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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 06.29.09


I can’t believe June is almost over. How is the Summer of Corinthos treating all of you?

It’s been confirmed by SOAPnet Dominic is Dante!

The month of July starts with fireworks, as usual, but look for the explosions to continue all month long on "General Hospital." Let's tackle the big one right off the bat: Dominic is Dante! Dante is Dominic! Yes, Olivia's son -- and Sonny's secret firstborn -- turns out to be one and the same with the gun-wielding thug who made his first impression on Port Charles by holding Morgan hostage in the woods. Hey, guess we know why those two seemed to have such a strong rapport: they're brothers! But does Dante know that? And does Olivia know her son is trying to get a job in Sonny's organization? It's a whole bucketful of questions that's getting uncovered. But look for Olivia to find herself drawn to Sonny in the next few weeks, which is not going to make "Jolivia" fans (like, um, us) happy at all.

So Dante… I like the actor, I’m still not sure how they go from the big soap names they were trying to woo to this guy. Hopefully lightening strikes twice, or three times with the casting department as they did a fantastic job with Michael and Kristina. Time will tell and really, the actor can be fantastic but if the story sucks, does anyone really care?

What I’m waiting to see… Dante and Johnny! That SHOULD be good. I can’t wait for Dante to find out his mother is sleeping with Johnny. Here’s to hoping the writers don’t screw this one up.

Michael… Will it be brother vs. brother as PREVIOUSLY RUMORED? Michael wants in and apparently so does Dominic/Dante. OR will he move onto bigger and better things at ELQ? Now that he resides at the Q Mansion will Michael find himself in more trouble? SPOILERS have said that Edward MAY be too permissive with his great grandson. Is that how all this RUMORED mess happens with Michael and his car? Is he driving illegally or did Michael earn his license in record time? Will Sonny be bailing Michael out of his troubles by throwing his godfather weight around?


Karaoke Hospital… It’s an all (well almost) cast day! Jake’s has a karaoke night and everyone is there. Scrubs, Spixie, Lucky, Lulu, Elizabeth, Nikolas, that Emily look-a-like, Max, and Coleman! Who takes the mic? I love these fun episodes!

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The Mayor, the Mistress and the Mess… We need a shorter nickname for this storyline. I have to agree with many (and Luke) I am really liking Martha Byrne as Andrea Floyd. Am I still a little agitated over the whole storyline and who the main characters are? Yes, but I’m trying to overlook that to enjoy Ms. Byrne. I still stand by my original statements that a little more build up would have helped. I do however have one gripe and that is the diminished role of Matt. I was hoping he’d have more to do. Who will Andrea frame for murder? Will Alexis be the next suspect in Brianna Hughes’s murder? SPOILER has it Alexis is put on a leave as the DA while she must clear her name.


Jerry… what’s got him coming back and when will he hit PC? It looks like mid-July is the timing of his return. OLD RUMORS had him returning to go toe to toe with Claudia but will that mess with Jax’s blackmail of the mob moll?

Will Jason turn to an unlikely ally in his quest to take down Claudia? It looks like Jason heads to visit Anthony in prison for dirt on Claudia. Does ZaCrazy know she hired the hit gone bad when Michael took a bullet meant for Sonny?

Ethan wants cold hard cash… and Rebecca’s eye is not on the prize. Will he have to remind NotEmily that she’s supposed to be getting money and not love. Has Rebecca had a change of heart? Does she want Emily’s life more than the cold hard cash? Ethan needs to keep her in line so he threatens to tell Nikolas the truth if she doesn’t get with the program.

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Re-do? Will Kristina run into a little trouble with her boyfriend ala Lulu or Maxie? Are they really going to tease more of Elizabeth and Nikolas? Who’s bedding Andrea Floyd? Sam and Elizabeth scenes? Helena has Luke… but who’s this gal she’s got locked up with him? RUMORS had suggested that Lucky may know her from his time as Helena’s prisoner. Molly's debut, after her daddy has already skipped town, such a shame.