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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 07.02.09

Everyone ready for the holiday weekend? I am! Today will be Q&A Day, so ask away. I’ll answer what I can.

The question I’m getting the most… well the question I’ve been getting for a while now is the status of Steve Burton’scontract. Trust me, when we know, you’ll know and so far, I’ve got nothing more than GOSSIP and SPECULATION. Some say he’s still working out the kinks, others say he’s already signed. COULD Steve leave GH behind? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he did.


CRAZY RUMOR of the DAY… Is Mercedes involved in the murder mystery? Is she the killer?

Derk Cheetwood tweeted this today: sitting in my Dressing Room figuring out how I'm not going to laugh during my scences with Bradford & Carolynn,wish me luck!

More tweets? Sebastian Roche revealed on his twitter that he’ll be working with Kelly Monaco. RUMORS say it’ll be about Alexis and the trouble she’s in. Another CRAZY RUMOR has Alexis and Jerry hitting the sheets. I thought she was done with maniacal men? Will Kristina have something to say?

Lots of news yesterday…Stuart Damon is off to As the World Turns. Lisa LoCicero got contract. Sad to see Stuart go, despite GH not using Alan’s ghost lately, but I’m glad he’ll be back on TV. I like Olivia, so I’m happy for LoCicero. I have to agree with what Jamey said on the most recent ABC podcast, these shows need to start valuing the talent they have and stop looking elsewhere. It’s a common mistake made across the board on soaps. Soap fans are rich in the history of their shows and the writers and execs need to be aware of that.

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News also broke recently that Lexi Ainsworth is now on contract as Kristina Davis-Corinthos. With Michael and Kristina in the spotlight, the GOSSIP has been that the siblings will be getting some pals. It’s starting with the Kiefer (Christian Alexander) character who has been put on recurring status. Would they upgrade Kiefer’s status only to make him the victim of the car accident? I say TPTB needs to look into the history of the show and bring on some kids that are already connected to the canvas. Any suggestions DC readers? Post them in the comments!

On the run… with RUMORS saying Kristina and Michael hit the road after the accident who will be involved? We’ve already heard that Jason and Sam take off after them. “Dominic” MAY be in on the hunt for his siblings. Jerry Jacks MIGHT even offer his assistance.

Will Nikolas learn the truth about Rebecca? RUMORS say he will! Does this have him turning to Elizabeth? Who’s conning who? Ethan thinks Rebecca doesn’t have her eye on the prize and we still need to add Helena into the equation. Rebecca MAY be making a move to placate Ethan for the time being but when Helena pops back into town, she wants Rebecca to really work over Nikolas. Will Ethan help Helena? RUMORS have said he will when Helena reveals she’s got Luke.

What about Lucky? RUMORS say he’ll team up with Ethan to save their pops but it SHOULD take some convincing on Ethan’s part for Lucky to even believe that Luke is Helena’s prisoner. Are Lucky and Ethan leaving town together?

Mother and Son… We’ve been talking about Sonny and Olivia, Sonny and Dante but not Dante and Olivia too much. Olivia tries to keep her secret as long as she can but will someone else learn the truth? Someone who hates Olivia? Kate knows, but she’s MIA. Patrick knows, but does he care enough to remember? Olivia will not be happy when she finds out that Dante is working for Sonny. Remember I mentioned Dante tries to assure his mom that he’s a good mobster. Is there more to this story? Will the “accident” have an impact on Sonny and Olivia? What about Jason? Will he accept “Dominic” into the biz? OLR RUMORS had said that once working for Sonny, “Dominic” would be Kristina’s guard.

Karaoke Night… Spinelli serenades Maxie. Diane, Rebecca, Maxie and Lulu take the stage. Patrick goes solo? He’ll be singing with his wife too. Lulu uses the night at Jake’s to once again try to get Lucky to like their brother.

CRAZY and RANDOM… The Accident… the car Sonny gave Michael is involved but who’s the driver? That Kiefer kid likes to start trouble. More Jason and Jake? Alexis’s emails are out and ready to be read by all. Carly is at Casa Corinthos when “Dominic” shows up. Is Rebecca going to move in with the Q’s too? How will that affect Michael?