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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: The Deed is Done..Where To Now?

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It seems to me that fans who have been rooting for Adam and Rafe to finally hook up may be on the road to disappointment. I got the feeling that Adam was not thrilled that it all went down the way it did. I could be wrong though so we'll just have to wait an see. It was nice seeing Nick step up to the plate to help Phyllis through this but I don't see what good Sharon lying about the paternity of her baby did anyone. I can't wait until Victor finds out that Mary Jane put his granddaughter in a coma..we may see vengence like we have come to enjoy seeing from him and it may make the perfect scapegoat for Adam to pin all his crimes on. All in all I found this to be a very enjoyable episode..but judge for yourselves and you read today's recap of Monday Madness on The Young and the Restless!

Victor has a lot on his mind...leading him to meet Lil Miss Kitty Fantastico:

Victor went to knock on Adam's door but Ashley showed up and asked him if he really wanted to do that. Victor tried to change the subject saying she looked beautiful but when it didn't seem like that would work he said he wanted to check up on him. Ashley told him he didn't want to do that and he asked her why not. She told him she missed him and suggested he go downstairs with her instead. Victor commented on how sexy she was right then and kissed her before succumbing to her temptations and following her downstairs.

Ashley asked Victor what happened to the adreneline shot that Phyllis always carried with her. Victor said perhaps the allergic reaction was too much. Ashley said to give her just a minute to grab her things but Victor stopped her saying they didn't want any visitors because Summer's in a coma. Victor tried to change the subject so Ashley wouldn't get stressed out but him doing that made her angry. Victor said he was concerned about Summer but there was nothing he could do for her right now but he could take care of Ashley and their baby. Ashley said that Nick needed Summer just like Victor needed their baby especially after what happened to Sabrina. Victor didn't want to talk about that and said all he needed was her. Ashley was pleased by this.

Ashley asked Victor what was on his mind before he got the call. He said it was about an employee who thought she could function without supervision. Ashley said that was never a good idea but she would come around. Ashley said the baby was hungry and left to go get somethng to eat. Victor called Mary Jane and got her voicemail so he hung up. Ashley returned and Victor told her there was something he had to take care of right then and left.

Victor got himself let into Mary Jane's room and found Lil Miss Stuffed Kitty Fantastico which unsurprisingly wigged him out a bit.

Adam and Rafe...the Adam and Heather..Busy boy with the blind eyes and not so idle hands:

Adam told Rafe this was crazy and he should shut up because he was just some client. Rafe said he was never just some client because they were friends. Adam said, "yeah friends right, I shouldn't have said anything," so Rafe asked him why he did. Adam said when he first got to Genoa City everybody looked at him sideways, all suspicious, and he thought he could take that from just about anybody, but couldn't handle Rafe thinking of him that way. He started to back away and said he was an idiot and they could just forget this but Rafe pulled him back starting to caress his face and said they couldn't forget it. Adam looked like he wasn't all to entirely comfortable with the situation but was doing his best to go along with it.

Adam buttoned up his shirt as Rafe adjusted his tie after something obviously had happened. Rafe said he should probably go unless Adam wanted him to stay. Adam said it would probably be best if he left because of Victor. Rafe told Adam that he knew he had Heather and the world saw him a certain way so if he was confused that was ok. Adam said he was fine but Rafe should probably go. Rafe could see Adam wasn't fine but left anyways. After he was gone Adam called Heather and told her he needed her.

Heather came into Adam's room and he'd obviously just gotten done taking a shower. As she approached him she said his dad and Ashley seemed upset about something but Adam wasn't paying attention to any of that. He pulled Heather into a passionate kiss which puzzled her and she asked where that came from. Adam pulled her into a hug, not saying anything, but obviously upset.

Adam and Heather redressed after obviously making love and he asked her if she could stay. She said she wished she could but she had to go finish up some work. She said she was in the middle of it when he called and said he needed her and she was more than happy to come right over. Adam said he did need her more then she knew. She asked him how he always knew exactly what to say to her to make her love him more and kissed him. After she left Adam looked very confused and upset.

