upset because Nathan knows about Nick. Maggie tries to tell Nathan that he doesn’t have all the facts about what happened, but Nathan doesn’t want to hear it. Maggie warns him not to jump to the wrong conclusions. She explains what happened with Nick and Melanie and Nathan feels bad for how he treated Melanie. Maggie tells him he should apologize to her.

The Kiriakis Mansion:

Stephanie has a nightmare about confronting Philip about what she overheard him and Victor say about not telling her everything. She imagines she has blood all over her hands and wakes up. She tries to calm herself down. A few minutes later, Philip wakes up and asks her what’s wrong. Stephanie looks down t his hand and claims it’s nothing.

Later, Philip finds Stephanie outside on the terrace. He asks her if she’s okay or if she wants him to stay and cancel his plans with Lucas. Stephanie claims that she’s fine. She tells him she overheard some of what he and Victor were saying. Philip tells her it was just business and not to worry about it. After he leaves, Stephanie is still freaking out about her dream and blood seeing on Philip’s hands.

Stephanie tries to stop her hands from shaking by getting herself a glass of juice. Melanie drops by to see her and the two of them sit down and chat. Melanie asks Stephanie about her headaches and Stephanie claims they’re not that bad, so Melanie pulls out the pills from her purse and confronts Stephanie.

Stephanie asks Melanie how she got them and Melanie explains she found them at the hospital. Stephanie says she left them there because she didn’t want them anymore. Melanie offers to throw them away, but Stephanie takes them from her instead.

Chloe comes by and finds Stephanie on the terrace. Chloe tells her she’s there to get something for Lucas and asks how Stephanie’s feeling. Stephanie freaks out about everyone asking her that and insists she’s fine. After a moment, she realizes she over reacted and apologizes to Chloe, who tells her it’s okay. She tells Stephanie she should find someone to talk to about everything. Stephanie says she has a shrink, but Chloe suggests she go see someone that helps her a lot when she needs advice. After initially saying she wasn’t interested, Stephanie finally gives in and asks for the name.

The Park:

Melanie and Nathan come across each other in the park. Nathan apologizes to her for being a jerk. Then, he asks her if he can ask her a personal question. Nathan asks about the pills he saw Melanie stash in her purse earlier. Melanie explains that the pills were for a friend who really needs them. Melanie likes that Nathan was so concerned about her. Melanie mentions that her friend’s fiancé doesn’t know about the pills and Nathan agrees that that is not a good idea. Melanie asks if someone should tell the fiancé about it.

The Pub:

Philip arrives at the pub and waits for Lucas. He talks to one of his men and tells him the money is in his bank account. The goon leaves as Lucas arrives and Philip goes to join him. Philip asks Lucas if he’ll be his best man, but Lucas refuses. He tells him he can’t do it because of how Victor treats Chloe. He says he’s happy for Philip and he’ll be there, but he and Chloe will just sit in the back out of Victor’s path of insults. Philip is disappointed but tells Lucas he understands.

Then, Philip and Lucas talk about Stephanie and how she’s doing since the kidnapping. Lucas tells Philip she should be getting professional help but Philip explains that she keeps insisting she’s fine. Lucas advises him to be patient.

Later, while Philip is on his cell phone, Melanie walks over to him. He closes his phone and Melanie tells him that she was just looking for him. Philip asks why and she sits down and explains she has something to tell him.

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The Hospital:

Kate and Maggie run into each other at the hospital. They talk about what they’re getting Lucas and Chloe for a house warming present. Daniel runs into them and Kate asks him what he’s getting them. Daniel says he wasn’t planning on getting them anything, but Kate insists he should and then she leaves. Maggie tells him he doesn’t have to get Lucas and Chloe a gift. Daniel tells her that he will because it’s the right thing to do.

Later, a nurse comes by looking for Daniel and finds him on the computer looking at candy dishes. She teases him about it, so he tells her he’s looking for a house warming gift. He asks her if she has any advice on what to get someone when you want it to be an impersonal gift. She suggests a fruit basket. Daniel seems happy with that idea and gives her a high five.

Kate eavesdrops as Daniel uses his cell phone to call and order the fruit basket. Daniel confirms that the basket can be delivered today and hangs up the phone and walks away. An unseen Kate comes into the open and gloats about how easy Daniel is making it for her to carry out her plan.

The Java Café:

Chloe greets Lucas with a kiss as they meet up at the café. Chloe tells Lucas about stopping by the mansion but Lucas worries that Victor was there. Chloe assures him that Victor is out of town. Chloe gives Lucas his surprise gift. It’s an old family photo album that his dad had given him. Lucas is excited to see it because he thought it had been lost in the fire. Chloe tells him Henderson found it in some boxes. Lucas flips through the album and tells Chloe what some of the pictures are. Chloe tells him that she hopes one day they can add pictures of their kids to the album too. Lucas asks if this is Chloe’s way of saying that she’s pregnant but Chloe tells him she’s not - yet. Lucas kisses her.

The Church:

Stephanie arrives at the Church to talk to Father Matt. She tells him that a friend of hers suggested she come and see him. They exchange some small talk and then Stephanie tells him she needs some help.

The DiMera Mansion:

Nicole answers the door at the DiMera mansion and isn’t too happy to find Rafe on the other side of it. He tells her that he’s there to apologize. They go inside and Rafe apologizes for interrogating her earlier. He says it’s just a habit from being a cop. Nicole can tell he’s not just there to apologize and asks him what else he wants.

Rafe tries to stick to his story about being there to apologize, but eventually changes his tune and says that he also came by to drop off Johnny’s favorite book. Nicole worries this means that Sami’s giving up the fight for custody, but Rafe assures her it’s just about Johnny wanting his book. Rafe starts to leave, but pulls a Columbo and turns around mentioning he ran into Mia. Nicole tries not to look panicked.

Nicole asks how Rafe would know Mia and Rafe explains that Mia is Will’s friend. Rafe asks Nicole how she and Mia met and Nicole tells him the lie about volunteering at a center for troubled teens. Rafe asks Nicole if Mia’s a drug addict. Nicole denies it and says of course Mia isn’t. Rafe asks her why she would deny it if Mia told him she was an addict. Nicole covers saying that she isn’t an addict anymore because she went to rehab.

Then, Rafe asks if Nicole ever goes to meetings with Mia. Nicole tells him that’s absurd because meetings are private. She wants to know if he’s interested in Mia because she used to baby sit Grace and thinks she was involved in her death. Rafe says no, but Mia does hang out with Will, so he wants to know more about her. He asks for contact information for the teen centre so that he can ask around. Nicole gets angry and refuses saying that it’s confidential information and tells Rafe to leave. Rafe tells Nicole to calm down and now claims that he’s finally ready to tell her the real reason he came by.

Rafe tells Nicole that the “real” reason he stopped by was to ask for her help in testifying for Sami in the custody hearing. Nicole objects saying he has no idea about the history between her and Sami. Rafe asks her what she want Sami to do if the roles were reversed.

Nicole tells Rafe that she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about the custody battle since the other side is her husband. She tells him he needs to leave before EJ comes down and sees him. He warns her to keep Sydney safe and then leaves. Nicole mutters to herself and Sydney that she doesn’t like Rafe digging around like this and worries that if he keeps it up he might uncover the truth.

On the Next Days of Our Lives:

Stephanie asks Father Matt, "Is it a sin to be in love with a guy who does bad things?"

Phillip asks Melanie, "What don't you want me to know about Stephanie?"

EJ says angrily, "Samantha... is an unfit mother."

Nicole tells Sami, "You will never see Johnny again and there is nothing I can do to help you."