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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: And the Emmy Goes To..Lil Miss Kitty Fantastico!

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Sharon continues to lie on today's episode which boggles the mind because if she's doing this to ease Nick's pain it seems like she's only making it worse. Heather starts to once again jump to conclusions before really looking into a situation. Jeffrey makes the idiotic mistake of thinking he can overthrow Victor but Gloria is obviously rattled. And Lily shows signs of actually having some of Dru in her as she takes on Nina face to face.

Blood Tests and Catfights at the Chancellor Estate:

Jill was on the phone with her boss saying she had a family emergency but got someone to cover for her. Katherine came in and asked where Jill had been. Jill said Katherine looked really tired and Katherine said she hadn't been sleeping well. Jill said when they found out who moved Phillip's body that would be where the torture began. Katherine advised Jill that she didn't want her taking her anger out on Nina. Jill snapped saying that Nina was the one throwing around accusations and placing all the blame on Cane but God forbid someone be hard on her. Katherine snapped back that Nina was looking for answers and wondered if Nina was right and the child Jill had given birth to was wandering around out there somewhere.

Cane was at his bar and got a call from someone who wondered if he'd heard from Phillip. Cane said he hadn't heard from him but if this person saw him to have him call Cane right away. Lily came in and asked what was going on and Cane said he was just trying to get in touch with his flaky uncle about some financial matters. Cane left the room and Lily looked at Cane's phone noticing a lot of outgoing calls to "Langley."

Nina met up with Neil at Crimson Lights and talked about what was going on with Phillip's body missing and her son possibly being sick. He asked her if they found anything out and she said no but she suspected Cane in being involved somehow. Neil was shocked by this and Nina said that's why she wanted to talk to him because she was worried about Lily. Neil couldn't believe it and Nina explained she didn't even think that Cane was Jill's son at all. Neil pointed out that Cane wasn't a con but a man who earned his own keep and turned down money from both Katherine and Jill. Nina asked if this was before or after she came to town asking questions and Neil's response was that all he knew was what she was saying didn't jive with what he knew of Cane. Nina said for Lily's sake she hoped she was wrong but if she wasn't Lily was going to need Neil.

Jill asked Katherine what happened to her being able to see through people like Nina and pointed out the type of person Nina used to be. Katherine said people could change and Jill said not that much so Katherine wondered what that said about Jill and her past mistakes. Before the argument could go further Cane and Lily showed up and Jill apologized again for putting him through this. Katherine offered iced tea and Cane went with her to help her. Jill asked Lily if Cane was upset with her and she said he wasn't but asked if Jill knew anything about Cane's uncle Langley because he'd disappeared and there was apparently some financial problems and said that's where Cane's focus was right now not on proving he was who he said he was.

Nina showed up at the mansion and Jill asked her what she was doing there. The nurse came in to take his blood and Cane asked if they could have some privacy because this was hard enough without an audience. Nina glibbly told him not to think of them as an audience but as witnesses. Jill snapped that they should just get this over with and Katherine said after a few drops of blood they would all have the answers that they needed.

Nina asked when they would get the results and the nurse told her it would be by the end of the week. Lily said it didn't matter when they got the results because it wouldn't change anything. Nina told Lily for her sake she hoped not. Lily said that was such bull because anyone could see how excited Nina was. Katherine tried to stop Lily but she continued saying Nina must have felt like she was in one of her screenplays where the heroine catches the masked villian and she was confusing fiction with reality. Nina told Lily that no offense but she didn't have the best track record of knowing when she was being conned. Katherine once again told them to stop but Lily said that she had been lied to and that's why she appreciated Cane so much for his honesty and integrity. Nina rolled her eyes as Lily asked her what she was even basing her accusations on which was obviously nothing. Nina shot back that she's developed some pretty good instincts as she'd been lied to before as well and mentioned David Kimble. Lily said she couldn't seriously be comparing Cane to that psychopath and Cane hit the table telling them to stop and caused the vial of blood the nurse just took to fall on the ground. He stood up asking them if they couldn't see how they were upsetting Katherine. Nina and Lily both turned to check on Katherine and Cane took that opportunity to swap out the vials of blood. He handed the vial of blood to the nurse and Nina asked what he was doing touching that. Lily asked if she was serious because what was Cane going to do change the blood to Phillip's by the touch of his hand. Nina still looked suspicious as Cane went over to check on Katherine who looked like she was going to fall over.

