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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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How did the mayor having an affair and possibly killing his mistress suddenly become about Alexis being an evil person/mother? I find it mind boggling that Alexis, supposedly having a one night stand with a married man, is a bigger story than that married man, who is an elected official cheating on his wife yet again. To top it off, the woman shows up dead under suspicious circumstances. UGH!


I hated Kristina getting all up in her mother's face (although I'll give kudos to Lexi Ainsworth). I also hated Michael being lippy to Alexis and I hated Sonny joking with Michael about Alexis. It was totally inappropriate.

I'm glad Jax is giving Claudia an ultimatum, but he should probably have the evidence ready in case Claudia decides to shut him up. Although, the way Claudia's hits have been going, I guess I should say whoever is standing beside Jax should be ready!

I'm glad Carly seems to finally be putting her foot down when it comes to Michael and I like that she's not afraid to be the "beyotch" mother, but at the same time, it's a little too little too late. I'm also conflicted on the whole Michael going to live with the Quartermaines thing. Part of me is glad that we'll get to see the Q's, but the other part of me is annoyed that Carly has basically messed up Michael's life and decides now that the Q's were the best place for him after all. In a way, I wish Monica would have told her, "You made her bed, go lie in it."

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I liked seeing the Coleman/Patrick/Johnny scene, despite it being so brief. I'm still loving Scrubs and Spixie working together to solve the mystery, although I keep wondering where Matt is in the story.

I don't love the new Spixie love story. I actually think those two worked better when they were slightly at odds with each other. Maxie desperate to bed Spinelli doesn't ring true to me for some reason.

The bad editing award of the day (otherwise known as the Speed of Light Award) goes to Olivia, who was in Jax's office, then in the very next scene, was at Jake's with Johnny in a completely different outfit, while Scrubs and Spixie were still having the same conversation.

I still hate everything Nikolas/Rebecca/Ethan.

**In case I don't get a chance to get my column posted tomorrow, Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians. For you Americans, well, happy Wednesday!**