Heather ran into Ashley downstairs and Ashley asked how Adam was. Heather said he was fine she just had to get back to work on one of her cases. Ashley asked if it was the Estella case and Heather said it wasn't but it was shaping up very nicely. Ashley asked if she was sure since there were a lot of people who didn't think Estella was guilty. Heather asked what people, Nikki and Rafe, who both were letting their personal feelings cloud their judgement on the matter. Heather told Ashley that the walls were definately closing in on the person responsible for doing all those things to her.

Adam got a call from Rafe who asked him how he was doing. Adam said he was fine but Rafe said it wasn't very convincing. Rafe said that might be his fault because what he'd said earlier he was just trying to give Adam some space but it may have come off as him sounding detached. He went on that what he didn't say was the feelings Adam had talked about Rafe felt them too.

Billy and Jack have issues with their women..the insane..the philandering...and the angry..etc:

Mac reiterated what she thought she heard trying to believe it and Chloe snarked that she thought somebody would have filled Mac in by now. Billy told Chloe to shut up but of course she would not be silenced. Chloe went on to rub in that woops Billy slept with his brother's wife but it must have been heat of the moment because they didn't use any protection but went on to say Mac shouldn't freak out yet because Billy wasn't the only daddy option. Chloe then quipped that they should all just hang out and wait for the results and then Billy and Mac could get back to whatever it was they were doing to which Billy shot her a look of death and Mac was obviously upset.

Jack and Mary Jane were starting to have sex but she pulled back saying she wanted him but she knew his head was someplace else right then. Jack said he was sorry and she told him not to apologize because she liked him whether they were in bed or just talking. She told him to talk and tell her what had him so preoccupied at that moment.

Mac asked Billy if this was all true but he hesitated in saying anything so Chloe piped in saying she wasn't supposed to tell her but she thought the test results were more important then Billy getting lucky. Billy asked Chloe again to be quiet and Mac snapped saying they loved this, torturing each other for fun, and started to leave. Billy tried to stop her and said it was an accident to which Chloe once again chimed in saying yeah he just tripped and accidentally fell on top of her naked. Billy told Mac it was before she came back to town. She told him to move but he wouldn't so she shoved past him and bolted out the door against Billy's protests. After she was gone Chloe was appalled saying she knew he wanted to go after her and to hell with finding out if he was going to be a father and asked if that's how he was going to prove what a nice decent guy he was. Billy said Mac was right and Chloe was enjoying this and Chloe sarcastically said yeah she was loving this. Billy said he knew she was so Chloe admitted that when they went toe to toe she got a tingle but the watching him wallow in despair of his deep love not so much. She said the issue wasn't her though it was Sharon and the baby and finding out if he was the daddy, the uncle, or one lucky S.O.B. who got off the hook.

Jack admitted he was distracted and Mary Jane said she wasn't offended because she could see all the people coming to see him for support. She said that maybe there would be one less demand on his time soon suggesting that she had a feeling Nick and Phyllis would work things out. Jack said he knew she and Phyllis were friends but Phyllis and Nick getting back together was not going to happen. Mary Jane insisted there was a lot of love there they just needed time but Jack pointed out that Nick's attention was elsewhere and that wasn't going to change. Mary Jane once again insisted that all they needed was a reason to open up, a little nudge, and the magic could happen so she wouldn't need Jack anymore. Jack said he and Phyllis go a long way back but right now his mind was on his brother. She asked him if he needed a raincheck and he asked her if she'd be okay with that. She said of course as long as he remembered what that raincheck was for.