Nina apologized to Katherine and said she shouldn't have gotten into it with Lily because none of this was her fault. Katherine said all she wanted was for this to be over and Cane approached saying he wanted the same thing and gave Katherine a glass of water. Cane asked her if she needed anything else and mentioned she hadn't eaten anything but Katherine said she didn't have any appetite. He asked her how long that had been going on and she said it was ever since the exhumation. Lily came in and said her dad needed to see her about something. Cane told her to go ahead because he wanted to check on his mom. Lily said goodbye to Katherine and told her to feel better and then gave Nina a very cold brush off which Nina looked upset about. Cane offered to talk to Lily for her and said Lily was just being protective of him but he understood why Nina was doing all of this.

Lily asked Neil why he was asking so many questions about Cane and his uncle but assumed it was because of Nina. Neil told her he understood why she wasn't happy with Nina but tried to defend Nina's position in all this. Lily said it was fine that Nina needed answers but she shouldn't go around accusing innocent people of horrible things. Neil was suspicious of Cane's reluctance to talk about his past and told Lily to ask him about it but she said she didn't want Cane to think she didn't trust him. Neil said it seemed like Cane was the one who wasn't trusting her which upset Lily so she told her dad she'd talk to him later and left.

As she was leaving Lily ran into Cane and asked him if there was something she needed to know would he tell her. He asked her what she meant so she said about his uncle and his past and asked him if he was keeping something from her that he shouldn't. Cane said everyone's questions would go away and the blood test would prove that he was the real Phillip Chancellor III.

Paul gave Nina a list of everyone who had contact with Phillip the night he died. Paul said he talked to everyone on the list except for the cop who rode with Phillip in the ambulance. Nina asked him if he was going to find out what happened to him and Paul said he was already working on it.

Katherine sat reading the latest issue of Restless Style when Jill came back in. Katherine told her Cane left and Jill asked when they would get the results. Katherine said by the end of the week and Jill rejoiced that soon they wouldn't have to see Nina anymore. Katherine asked her why she was so tough on Nina and Jill snapped that Nina was trying to take another son away from her. Jill wanted to know why Katherine wasn't fighting back and Katherine yelled that she didn't feel well. Jill told her she wasn't going to let her use that excuse to slink out of this and was going to listen to everything she had to say.

Sharon, Nick, Jack, Phyllis, and Mary Jane Drama with Poor Summer in the Middle:

Sharon showed up at Jack's holding a fruit basket that was left on his doorstep. He said it was from the staff and Sharon freaked that she forgot his birthday and felt terrible. Jack told her she'd already given him the best gift possible and told Sharon there would be no pressure from him and asked how Nick reacted to the news. Sharon said Nick didn't know but he'd been at the hospital all night. Jack asked what happened and Sharon told him that Summer had an allergic reaction and was in a coma to which Jack looked devastated.

Nikki and Paul came in with flowers and Phyllis freaked asking them to take them out of there because it was starting to look like a funeral home in there. Phyllis left the room and ran into Victor who immediately hugged her. He offered to get her some coffee but she said that she was fine and she didn't want to rest because if Summer woke up she wanted to be there with her eyes open. Victor offered to fly in any specialists if they were needed and Phyllis was thanking him when Mary Jane showed up.

Phyllis explained to Mary Jane that it was the cookies she'd thrown out. Mary Jane faked shock and said she was sorry. Michael showed up and pulled Phyllis into a hug. He asked if there was anything new and Phyllis said no. He said he was going to call Lauren to come sit with her but she said Nick was being good to her and helping her through this. Phyllis said she and Nick were holding hands while Summer was sleeping the night before and it felt like she had her husband back. Mary Jane was pleased at overhearing that and walked off. Then Phyllis said that Nick wouldn't be her husband for long and Summer wasn't just sleeping and wondered what she would do if she lost Summer too because then she'd have nothing.

