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THIS is why SOAPnet Should Do a Santa Barbara TV Movie! (VIDEO)

I got so excited reminiscing about Santa Barbara,  television's best soap opera EVER, on Twitter that I decided to share these soaptastic clips here on DC. They are from SB's infamous Aqua Land remote, where the dastardly Kirk Cranston (Robert Newman) planned to finally do away with our starcrossed lovers Cruz Castillo (A Martinez) and Eden Capwell (Marcy Walker) once and for all! For fans who have only seen Newman as the heroic, straight-laced Josh Lewis on Guiding Light, seeing him as Eden's psychotic ex might be a bit of a shock. I say it's high time SOAPnet assembled 10-15 of Santa Barbara's key players, and produced a splashy two-part miniseries! Thanks Katieeee9999 for the MVIDs.

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