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Billy asked Chloe why she was still there and she said she was soaking up the atmosphere and asked what had happened between him and Mac. He asked if she wanted to get all clever and have a Billy and Chloe show. She said that was their thing but Billy disagreed saying her thing was to trash his life. She said he was the one who had done all the trashing she was just the color commentator. Billy asked her what all the noise was with her being done and she asserted she was done but he said since she was there obviously she wasn't done. He asked her if she thought was going to happen would be chasing Mac off then sparking up an argument that would lead to them ending up in bed. She quipped that she was totally turned on by the fact that he wanted to chase after crusader girl and that he rented a hotel room to get lucky like he just went to prom. Billy asked her why she cared and she said it was because he had a daughter who was about to find out if she had a sibling. Billy pointed out she kept saying that and she retorted that he kept just not caring because he was so focused on Mac that he kept forgetting everyone else like his best friend Raul. Billy said Mac broke off her engagement with Raul and Chloe asked him what he planned to do, seal the deal, wait for the paternity results, and if he came back the winner he'd already gotten the prize even if he had to lie to get it. He said he didn't lie because there was nothing to tell yet. Chloe pointed out that he told her because she knew who he was but with Mac there was all this trust and belief in him that it would have crushed. Chloe asked him if he was going to chase after Mac or wait to see if he was going to be a daddy again and Billy responded by walking out.

Jack went to Jimmy's to meet up with Billy and asked him if Chloe told him Sharon should have the test results by then. Billy said yes to which Jack shook his head that Billy would go straight to the bar. Billy said Sharon knew where to find him and he had his cell phone if he was the lucky guy. This pissed off Jack who reminded Billy how much he wanted the baby to be his. Billy said that Jack was a great guy and everyone knew that just like everyone knew who he was. Jack told Billy to be careful or he could choke on that kind of self pity and reminded him this baby was a miracle and a gift not some new way to screw Billy over and if he couldn't see that then he was worse off then Jack thought he was.

Billy asked Jack if Sharon really wanted him to be the father and Jack said hell no but that wasn't the point. Billy had missed another wake up call and said the role of the loveable screw up wore off after awhile and once it did he would be of no use to anyone.

Mac returned to the room and Chloe was still there. Mac said she didn't come back for Billy she came back for her phone and it looked like Chloe was the one waiting for him. Chloe said that if she'd known what was going on there, a night of consumation after years of frustration, then she never would have barged in. Mac sniped at Chloe that she could spew her business with Billy to whoever was in earshot but her personal life was off limits. Chloe reminded Mac that she and Billy were still married so the fact that Mac was with him was her business. Mac said she got that Chloe still wanted Billy which Chloe denied. But Mac said bringing Raul all the way back from DC with a made up excuse just to keep Mac and Billy apart and now this showed otherwise. But she wasn't the one who chased Billy he went after her. Chloe told Mac she sent all the signals to Billy that she wanted him back but couldn't just say "I want you too." Mac asked Chloe why she cared if she didn't want Billy and Chloe's response was that she loved him, faults, quirks, hangups and all and the reason they would never be together was because she saw him for who he was and he hated it. She said Mac looked at him and wanted to fix him like the people in Darfur but that's not what Billy needed what he needed was to get a grip on reality of what was really going on and get the fantasy out of his head. Chloe said all Mac wanted to do was change him which she didn't get because that's not what love is. 

Jack said it was over and Sharon knew who the father was. Billy said he didn't get a phone call and Jack said he didn't either which probably meant that Nick was the father and Sharon got her wish. Sharon came into the bar and told both of them that Jack was the father and it was a girl. Mary Jane came into the bar to eavesdrop and heard the news.

Sharon has a karmic dilemma while Nick and Phyllis pray for their daughter to recover:

Sharon prayed and said she knew she had no right to ask with all she'd done but now she had a healthy baby girl inside of her that was Nick's and Cassie had been right in saying she and Nick would have a baby girl someday and it was her last gift to them. She said this was a sign that she and Nick were meant to be together and even though it wouldn't always be easy they would make it because of Cassie and that baby. She stood and wondered where Nick was because she couldn't wait to tell him how wonderful their lives were going to be.

Nick was in another hospital room with Phyllis who was asking the doctor why Summer wouldn't wake up. The doctor said Summer's body was in shock and with her current vitals it was showing that she was currently comatose. Nick approached and Phyllis told him about the cookies that were on her desk but that she'd thrown them out and didn't know how Summer got into them.