Nick came out looking for Phyllis and Paul asked him what Mary Jane was doing there. Nick said Mary Jane and Phyllis were friends and Nikki said she was sure Phyllis needed someone to talk to. Nick finished Nikki's thought that she needed that since he'd left. Nikki asked where Sharon was and Nick said he'd left messages for her but hadn't talked to her. Paul said this whole situation was probably bringing up the past with Cassie and she couldn't deal with that. Nikki then asked where Victor went.

Phyllis watched as Nick read a story to Summer. Mary Jane came in and watched as well. Nick walked out to go find the doctor and Mary Jane came over to talk to Phyllis about Nick's devotion to Summer. She told Phyllis that Nick wasn't the father of Sharon's baby because Sharon told Jack the night before that he was the father.

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Sharon told Jack that Phyllis didn't need them at the hospital because she had Nick. Jack said Nick must be a wreck but Sharon said Nick was doing very well and wouldn't regret his actions like he did with her and Cassie. She admitted she didn't tell Nick about the paternity and finally agreed to go to the hospital to see if there was anything they could do.

Phyllis pulled Mary Jane outside of Summer's room and got confirmation from Mary Jane that she overheard the paternity results. Jack showed up and Phyllis hugged him. She asked him if Sharon was there and he said no because she didn't want to intrude. Phyllis said that was great and told him she just heard he was the baby's father just as Nick walked up but obviously didn't overhear them. She asked Nick if he talked to the doctor and he said yes but the doctor couldn't give him any answers. Jack told Nick that he was so sorry about what happened and told him to let him know if there was anything he could do.

Mary Jane went back into Summer's room with a teddy bear and was in tears saying she never intended for this to happen and that it was just supposed to be a little distraction to keep Phyllis from Jack. She said it was all Phyllis' fault and it didn't even work out because Jack kept hovering around so they would just have to find something else to send mommy far far away.

Heather showed up at the hospital and asked Phyllis how Summer was. Phyllis said Summer was the same and there was no new news. Heather noticed Phyllis' hand was shaking as she was filling out the insurance papers and offered to fill them out for her. Heather asked if Phyllis had seen Paul or Nikki and Phyllis said she assumed they took Nick to the cafeteria. Heather said she just saw Nick who was on the phone. Phyllis asked who with and Heather didn't know but Phyllis assumed it was Sharon and got upset. Nick came over and Phyllis asked where he was and how he would know if anything had happened if he was too busy on the phone with Sharon. Nick asked her not to do this but Phyllis pointed out he promised that for once he would put their daughter first. Nick said he was just worried that something had happened with the baby because he hadn't heard from Sharon all day and was just leaving her a message. Phyllis asked him why he was even worried when the baby wasn't even his. Nick asked what she was talking about so Phyllis told him that Sharon told Jack the results said the baby was his. Jack came over and Nick asked where Sharon was. Jack said she was in the chapel and Nick walked off to find her. Mary Jane came out of Summer's room just in time to see Jack hug Phyllis.

Nikki passed Mary Jane to go into Summer's room and Mary Jane noticed Heather approaching. She went on this dialogue of talking to herself implicating Phyllis in what happened to Summer. Heather approached Mary Jane and asked what she was talking about. Mary Jane faked not knowing who she was or that she knew Heather was listening and that she didn't want to repeat what she supposedly knew but Heather insisted. Mary Jane responded by saying that there was no way Phyllis knew it would be this bad she just wanted to get Nick's attention was all.

Nick went into the chapel to talk to Sharon but no one was there. He flashed back to talking to Cassie right before she died and Cassie telling them they would have another little girl someday. Then he flashed back to the dream he had of Cassie giving her music box to her "little sister Faith." He said he believed that God wanted him to have his little girl Faith and asked why he would take away his dream of a new baby and Summer when he already took away Cassie and asked for a sign. Sharon walked in right after he said those words.

