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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Mary Jane/Victor: The Black Knight spots Mary Jane lurking at the hospital visiting Summer and orders her to keep away from the little girl. Victor starts to wonder what she's up to. Mary Jane tries to keep in check the chaos she's been creating after worrying all of her schemes will start to crumble. She uses her stuffed cat as a way to hash things out and to calm her down when things look bleak.


Victor breaks into her hotel suite and stumbles upon her enemy wall. When Mary Jane arrives, Victor lets her know she will be leaving Genoa City. Mary Jane is a bit scared of Victor but she doesn't let him see her sweat. She is hell bent on snagging Jack no matter who ends up in her way.

Cane/Lily/Jill/Kay/Phillip: Cane thinks everything's alright after submitting the frozen blood for DNA testing. Unfortunately for him, Paul and Nina find out from the lab the blood used was frozen previously! Nina rushes over to the Chancellor Estate and confronts him on the funky blood. Cane finally breaks down and tells the truth, he's not Phillip III. When Nina keeps grilling Cane about where the real Phillip III is, Langley/Phillip shows up and takes the blame for what Cane has done! Katherine passes out due to the shock of P3's returns and has to be rushed to the hospital. Olivia tells everyone Katherine has had a stroke.

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While this is going on, Cane and Phillip/Langley tell everyone how they crossed paths. When Phillip moved to Australia, he purchased a bar where he met Cane. He had tremendous guilt on the family he deceived and came up with the plan to pass Cane off as himself in order for them to have their beloved Phillip back. Cane then confesses to Billy and Chloe he used Langley/Phillip's blood for the paternity test of Delia, and already knew he wasn't the little girl's father. The entire Chancellor clan are fuming and confused for the deception Cane has used especially wife Lily, who gives him her wedding ring. Phillip also tries to explain why he created this ruse with his family but they are still pissed for the heartache he caused. Phillip is fond of Cane and didn't want him to take the blame for the turmoil created.

Adam/Mary Jane: Watch out Victor, these two decide to team up.

Colleen: She's busted in a sticky situation.

Victor/Ashley: The mustache pops the question.

Lily: She gets more bad news.