Phyllis talked to Summer and told her she would give her anything she wanted all she had to do was wakeup. She noticed the bracelet on her arm and got upset. Nick asked her what was wrong and she said Summer had made her that bracelet. Nick flashed back to when Cassie was hooked up to all those machines and a look of terror crossed his face. Phyllis noticed and told him he didn't have to be scared to talk to her or touch her. Phyllis begged him to talk to Summer so he sat by her and took her hand and said he was right there.

Sharon was still in the chapel talking to Cassie saying it was a miracle and she and Nick were buying a house but in her heart there would always be a room there for her and Noah, the new baby and Nick. She grabbed her phone to call Nick to see where he was and noticed he'd called. She got his voicemail that Summer was rushed to the hospital.

Nick was outside Summer's room on the phone with Victor filling him in. He came back into the room and told Phyllis Victor sent his love to Summer. Sharon showed up and looked into the room where Nick was asking Phyllis if there was anyone she wanted him to call like Daniel or Michael. She told him no because they would either cry or be brave and say all the right things and she couldn't hear that right now. Phyllis said she didn't want anyone to come there because they shouldn't be there, Summer should be home in her own bed and safe. Nick pulled Phyllis into a hug to comfort her and when Sharon saw this she ran out. Phyllis pulled back and went back to begging Summer to wake up.

Sharon returned to the chapel and said Nick was breaking and this was just like Cassie and asked why this was happening to an innocent little girl. She wondered if it was because of her and Nick being together when he was still with Phyllis and said she thought their baby was God's blessing on them but was she wrong. She said Phyllis warned her it would destroy Nick if she forced him to pick her over Phyllis and Summer and started to freak out. Sharon tried to reassure the baby and herself that Summer would be ok but wondered if this was karma but said there's no way an innocent child would suffer for her and Nick finding their way back to each other. She begged to be shown how she could help Nick and said she would do whatever it took.

The doctor's prepared to take Summer for more tests and said their biggest concern was brain damage due to lack of oxygen. Phyllis asked if she could go with Summer and the doctor said no but reassured her Summer wouldn't feel a thing. Phyllis told Summer that she and Nick loved her before the doctors wheeled her out. As soon as they were gone she apologized to Nick and said now that no one was there he didn't have to pretend to be nice to her or be noble. Nick seemed confused but Phyllis snapped and said she'd hurt their daughter by leaving those cookies around and it was all her fault. Nick told Phyllis she saved Summer's life but Phyllis was still convinced it was all her fault. She told Nick that she knew he hated her and she didn't blame him because she hated herself too. Nick said he wasn't going to let her push him away and pulled her into a hug as Sharon once again looked on from outside the door.

Phyllis continued to say this was her fault but Nick stopped her and reminded her that when he first saw Summer he froze. Just like he froze when Cassie died and wasn't there for anyone who needed him. He said he was worthless back then but Phyllis told him he wasn't useless. Nick said he wouldn't do that again and was going to be there for her and Summer for every step of anything they needed. Phyllis said he shouldn't have to go through this and he said she shouldn't either. Nick asserted that neither one of them were going to run from this because if he did he would die inside and couldn't come back from that type of pain again. Phyllis promised she wouldn't push him away then said she needed to go fix her face because she didn't want Summer to see her like this if she woke up. Nick corrected her and said WHEN Summer woke up. After Phyllis was gone Nick turned to see Sharon outside of the room.

Nick went out to talk to Sharon and told her that Summer was in a coma and said they were testing for brain damage. Sharon said she was sorry and Nick responded that even though Summer was getting so grown up and big he still felt like he could fit her in the palm of his hand. He asked Sharon if she saw the paternity results and she responded that she hadn't looked yet but all that mattered right now was Summer and her knowing her daddy was there for her. The doctor brought Summer back to her room and Nick went to rejoin her and Phyllis.

The doctor said they weren't able to rule out any permanent brain damage. Nick asked how bad it could be and the doctor responded they wouldn't know for awhile. His beeper went off and he told them he had to go but assured them he would do everything he could for their daughter. After he was gone Phyllis prayed to God to let Summer smile and play again and know that her parents love her. Nick begged God not to take their little girl.

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