Phyllis and Jack went over to Heather and she asked if Nick had come back. She said no so they went into Summer's room. Heather made a call to ask for all the case files they had on Munchaussen by Proxy Syndrome.

Sharon told Nick she didn't want to interrupt and he told her he heard about Jack being the father. She said she wished he hadn't heard and he asked if it was true. She told him they shouldn't talk about it right then because Phyllis and Summer needed him. He said he couldn't take this but she told him to put his focus where it should be because if he let Phyllis down like he let her down then it would destroy him and she wanted to spare him from that pain so told him to go be with them. Nick asked if the baby was a girl and she said it was but it wasn't his girl and walked out.

Gloria and Jeffrey Attempt to Take on the Dark Knight:

Victor stepped away from Phyllis and Mary Jane at the hospital when he got a message from someone saying they knew about him and Mary Jane and to meet them at Jimmy's in one hour.

Victor arrived at Jimmy's and Gloria stayed hidden in the corner with a hat and sunglasses on reading a magazine. Victor approached Jeffrey at the bar and Jeffrey admitted he was the one who sent him the message. Victor asked why he would care if anyone saw the picture of him and Mary Jane and Jeffrey mentioned Victor was there and wondered how Ashley would feel about this whole thing. Victor didn't admit to anything and fished around for what Jeffrey thought he knew. Jeffrey mentioned how he knew that Victor was paying for a high priced hooker and Victor grinned since Jeffrey obviously knew nothing of the truth.

Victor told Jeffrey he'd made a serious error in judgement and Jeffrey said he hadn't even mentioned his terms. Victor asked what his terms were and Jeffrey said that he wanted Victor to reimburse him, Gloria, and Jill for every dime they lost when the bank in the Caymans went under and in return Victor could keep his money and privacy. Victor counteroffered and told Jeffrey to take his decaying body and slink back to the swamp he came from and that this conversation never happened. Jeffrey said that the conversation he would have with Ashley wouldn't be as easily forgotten. Victor told Jeffrey he obviously had no idea who he was dealing with and walked away. He stopped long enough to tell Gloria that she picked the wrong side before walking out the door.

Victor showed up at the mansion telling Jill he needed to speak with her. She told him it wasn't a good time but he told her they needed to speak right then. 

Jill asked Victor if he thought she was in cahoots with Jeffrey Bardwell. He said what he was telling her was Jeffrey tried to extort money from him on her behalf. She said she didn't know what was on Jeffrey's mind but she was sure Victor had sent him on his way. Victor said he had so she said the problem was solved unless Jeffrey really did have something on him. Victor said he didn't he was just making wild accusations and was threatening to go to Ashley. Jill said Ashley would never take Jeffrey's word over his unless there was something to the accusations. Victor told her he was very concerned over Ashley because of how fragile she was and that she shouldn't be exposed to this nonsense. Jill told Victor she did have some influence over Jeffrey and would intervene on his behalf if there was something in it for her like maybe a job at Newman Enterprises.

Jill told Victor not to tell her there were no openings when he just lost Neil. Victor said there were many other companies where she would be better suited elsewhere. She said she was not leaving her sons or her grandchild. Victor said it wasn't them she was concerned about leaving but it was Katherine whom she was really worried about. Jill was appalled by this idea but Victor said even though it was proven she wasn't Katherine's daughter she was still dependent on that connection for status and meaning to her life. Jill told him he'd overstayed his welcome and sarcastically wished him good luck with Jeffrey because he would get no help from her.

Jeffrey and Gloria sat at Jimmy's and Jeffrey said Jill sent him a message that Victor went over there to have her call off the hounds. Gloria said Victor was a very dangerous man and she couldn't relax because he wanted them dead. Jeffrey said Victor was just upset because he always wanted control and didn't have it and hated it. And laughed to what could be his end.

Mary Jane returned to her room to find Victor waiting for her and he told her they'd been discovered. He told her they needed to be careful and she said she had everything under control on her end. He said he'd hate to see history repeat itself and she said it wouldn't happen. He moved a pillow to reveal lil miss stuffed kitty fantastico which disturbed her.

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