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The Story Beat That OLTL's Patricia Mauceri Allegedly Protested Revealed

: More has come to light in regards to what allegedly drove Patricia Mauceri to demand re-writes of Carlotta's scenes as part of the "Kish" storyline on One Life to Live, resulting in the star being terminated from One Life to Live and replaced with Sopranos and Guiding Light actress Saundra Santiago. Here's what a source tells Daytime Confidential:


"Near the climax of a beat in the gay storyline where Fish decides to come out to his very religious family, he purchases a book on how to come out to your parents. Somehow this book ends up in Cristian's possession and Carlotta mistakenly believes Cristian is gay, leading to a comedic scene where Carlotta is first floored, then begins to accept "her" son's sexuality citing his sensitivity, artistic temperament and concern for his appearance. The scene was meant to be played as a comedy of mistaken identities, with Cristian continuing to insist he isn't gay. When Patricia read the script she went to the producers and demanded the scenes be re-written, or she wouldn't play them. Patricia felt Carlotta would never accept her son's "gayness". When the producers informed her the scenes would play out as is, Patricia persisted and the decision was made to recast with Saundra. Patricia has worked extensively with gays in theater and on film over the years, but her personal religious beliefs have changed. "

Twelve years ago in 1997 Mauceri starred in I Think I Do, a gay romantic comedy also starring Tuc Watkins. As Daytime Confidential broke this story over the weekend, we have not been able to seek out comment from ABC, One Life to Live, or Patricia Mauceri. We will be doing so on Monday morning. Keep checking back for further developments.

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