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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 07.01.09


Dominic/Dante… What’s in a name anyways? Apparently Dante wanted to protect his mother from his line of work and decided to change his name to Dominic. Protecting the innocent huh Dante? Well Olivia isn’t so innocent. She’s been keeping secrets from everyone about who Dante’s daddy is. How long will we have to wait this reveal out? Not sure but don’t expect for it to be out in the open just yet.

Claudia’s role in Dante’s story… Dominic wants Claudia to smooth things over with Sonny and get him on the inside. Will Sonny just give the man who held a gun on his boys and Carly a job? Really, what’s going to stop Sonny from killing Dominic on the spot? Obviously something does and it doesn’t appear to be the reveal that he’s actually Sonny’s son.

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Kudos to Maurice Benard and Steve Burton… those scenes yesterday were the Sonny and Jason of old. So many emotions coming off them in waves. Is this a rare glimpse or a sign of what’s to come?

Rebecca, Nikolas, Ethan, boring… I’m sorry, I really am. I used to be a huge fan of the NEM pairing but this re-do is garbage. There has been no magic recaptured, I don’t buy this love story at all, I’m not feeling any sort of confliction on Rebecca’s part and this hyper speed of a relationship is laughable. They drag their feet on other pairings but Nikolas is asking Rebecca to move in with him? Will the ladies in Nik’s life team up to uncover the mess that he’s gotten himself into? Will someone come to Rebecca’s defense?

CRAZY RUMOR that Kate may never return to PC! With all the TALK over who is the victim of the hit and run, the LATEST is that Kate MAY not even be back in town to get hit by a car. COULD she be calling Olivia with the news that she plans to stay in Paris? Is that why we never saw the story about her blackmail and Jax learning that Kate was sabotaging Crimson unfold? Why am I surprised? GH gave Rick Hearst the worst send off in the history of the show… wait; Nadine’s (Claire Coffee)was pretty bad as well… I really shouldn’t expect anything more for Megan Ward.

Reports that the Kiefer character, you know Kristina’s friend has been bumped to recurring status. RUMORS had said TPTB were looking to bulk up Kristina and Michael’s friends. I don’t even have the words…

CRAZY and RANDOM… Is Uncle Rudy coming to PC? Is ZaCrazy calling Jason for a meeting? Ethan’s jealous. A proposal? Marriage or something else? Sebastian Roche tweeted that he’s back for a month and has already started taping. Luke just posted the news... Lisa LoCicero is now on contract!