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Forbes March Says People "Concerned" for His Wife Now That He's Playing Gay on ATWT

Just when you think human nature can't reveal itself to be any more ri-donk-u-lous, actor Forbes March tells's Michael Fairman thatpeople keep coming up to him expressing concern for his wife due to his upcoming gay role as Mason on As The World Turns.


“You know what’s been really weird? The number of people who have been concerned for my wife, which is so bizarre! They keep saying, 'What does your wife think?' Like this should be a real point of concern for her. I mean, she is this bodacious blond, if anybody can attest to my straighthood, it is my wife. Do people think I am going to turn gay? I don’t think it works that way!" [Laughs]

Jesus take the wheel. I guess people should be concerned about Maurice Benard running illegal shipments through upstate New York too? Be sure to check out the rest of Fairman's must read column Soapside here. Oh and if you want to get a headstart on seening Forbes go gay, check him out in Roger Newcomb's new flick Manhattanites, where he plays a naughty twink who steals Ilene Kristen's fiance!

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