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General Hospital Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop! 06.30.09

I love all the Spixie love! Dare I say TPTB are actually listening to the fans? Despite the heat that was JoMax, Spixie fans have held strong and wanted their couple and it appears it is all steam ahead for the computer geek turned PI and his Maxinista. More to come? Yep and no worries, their loving that was cut short yesterday will happen and it will be for all the right reasons. That courting I was talking about the other day? Its coming and when Spinelli serenades Maxie at Jake’s karaoke night everything seems oh so right. I haven’t been a fan of the sex hospital; it just seems so trashy when the fans want love in the afternoon. This is love in the afternoon people, writers pay attention.

Another accident? Well Kristina is running around stealing cars with only a learner’s permit. Michael doesn’t even have a license and gets a fancy sports car. Of course there is something coming up that involves the teens and a car accident. It’s inevitable and the writers are pretty much slapping us in the face with the set up. So who’s driving? Who’s the victim? Who’s covering it up? When the children of a mobster are involved in an accident you can bet it will be covered up. Look at Michael when he shot Kate and skipped town. Is Kate once again the victim at the hands of one of Sonny’s kids? She’s been RUMORED to be the one that gets hit but is it someone else? The ASSUMPTION IF it is Kate who is hit is that this will be her exit story with Kate either dying from her injuries or finally having enough and leaving town. Those RUMORS said that Kate would try to spill a secret before losing consciousness and it’s Sonny who she’s trying to spill to. What if it isn’t Kate who gets hit by a Corinthos? RUMORS are suggesting that it MAY be another kid on the canvas. Before everyone starts screaming Cameron or Jake… that’s not what I’m hearing. It MAY be Kristina’s “friend” Kiefer. But is it Michael or Kristina behind the wheel? EARLIER RUMORS had Kristina driving and Michael taking the fall for his baby sis.

Remember, this should be kicking off the summer story of Michael and Kristina on the run. The RUMORS say that Michael takes the blame and then the siblings hit the road with Sam and Jason hot on their trail. As typical, the RUMORS don’t stop at Kiefer being the victim. One RUMOR suggests that Lucky could be the one taking the hit and of course with the GOSSIP that Greg Vaughan has been dropped to recurring, some are SPECULATING that this MAY be Lucky’s exit. So the tally sheet is that it’s Kiefer, Kate or Lucky as the victim.

CRAZIEST RUMOR out there… well there are two circulating. One says Jax is being killed off. I don’t buy it one bit but feel free to discuss away. It’s always the CRAZY ones that seem to get the most attention. The other one isn’t that far off considering there are two women with buns in the oven. Of course it’s a baby switch storyline. Is this all just FANFIC or is this really where TPTB are heading? Some are ASSUMING that Sarah Brown is done when her year is up. This ASSUMPTION plays into the RUMORS that one of the babies doesn’t make it and there’s an old switcheroo. How would you guys like to see this play out? Discuss away and tell us the story you have unraveling in your head. I’m not surprised. For some reason, in Guza-land, every pregnancy has some dire straits. This is just par for the course IMO.

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Sonny and Olivia… Are they going there? So many fans are loving JOliva and really have expressed their disinterest in a Sonny – Olivia hook-up. But with Dante hitting town and wanting to work for dear old dad, Olivia’s secret is about to come out and nothing brings Sonny closer to a lady than an illegitimate child.


Speaking of Sonny, Olivia and their offspring… Is Dante a mobster like dad or an undercover agent as once RUMORED? Whatever he is, he’ll try to convince his mom that he’s a mobbie with a heart.

More CRAZY and RANDOM… Patrick gives Spinelli singing tips. Can Patrick sing? I guess we’ll find out. Is Maxie worried Spin will embarrass himself? Liz and Nik? Not sure I’m 100% behind this but at least it wouldn’t be a LL2 re-do and I’m sorry to their fans but this Nikolas-Rebecca thing just plain sucks IMO. More pregnancy troubles ahead for Carly. Does she pass out while fighting with Michael? Will a drunken Ethan spill a little too much to Elizabeth? What will Molly’s role be in all this Corinthos mess? Will Cameron be aged since he was born BEFORE Molly? Molly SHOULD debut this week. What does “Dominic” want with Kristina? Jason gets hauled into the PCPD. Claudia is still gunning for Jason and tells Johnny that Jax is now after her too. Does Patrick believe in Robin’s theory? Hey, remember that other newbie? Ronnie Marmo? He SHOULD be coming soon but what’s his story? I’ll give you one guess who he’s SUPPOSED to be connected too. Sam and Lucky scene? It's been RUMORED to be happening.


Which brings me to a rant… Finally the PCPD gets a little screen time and where’s Detective Spencer? At Kelly’s dealing with his “brother.” Are you kidding me? There isn’t much for the PCPD to do and poor Lucky is constantly written as an idiot the very least they could have done was have him at work for those scenes.

Reminder… Friday is a repeat so get away from your TV and enjoy your holiday weekend!