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Perez Hilton Links DC's Post About OLTL's Carlotta Drama

Perez Hilton
has linked Daytime Confidential's breaking news item about the recasting of Carlotta Vega on One Life to Live. As we previously reported, actress Patricia Mauceri was reportedly fired from the role and replaced with Saundra Santiago after Mauceri allegedly vehemently protested an upcoming beat in the gay storyline featuring Kyle (Brett Claywell) and Fish (Scott Evans) that had Carlotta, as a result of a comedy of mistaken identities, believing her son Cristian (David Fumero) was gay, as opposed to his roommate Fish.


SPOILER ALERT: After initially reeling from the news that her son is "gay", Carlotta was scripted to become supportive, even as Cristian is insisting that he isn't gay. Mauceri, reportedly strongly voiced her concerns to producers over Carlotta being portrayed as "gay friendly". Numerous sources say Mauceri's own personal religious beliefs came into play during the discussion with producers.

"Patricia is a very devout Christian and has been known to stand up for her beliefs on set," says one source.

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Daytime Confidential has contacted One Life to Live for a statement, however the soap opera is dark this week. A show representative has assured us they will get back to DC as soon as they can. Attempts are also being made to reach Mauceri for comment. Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as the story develops.